33 Tires vs 35 Tires

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Are you looking to buy a new tire for your truck? A couple of options you’ll find are 33 and 35 tires.

Both are good in their own right, but you don’t need both, so today we’ll talk about them to see which one is the best pick.

Apart from discussing 33 and 35 tires, in this article, we’ll review the tires from both categories that meet every driver’s expectations.

By the end, not only will you have a better idea of which is the most suitable for you between 33 and 35 models, but you’ll also know which one to buy.

Without anything else to add, let’s start by talking about 33 tires and what they bring for you as a driver.

35 vs 33 inch Tires

If you put them side by side, it’d be tricky to tell the differences between the 33 and 35 tires.

However, although they may seem similar, they do have their benefits and disadvantages.

33 Tires – Decent and Affordable

The reason why 33 tires are better than the 35 tires is because of how much it’d cost you to set them up.

If you go for a 35 tire, you may need to regear your vehicle, which leads to more money you’d have to invest.

On the other hand, the 33 tires don’t compare to the traction, circumference, and footprint of the 35 tires.

While these tires don’t have that many issues with rocks, the 35 counterparts are better at tackling tough terrains.

35 Tires – Expensive, But Worth It

If money isn’t an issue for you, then the 35 tire is the one you want. The larger circumference is far superior to the 33 tires, helping you go over all types of terrains more efficiently and with fewer risks.

The lower pressure, a larger footprint, and more traction are some other reasons why these are the best choice.

Does that mean the 35 tires are perfect? Not at all.
Because of the 35 tire’s height and weight, your vehicle will feel more sluggish.

The gearing won’t matter, meaning that you’d have to deal with that issue at all times.

33 Tires

Why would you consider 33 tires? Here’s what you should expect from them!

More Sidewall Pressure

Since the 33 tire is slightly larger than the wheel, you get additional sidewall pressure, and the option to air down the tire further off-road with no risks of losing that bead.

By doing that, you get a bigger footprint, which naturally leads to better traction to pass over obstacles.

Tackling Rugged Terrains

Not only are 33 tires good for their clearance, but the technology behind them is outstanding as well.

The aggressive biting edges, combined with a self-cleaning design, are effective to go over obstacles.

Additionally, the tread pattern will take your vehicle through most terrains.


Going for a larger tire, although tempting, may end up costing you a lot of money. With a 33 tire, you don’t have to regear, which is the reason why many would prefer these tires above others.

Recommended 33 Tires to Buy

The following products are the top three 33 tires worth the money.

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire – 33X12.50R15 108Q

It may have its years since it came out, but the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire remains as one of the best up to this day.

The compatibility of this tire part of its success, as the tire would be a good fit for SUVs, trucks, and CUVs.

With a rugged design and high-end tech, the tire is perfect for on and off-road.

Besides being compatible with the vehicles mentioned above, the tire is versatile as well.

The high-void tread pattern creates a tire capable of tackling even the toughest terrains, including rocks, mud, gravel, and many more.

With aggressive biting edges and self-cleaning design, there’s almost nothing this tire can’t do.

Other than the high tread voids, the built-in stone ejectors also pave the way for drivers.

Even if there is debris, rocks, or similar obstacles in the way, the tire kicks them out, improving its off-road performance.

Drivers will also appreciate the staggered tread block build and the alternating notched shoulder lugs that deliver improved traction, whether you’re on or off-road.

Depending on use, the tread could wear quicker than most would expect.


  • Aggressive biting edges due to the high-void tread design looks incredible
  • Improved traction
  • 3-Ply sidewall offers the strength needed to resist impacts
  • Quiet and smooth ride


  • Tread wear comes quicker than expected

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Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT All-Terrain Radial Tire – 305/70R17 119Q

If you want to drive over most terrains flawlessly, you’ll need the most efficient technology and design for your tires.

This one product delivers just that by offering the perfect combination of the aggressive tread pattern with a remarkable cut/chip resistant tread compound.

Due to its outstanding build, this tire provides the sturdiness and resistance needed to drive on rugged surfaces.

Of course, such design also means drivers will be able to go over dirt, sand, and gravel. For off-road driving, this Achilles tire doesn’t disappoint.

However, the tire does struggle over wet surfaces. For instance, while driving across wet pavement, the grip doesn’t feel as good as other terrains. This issue is the main concern for many drivers.

As for endurance, the X-Protection sidewall prevents cuts and tears by keeping the tire secure from rocks or sharp objects.

The 3-step block pattern is yet another good feature, as it allows drivers to tackle off-road terrains due to the tire’s stability.


  • Great off-road traction
  • Decent grip & handling
  • 3-Step block pattern
  • Aggressive tread pattern & resistant tread compound
  • X-Protection sidewall keeps the tire secure from sharp objects


  • Not the most suitable tire for wet surfaces

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire-33×12.5R15 108Q

The main purpose of this tire is to back your off-road driving. Whether you own a truck, SUV or 4×4, the high compatibility offered by this Federal Couragia tire makes it work with any of those vehicles.

Despite not being the best, this product offers an effective performance at a low price.

In fact, the traction put up by this tire over most surfaces makes up for a comfortable ride.

