0W20 vs. 0W30 Motor Oil

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Oil is a refined version of crude fossil fuel, and they exist in several forms. So, you can find motor oil, engine oil, cooking oil, etc. But certainly, you will not think of interchanging the oils for a different purpose.

Similarly, even a category of oil has sub-categories that can improve the way the engine or motor functions.

There are low viscosity oils such as 0W20 and 0W30, and also high viscosity oil.

However, the question is, 0W20 vs. 0W30 – which one will be more suitable for your vehicle?

Well, there are several differences between these oils, and you can only make an educated decision when you know about these nuances.

So, follow the rest of the article to know the exact difference between the two types.

0W20 vs. 0W30 Motor Oil Comparison

If you are still unsure, here is a quick overview of the features of both the oils.


Since both the oils have the same value of 0 before ‘W’, we can say that their viscosity will be the same. Both the products are relatively thinner compared to other motor oils, which makes them suitable for anti-wear activities.

Moreover, both of these oils are excellent products for cooler weather as they are less prone to solidification.

The fully synthetic production makes both the products highly resistant to sludge formation.


A clear difference between these two oils lies in the number after ‘W’. One has 20, and another has 30.

While both these values are low, the better choice is 0W30, as it can fight better against higher temperatures.

However, the 0W20 oil type is not far away either. It still has enough high-temperature tolerance for it to protect the engine from friction.


Both of these oils can improve mileage as they minimize oil consumption in the long run.

Based on the brand you are using, you can increase your mileage between 500 and 1000 miles.

0W20 Motor Oil

Below you will find some of the key facts about the 0W20 oil type, which can help you decide which substance to purchase.

• The oil is an excellent winter product as the ‘W’ in the name stands for winter. A common misconception is that the ‘W’ means weight.

• It will not freeze at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, which is below the ice-formation temperature.

• The oil has suitable thin viscosity at low temperatures.

• It will pour easily owing to the thinner consistency.

• It effectively reduces friction, wear, and tear.

• The engine starts relatively quick with this oil even in colder weather.

• At higher temperatures, the oil can thin out relatively quickly.

• The 20 in the oil name means that even in winter weather, the oil will be as thick as a 20 weight oil.

• The oil works exceptionally well for lubricating high-pressure pistons and chains.

• It keeps the engine readily warm and running.

Recommended 0W20 Motor Oil to Buy

The 0W20 motor oil is gaining popularity like a speed train; hence numerous brands have started to manufacture it.

However, we have some recommendations that will be a sure success for your engine.

Pennzoil – 550036541 Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil (SAE, SN) 0W-20, 1 Quart

Pennzoil 550036541 Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20

Have you been noticing a loss in mileage with your vehicle even though you are taking good care of the engine? Maybe it is high time you look into the 0W20 motor oil by Pennzoil.

This product is known to improve your mileage by at least 550 miles. The reason is the thin viscosity of this product, which reduces the friction between the gears and helps in fluid motions.

As a result, the vehicle conserves energy. The conserved energy later transforms into power needed to move the vehicle.

And this product is also 100% synthetic and has fewer impurities compared to many branded 0W20 oils.

Thus this 99.5% pure oil can keep the piston 50% more clean. It improves the performance of the engine by allowing less deposition and more horsepower.So, in the long run, you get your money’s worth with this oil.

It also performs exceptionally well in colder temperatures. The oil will not freeze below the ice-formation level. So, you can use this oil in places where it frequently snows.


  • Improves mileage by 550 miles
  • Can handle extremely low temperatures
  • 100% synthetic oil
  • Has less deposition creating impurities
  • Improves power generation


  • Might cost you more than other oils

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Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed SAE 0W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed SAE 0W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

When your engine makes weird cranky noises, it means it’s unhappy. Just like how a human body needs minerals and water, an engine also needs good quality oil.

Hence, what better option than the Royal Purple 0W20 oil. The brand has mastered the low viscosity oil, managing to keep the temperature tolerance below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a result, it helps in reducing collision between the parts and provides better wear protection.

Consequently, you will also hear less noise from the engine as it will run as smooth as butter.

