0W-40 vs. 10W-30 Motor Oil

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Like many products that exist in the market, motor oils also exist in abundance.

That happens because there are various vehicles with varied motors. So, they need fuels in different categories. However, that can also easily confuse a consumer.

So, as someone with a regular streetcar, which oil should you get? There are many certified street oils, but today we will tackle the 0W-40 vs. 10W-30 motor oil confusion and break down different tit-bits about the product.

In this review, we will also highlight some of our favorite brands that carry these oils.

If you are excited about this learning journey, keep those engines running to read this article.

0W-40 Motor Oil

Recommended 0W-40 Motor Oil to Buy

In this segment, we will mainly discuss some key features of this oil that might provide you with a general idea of how it functions.

• It is a cold-weather oil as you see a ‘W’ on the label of the product, which basically means winter.

• Although all winter oils are not that suitable for extremely cold weather, this one is because of the ability to withstand below 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 17 degrees Celsius.

• The synthetic nature of this oil makes it superior to ordinary natural oils as they can have the perfect amount of additives needed for multiple purposes.

• This oil can act as a strong barrier between heavy metal load and reduce friction.

• It is also notably stronger because of its ability to tolerate extremely low and high temperatures without thinning out or getting clumpy.

• Generally, oils with the ‘W’ mean they are of a thinner consistency.

Recommended 0W-40 Motor Oil to Buy

If you’ve liked what you read so far, you must be wondering which brands manufacture this oil. Well, below, you will find some of our top choices.

Mobil 1 (120760) 0W-40 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 (120760) 0W-40 Motor Oil

If you ever hear your engine making noises more than usual or feel that the car is heavy, then we have bad news. The noises might be from the engine as it is suffering from extensive friction.

However, do not worry because a good quality fuel can easily take care of that issue.

Hence we suggest the 0W40 oil by Mobil 1. It is a synthetic product that has the necessary additives to fight against friction.

As a result, different parts of the engine move like butter and do not face friction problems.

This product not only keeps your engine healthy but also saves excess use of fuel. So, you get to save a ton of bucks.

Another reason this oil can combat friction so well is because of its extensive cleaning ability.

It has high dissolving features that melt any solid oil particles that might have frozen when the car was sitting idly.

It is also excellent for warming up the engine from a long cold night. The oil is so viscous that it flows and covers every bit of the motor surface.


  • Suitable for expensive vehicles
  • Helps warm-up immediately
  • Saves fuel consumption
  • Cleans thoroughly
  • Reduces friction


  • The oil may spill from the bottle if not placed upright

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Castrol 06518 EDGE 0W-40 A3/B4 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 06518 EDGE 0W-40 A3/B4 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

When you live in an icy region, the residue oil inside the engine tends to clump, which can be harmful to the engine.

When you start driving, it will interfere with the natural motion and cause friction.

So, you need an oil that has superior gunk dissolving capability. Luckily the Castrol 0W40 oil can do that exceptionally well.

It has great quality additives that can melt deposits, gunk, and even prevent oxidation.

Moreover, the bottom threshold of the oil allows it to stay fluid even in freezing cold.

So, the chances are that the oil will not clump, to begin with. The low-temperature tolerance also indicates that it is thin and flows easily.

However, that does not mean that the oil is weak. It is 3x times stronger than regular oils because of the Fluid TITANIUM factor. It provides a superior barrier to every part of the engine.

Its thinness allows it to coat even the narrowest portion, thus ensuring that the engine faces no friction. Hence, the motor can provide service for a longer time.


  • Powerful oil
  • Has a high and low-temperature range
  • Up to 42% better cleaning
  • Fluid TITANIUM protection
  • Prevents oxidation


  • Inconvenient bottle design

10W-30 Motor Oil

Recommended 10W-30 Motor Oil to Buy

Let us know more about the 10W30 oil and see what the hype is all about.

• This oil is slightly thicker among other winter oils that you will find in the market.

• Even though it is a bit thick, you can still consider it a winter oil because of the ‘W’ in its name.

