0W30 vs 10W30 Motor Oil – Comparison Guide

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Motor oils are extremely crucial for engines as it fuels the part and provides the energy needed to drive. So, you cannot pick just about any oil for your engine.

The reason you need to do some research is that these products exist in the market in abundance, such as 0W20, 0W30, 10W30, etc.

But this article will be more concentrated on 0W30 and 10W30 type oils.
Now, naturally, you might have a question: “What’s the difference between 0W30 and 10W30 motor oil?” That is exactly what we will answer in this review.

We will also dive deep to try and explain the facts and features of these two oils.

0W30 Motor Oil

Before you get to know about individual products, you should know some bits and pieces of these oils for a better understanding.

  • This type of oil is predominantly suitable for colder weather.
  • The ‘W’ in the name of the product implies winter, although some people may confuse you, saying that it means weight.
  • However, numbers on each side of ‘W’ represents some form of weight, although not fully.
  • The 0 in the name of the oil means how cold the temperature needs to be before it starts to form clumps.
  • Since the number is 0, that means the oil will start forming clumps below the ice-formation level.
  • It is a fully synthetic product that does not exist in nature.
  • These types of motor oil usually have fewer additives that can cause gunk formation.
  • Although this oil is more suitable for a colder climate, it can still perform well in moderate heat as there is a 30 in the name of the product.

Recommended 0W30 Motor Oil to Buy

Now that you know what 0W30 means, we can recommend some of our favorite 0W30 oils from the market.

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

Do you own multiple vehicles and some of them require diesel while others require petrol?

So we understand that you have to buy separate fuels for each of the cars and that can be cumbersome.

However, the Liqui Moly 0W30 oil is impressive because it is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

So, with one fuel, you can charge any vehicle that runs on petrol and diesel. Thus your chore of having to buy multiple oils is gone.

This oil is also fantastic in terms of fuel economy as it can make the engine parts run smoothly without causing any friction.

So, in the long run, the engine uses less oil and runs for a longer time. It can also carry heavy engine load quite gracefully.

So, if you are worried that trucks might not perform well with this engine, then no need to worry.

Another reason why this oil is so great for fuel economy is because of fewer additives. It decreases the chances of sludge and makes the parts more flexible.


  • Can work for both petrol and diesel engine
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Increases speed
  • Can carry a heavy load
  • Fewer additives


  • Not suitable for a warmer climate

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Mobil 1 44516 0W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Mobil 1 44516 0W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Are you big into racing but never quite sure which oil will be the best for your engine?

Your dilemma is understandable as any racing car needs high speed but, at the same time, needs to adjust to the variable temperature.

So, to help erase all those worries, we recommend you go for the Mobil 0W30 oil.

It is completely synthetic, which drastically improves the way it functions. The synthetic oil forms less sludge that might slow the vehicle.

Moreover, this oil also has a high dissolving rate, which ensures that even if there is any friction causing gunk, it can dissolve it.

Thus you get the maximum speed with this oil without causing any damage to the engine.

This product also has a thin viscosity that allows superior lubrication. The thinner consistency helps in keeping the solidification in check, even though it does not solidify easily.

And the tolerance to extremely lower temperatures ensures that the oil remains fluid.

But at the same time, it can work with variable temperature, which is what you want from a race car fuel.


  • High sludge dissolving factor
  • Suitable for extreme speed
  • Has high fluidity
  • Thin-oil pours easily
  • Can tolerate variable temperature


  • Not suitable for regular streetcars

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10W30 Motor Oil

You cannot have a fair comparison unless you know about the product in depth. Hence, in this segment, we will discuss the 10W30 types of oils.