This feature helps tremendously with fuel economy as you can minimize oil consumption.

This oil is particularly compatible with ethanol fuel. Usually, oil reacts with ethanol and creates a white sludge, which can reduce the engine’s mobility.

But this oil can resist white sludge formation even with 20% or more ethanol fuel.

The oil can also protect your engine from catalytic emission and corrosion by creating a fluid surface where the metal parts cannot touch each other.


  • Highly compatible with ethanol type fuel
  • Can decrease engine noise drastically
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Provides better wear protection
  • Creates a fluid barrier


  • The oil might have a broken safety seal

0W30 Motor Oil

This oil is another excellent choice for your motors, but knowing some of the features we will discuss will remove any confusion you might have about this product.

• The limit after ‘W’ for this oil is 30, which means that it will take less time to thin out at higher temperatures.

• The value 30 can also mean that its weight will be similar to a 30 weight oil at colder weather.

• This product also has ‘W’ in its name, meaning it performs well in winter. So, places where ice forms can easily benefit from this type of oil.

• It has a 0 before ‘W,’ which implies that it can function fluidly even below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Ice forms at 0 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees Fahrenheit are somewhere around 17 degrees Celsius. So, even at that degree, the oil will not freeze.

• This oil has thin viscosity, which helps the motor parts to move easily.

• The oil can retain heat thanks to its low-temperature tolerance and helps to give the engine a boost.

• It is fully synthetic oil and often known as multi-viscous oil as well.

Recommended 0W30 Motor Oil to Buy

Recommended 0W30 Motor Oil to Buy

Like the 0W20 oil, this product has also been gaining traction in recent years.

However, the brands we will discuss below have particularly caught our attention.

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

Are you frequently on the road for long travels and find that the engine is not particularly happy with such long rides?

Well, the oil you use can actually play a significant role in keeping the engine calm in such circumstances.

This Liqui Moly oil, for example, can keep the engine running for a long time as it can bear heavy engine load with ease. It is an excellent lubricant for keeping things smooth.

And this brand has been in service for 60 years and hence knows what constituents to add to the oil to make it fully synthetic yet less prone to sludge formation.

As a result, the gears can move easily without facing hindrance from unnecessary sludge.

Moreover, this feature makes the oil an excellent alternative for diesel and petrol engines.

The low-temperature resistance makes the oil highly suitable for winter weather.

You do not have to worry about the additional wear and tear because this oil maintains a superior barrier between every engine part, ensuring minimal friction.


  • Extremely suitable for Volvo vehicles
  • Fully-synthetic oil has fewer impurities
  • Functions well in low temperature
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Works well with diesel and petrol engine


  • Might be less ideal for models other than Volvo models

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Mobil 1 44516 0W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Mobil 1 44516 0W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Racecar engines are unlike regular car engines because they have to provide output faster than standard engines.

It puts extreme pressure on the motor parts, and if you are not careful with the oil you are pouring, you might end up damaging the engine in the long run.

But you can always turn to the Mobil 1 oil for your race cars. This product is particularly suitable for race cars as it has a higher operating temperature.

Obviously, during racing, the temperature inside the vehicle is bound to increase.

However, as the operating temperature of this oil is 30, it means at even at relatively high temperatures, it will take time to sheer out.

Hence the oil will be able to provide superior protection to the motor parts.
On the other hand, the 0 on this oil means that it has a thin consistency.

As a result, it takes an extremely low temperature for the oil to solidify. This consistency makes the oil easily pourable as well.

It is also fantastic for anti-wear and suitable for various engines, such as flat tappet-designed engines.


  • Can withstand a high temperature of 400 Fahrenheit
  • Easily pourable oil
  • Suitable for a wide range of racing engines
  • Provides anti-wear protection
  • Helps in delivering higher power output


  • More ideal for racing purposes

Final Words

So, there is no clear winner when it comes to 0W20 vs. 0W30 motor oil. Both of these oils are amazing for protecting your engine.

You can use either based on how much mileage you want or how high the temperature can rise when the motor is running.