• Usually, the number before ‘W’ implies the oil’s viscosity at low temperatures or when the engine is extremely cold.

• In this oil, the number before ‘W’ is ten, which is pretty high compared to some other winter oils, proving that this product has thicker viscosity.

• The fluidity of this product at the operating temperature is excellent and can easily handle higher temperatures.

• This oil has 30 at the end of the name, providing some idea about the high-temperature boundary.

• It is a synthetic oil; that means manufacturers can control which additives to add and which qualities to improve.

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Recommended 10W-30 Motor Oil to Buy

To make fuel purchasing easy for you, we accumulated some popular brands that carry 10W30 oils.

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Streetcars and huge trucks are not the same, although they have the basic mechanism of a vehicle.

But since a truck is much bigger, the motor also carries extra load than a streetcar engine.

However, if you wanted an oil that can work on both regular and bigger vehicles, then the Valvoline 10W30 oil will be perfect for you.

It has impressive reliability, which ensures that the engine stays healthy even after bearing a heavy load.

The oil acts as a strong barrier between the metal bits causing less friction. Thus it provides superior protection to the vehicle. Moreover, you will notice that this product claims to improve mileage.

Well, minimizing friction also improves the engine output capacity. As a result, you can get up to 75000 miles more with the same car and engine when you use this oil.

Besides the functional benefits of the product, the packaging is also super comfortable.

It has a precision pour spout that allows you to pour oil on a specific place without spilling any.


  • Improves mileage drastically
  • Suitable for regular and heavy vehicles
  • Has a precision spout
  • Provides protection
  • Quick-pull tab


  • The oil might be hard to get

Royal Purple 31130 – Royal Purple HPS Street Motor Oil 10W-30

Royal Purple 31130 - Royal Purple HPS Street Motor Oil 10W-30

Every motorcar engine claims to provide a specific output. But what some users might not know is how you can get more production from the same engine using superior quality oil.

Hence, if you wanted the engine to perform its best, you might be interested in the Royal Purple 10W30 oil.

The manufactures developed the product to maximize the engine’s output particularly.

Since you cannot find it in nature, it has special additives that can do a lot to improve the mobility of different parts.

Such as by being thin and responsive, the oil makes the engine parts slippery.

Thus it moves with less friction and generates more power at a shorter period.

Minimizing friction also helps in reducing loud noise creation by providing a smoother surface.

So, when you notice the engine doing its job without making a ruckus, you will know that the oil is performing well.

This product also protects the engine from premature corrosion by creating an effective barrier on top.


  • Maximizes overall horsepower
  • Reduces friction effectively
  • Provides a superior barrier
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prevents premature corrosion


  • Might not perform well in cold

Difference between 0W-40 and 10W-30 Motor Oil

Now that you know about most of the features of these oils and some fantastic products, it will be easier to decipher the comparisons that we presented in the segment below.

Fuel Economy

Without a doubt, both of these oils will be excellent for improving the motor’s overall lifespan.

Modern brands even add specialized additives that give the oils strong shielding capabilities.

Hence they can protect the metal parts from unnecessary friction. If there is less friction, the motor runs more smoothly, and it ends up using less fuel.Thus, in the long run, you get better service for the money you paid.

However, the price of these oils may vary based on the brand. So, you might see some discrepancies.

Temperature Capacity

The 0W40 oil is clearly the better oil if you live in a colder region and need oil to quick-start the very frozen engine.

It has extreme limits regarding temperatures, so it will hold its shape even when it is freezing or scorching.

On the other hand, the 10W30 oil might suit you better if you belong to a hotter region.


The consistency of the 10W30 oil is slightly thicker, which might form clumps in extreme cold.

But rest assured that it will flow smoothly and maintain balance when the heat is high. On the other hand, the 0W40 is very thin and will perform well in all conditions.

Final Words

So, consistency wise the 0W40 oil wins the 0W-40 vs. 10W30 motor oil battle. Its thin viscosity makes the product more fluid.

However, 10W30 oil has its own benefits and provides fantastic service in humid regions. So, we hope this review can help you decide which one to get.