  • Oils with this label are comparatively of thin viscosity, although other oils exist that can be even thinner.
  • The thinness of this oil helps the engine in maintaining fluid motion.
  • Since the oil can keep the engine fluid and reduce friction, it can increase fuel economy.
  • The oil can coat the engine and keep it lubricated for as long as the car is running without thinning out too much.
  • These products are synthetic and have high dissolving capacity, which helps in keeping the engine clean.
  • It has ‘W’ in its label, which indicates winter, which means it does well in a colder atmosphere.
  • The general weight of this oil is equivalent to a 30 weight oil at operating temperature.

Recommended 10W30 Motor Oil to Buy

Since you have a good idea of 10W30 means, we can recommend some of our favorite 0W30 oils from the market.

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Are you tired of oils that soak up immediately and provides no mileage whatsoever?

You can stop being disappointed with all the motor oils you ever tried because the Valvoline 10W30 oil is here to help you.

It can improve the mileage of a car by improving engine performance drastically.

And it reduces the clanking between the engine parts and keeps things smooth. As a result, you can get over 75000 miles extra from the same engine.

This oil has a superior anti-wear film which protects the engine from possible wear and tears. Thus it manages to keep the engine healthy for longer than other oils.

And it is also suitable for variable temperature requirements as it can function with under low temperatures as well as high temperatures.

However, we personally think that this product will perform well in hotter regions.

Aside from the product, the application of it is also easy. It has a precision pour system that allows you to concentrate the oil on certain spots.

Moreover, the tube is anti-glug, so dried pieces cannot accumulate at the tube’s mouth.


  • Provides superior mileage
  • Improves the lifespan of engines
  • The bottle has an easy pull tab
  • Can perform under variable weather
  • Has concentrated poring system


  • Might be slightly expensive than other oils

Royal Purple 31130 – Royal Purple HPS Street Motor Oil

Royal Purple 31130 - Royal Purple HPS Street Motor Oil

Did you recently purchase a car and want the best protection for the engine?

Well, you easily ensure that by getting a superior oil that can manage the engine efficiently. But what oil to purchase, you ask?

You most certainly should check out the Royal Purple 10W30 oil. It is fantastic in terms of protecting the engine from premature wear and tear.

Even though the oil is fully synthetic, it has some additives. However, there is nothing to worry about the additives because the addition of zinc or phosphorus fortifies the protecting capability.

Thus it can help in keeping the engine young for a long time. This product can also improve the engine’s efficiency because of its superior sealing system between the piston ring and cylinder walls.

It creates an effective barrier between the metals to prevent that from clanking.

So, the reduces friction results in higher mobility, which also improves horsepower. As a result, your car moves with more speed and less noise.


  • Has high-quality additives for better protection
  • Improves overall mileage
  • Reduces metal-to-metal friction
  • Battle corrosion effectively
  • Provides better horsepower


  • The bottle might have a loose cap

0W30 Motor Oil or 10W30 Motor Oil?

0W30 Motor Oil or 10W30 Motor Oil

Now that we know about our favorite brands, let us compare these oils head-on and find the difference between them.


A significant difference between the two oils occurs when it hits a different temperature.

For example, if you notice, you will see that the values before ‘W’ are different in the case of both products.

So, it means that the oil with 0 before ‘W’ will perform better when the engine is cold, and the other fuel will be more efficient when the engine is heated.

However, the weight of the oil at operating temperature is the same between the two oils as they both have 30 after ‘W.’


You should also notice a significant difference in the fluidity of these products.

The oil with 0W30 label should be thinner as its lower temperature threshold is below freezing levels.

So, even when ice forms, this product will stay strong and smooth. However, it will thin out faster when the temperature is very high.

On the other hand, the 10W30 oil is slightly thicker and might solidify at freezing levels.

But it will be excellent for places where the climate is extremely hot and humid.


Both these oils are synthetic, which is why they can provide superior protection to the engine and improve the vehicle’s mileage. It also helps the engine is making less noise.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you ask what’s the difference between 0W30 and 10W30 motor oil, you will not find much difference.

However, one oil clearly works better in winter and other in summer. So, all you have to do is keep those in mind before purchasing.