With a highly resistant tread compound and the brand’s SRG lug design, drivers can tackle most surfaces.

Particularly, the tire does an incredible job over mud terrains. Thanks to the larger lugs, which feature high-void areas, the tire is a self-cleaning component that keeps mud and rocks in check.

While you can expect nothing but an excellent performance from this tire, the noise produced is noticeable.

It’s not a big deal for most, but some drivers like their ride as smooth as possible, and this issue could be frustrating for them.


  • An affordable second-tier tire that tackles off-road terrains efficiently
  • Good traction and handling over dry or wet surfaces
  • Reinforced compounds for durability
  • Optimum block design
  • Aggressive tread build


  • The tires hum on the highway, which could be a problem for many drivers

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35 Tires

Then, we have 35 tires. Are these any good? Yes, they are. Here’s why.

Remarkable Off-Road Traction

A 35 tire comes with large knobby treads that don’t wear quickly on the road. While these tires may produce noticeable noise on the road, their performance off-road is remarkable.

The traction delivered helps to tackle different terrains without worrying about the conditions.

Going Over Obstacles? Not a Problem!

The large circumference of the tires allows drivers to sort out obstacles pretty easily. For instance, climbing over rocks is certainly faster and better while using a 35 tire instead of a smaller one.

Truthfully, this particular reason is why these tires are one of the preferred choices by drivers.

Large Size

Finally, the most obvious feature of these tires is their large size. They run on lower pressure, and the tires still put up a conveniently decent clearance for a good performance out there.

Additionally, the foot-print is bigger, meaning more contact to the ground for increased traction.

Recommended 35 Tires to Buy

Which are the best 35 tires to buy? Let’s talk about them.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire – 285/70R17 117T

The following Falken tire is one that does it all. It’s a tire you want to have for many terrains and under any weather.

Its rugged design allows it to tackle most surfaces regardless of the conditions.

By featuring heat diffuser technology, the lower sidewall is capable of dissipating heat, which leads to better protection for the components of the internal tire.Due to the capacity to maintain its coolness, the vehicle feels more stable.

Another convenient feature is the 3D Canyon Sipe tech, which interlocks the shoulders for improved resistance to wear caused by high torque.

This technology also helps increase handling stability overall.
Thanks to the rugged tread blocks, the tires have plenty of support on the road.

Not only is the stability better, but the ability to prevent rocks from getting stuck in the grooves is also pleasant.

Even though the tire does well on most terrains, the traction delivered isn’t the best for soft dirt.


  • Heat diffuser tech to maintain the internal components cool
  • 3D Canyon Sipe tech
  • Rigid tread blocks with ramps support
  • Aggressive sidewall


  • Not the most optimum traction over soft dirt

Patriot Tires MT All-Terrain Radial Tire-35×12.50R20LT 121Q

This tire comes with a rugged hook-shaped tread block build that increases the traction without much block movement.

It doesn’t matter if you go forward, sideways, or backward, the tire offers the same gripping force to give you a fun and pleasant driving experience.

The tread edges featured are capable of hooking into any surface angle, delivering a reliable performance that other tread patterns can’t provide.

That gripping force only gets better due to the staggered tread shoulder blocks. Whether you’re driving over mud or snow, you can trust the tire will get you through those terrains easily.

Over muddy or slippery surfaces, in particular, the design of the center groove pattern gives drivers decent handling as well as the traction needed to pull through those types of terrains.

As you can see, the tire does incredibly well off-road. On the other hand, your vehicle may not make much use of it if when you get back to the highway.


  • Rugged hook tread block build
  • Staggered tread shoulder blocks
  • Double-tread compound
  • Other sizes available


  • Not a good choice for highways

Crosswind M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tires-35X12.50R18 LT 123Q LRE 10-Ply

Crosswind has created reliable tires to tackle all types of terrains over the years, and this one is no different.

It’s a sturdy-looking tire compatible with all medium to full-sized vehicles, such as Jeeps, SUVs, and more.

The tire is surprisingly resistant and robust to deliver a comfortable ride over most terrains.

Thanks to the aggressive-like design of the bits, drivers will be in a perfect position to take their vehicles for off-road rides as well.

Also, the wide block pattern offered guarantees optimum traction for those particularly tough and unpaved roads.

Earlier, we mentioned the tire’s resistance to run through most road conditions, and that’s only possible because of the shallow central grooves and the strong shoulder blocks.

Other than making the tire run through almost everything, these features also make the tire puncture-proof.

Unfortunately, the tire wears quicker than most others, which is a disadvantage you’d have to face inevitably.


  • Sturdy tire to driver over most terrains easily
  • Particularly good for off-road driving
  • Optimum traction delivered
  • 10-Ply build for tough surfaces
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Good steering & driving stability


  • The tire wears quicker than most others

Conclusion – Which One to Pick?

Are you still not clear on which one to pick between 33 vs. 35 tires? Here’s one way to look at it.

If your purpose is to save on parts and keep the build budget-friendly, then stick to the 33-inch tire.

For drivers that don’t skimp on money, the 35-inch tire would be the most suitable choice.