0W30 vs. 5W30 Motor Oil

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When it comes to motor oils, people do not really think of various factors that can affect the engine in the long run.

However, people are shifting towards having a better understanding of such products.

Which brings us to the topic of 0W30 vs. 5W30, and why they are different. You might think that these two oil types are seemingly the same and only have different numbers in their names.

However, you are wrong. But not to worry because we will breakdown every detail about these two oils.

So, if you were about to buy some fuel for your engine, you might want to push the brakes and read through this article beforehand.

0W30 vs 5W30 Motor Oil

Now that we know about these products’ facts, it will be easier to decide which one to get.


The main difference between these two oils lies in the viscosity. And you can see that one product has 0 value before “W” and another has 5, which basically means how thin these products will be at a lower temperature.

Also, the lower the value, the thinner will be the oil. So, we can say that 0W30 will be able to retain more thinness at a lower temperature, while 5W30 type oil will be thicker at low temperatures.


Since the 0W30 oil is more viscous, it may evaporate quickly at a higher temperature.

However, owing to the slightly thicker consistency, the oils with 5W30 attributes will handle high temperatures well.

So, the latter oil will be better for places with warmer weather.

Dissolving Power

Both of these oils are suitable for dissolving excess gunk. However, this capability also depends on the brand.

So, if you want the motor to stay extra clean, you should look for brands that offer high dissolving capacity.


Since these products are entirely synthetic, it can keep the engine running smoothly, which reduces friction drastically. Thus both the oils can improve mileage.

0W30 Motor Oil

To provide a better understanding of what this oil will do for your engine, we have gathered some key information below.

  • It is fully synthetic oil, meaning you cannot find this combination of carbon and other substances in nature.
  • The product has little additives that fill up the lack of pure chemicals in the mixture. So, the product will be expensive compared to low-grade oils but worth the splurge.
  • It has a ‘W’ in the name, which is often thought of as the weight of the oil. However, that is a wrong concept as the ‘W’ means winter.
  • The oil has a thinner consistency, as it can stay at a liquid state at low temperatures as well. If it were thick, it would solidify rather quickly.
  • While the ‘W’ does not mean weight, the number after ‘W’ means the product’s weight at operating temperature.
  • The value 30 means it is comparatively thinner at a higher temperature.

Recommended 0W30 Motor Oil to Buy

You must have found a bunch of 0W30 oil brands by now. But that certainly brings another question, which one to buy? So, we have handpicked two of the best 0W30 out in the market.

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

There are so many amazing Volvo models that millions of users around the world use.

If you are someone from that consumer group and want the absolute best for your vehicle engine, then we have just the product for you.

The 20204 Special Tec is fully synthetic oil, particularly for Volvo motors. So, you might think, how can a chemical substance be specific for a physical motor?

Well, this oil has been tried and tested for these types of engines.
And the result has been consistent in proving that the oil can reduce wear and tear in the long-run, especially in Volvo models.

Moreover, it also effectively reduces friction to help in keeping things smooth.

Moreover, the frictionless application of the oil also helps in long rides that cause high engine load.

So, if you love to drive for long hours, this 0W30 oil should be your go-to item.

This product is also great if you have engine models that are more suitable for petrol or diesel as it can adapt to those engine designs as well.


  • Pure synthetic oil
  • Can be a replacement fuel for diesel or petrol engines
  • Can sustain massive load rides
  • Effectively reduces friction
  • Has superior temperature tolerance


  • Not the best choice for non-Volvo models

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Mobil 1 44516 0W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

If you are always in a hurry and keep wondering what the constant high speed means for the engine, then we have somber news.

Driving the vehicle at super-speed on a regular basis will certainly have a toll on the engine.

However, you can quickly use a remedy for the issue by getting a high-quality oil.

In that case, what better than a racing motor oil by Mobil 1. Although it is a race car oil, it can be an excellent choice of fuel for those of you who drive at high speed.

The superior synthesizing of molecules on this product enables it to deliver high power output while providing high wear-protection.

So even when the engine runs at high speed, the oil will be lubricating to resist friction.

Moreover, this 0W30 oil has thin viscosity, which makes it even more slippery.

Anything slippery for the exterior of a car is bad news as the vehicle may lose grip, but slippery oil is good news for the engines.

That is why it is an excellent oil. It can also function at a high temperature of 204 degrees Celsius.


  • High-speed compatible
  • Extra slippery
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Pure oil
  • Thin viscosity


  • Not suitable for cars with catalytic converters

5W30 Motor Oil

These oils with various numbers can surely be a brain-tease. But we have it all figured out so you can know the features in one go.

Recommended 5W30 Motor Oil to Buy
  • It is an oil that you cannot find in nature as it is fully-synthesized in factories.
  • It is an oil that you cannot find in nature as it is fully-synthesized in factories.
  • A synthetic structure allows the oil to have less sludge forming additives.
  • The value five before ‘W’ depicts that the oil is relatively thicker in viscosity, so it has slightly higher chances at solidification in cold temperatures.
  • At operating temperature, this oil will have weight similar to a 30-weight oil and will take more time to evaporate at high temperatures.
  • You can use this oil at a varying temperature ranging from extremely low to high, which is why it is a multi-grade oil.

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Recommended 5W30 Motor Oil to Buy

Below are the best 5W30 motor oils you can find in the market. So read on to know more!

Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

When you purchase a new vehicle, it is often wise to let the manufacturer’s scheduled fuel to wear out.

Meaning, let that oil provide 2000 to 3000 miles. In fact, the brand Royal Purple also recommends that.

However, when you suddenly change the motor oil, the new oil and the old oil often do not mix well, resulting in unnecessary deposits.

But, you will not have to worry about such issues with the 5W30 oil by Royal Purple.

The synthetic oil has high solvency, which breaks the gunk left behind by the previous fuel. Hence, the engine parts get better mobility, and they can move more fluidly.

This action also helps in improving mileage as you will need way less oil in the long run.

So, Royal Purple offers a better fuel economy for long-distance traveling. It also protects the engine from high-temperature surges.

Since it can resist high temperatures, it will take time to thin out, ensuring a thick coat of oil around the motor parts. Thus, the vehicle will run without hindrance.


  • Potent solvency factor
  • Provides better mileage
  • Superior anti-wear protection
  • It takes time to thin out
  • Helps in improving mobility


  • Might be expensive for many users

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-16 Motor Oil 1 QT

Do you often notice your engine to have low speed before any ignition? If that happens, it can be major bad news for the vehicle as it increases friction, causing small damage that can become huge over time.

However, Valvoline 5W30 oil is specifically great for protecting against these kinds of issues.

It has an ANSI certification which claims that the oil can protect the engine even if it has a low speed.

Thus your engine remains safe from excess friction and moves with fluidity. However, the oil is not so thin that it will drip right off the engine surface.

It has a value of 5 before ‘W’, which indicates that the oil has a somewhat thicker viscosity.

Hence it will be an amazing choice for places with moderate to extremely high temperatures.

The thicker viscosity will allow the oil to hold more ground and not thin out easily.

This oil also keeps the engine clean by keeping it sludge-free. The superior dissolving capacity helps the fuel to do so.


  • Helps low-speed engines
  • Improves mobility
  • Suitable for warmer weather
  • It takes time to thin out
  • Keeps engine clean


  • The bottle may have leaking issues

Final Words

In conclusion, these oils mainly differ in terms of viscosity and temperature tolerance.

So, there is no clear winner when it comes to 0W30 vs. 5W30 motor oil. However, that does not mean one oil is better than the other. You simply have to choose one based on the weather of your location.