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The “smart” treatment first started with phones until eventually, it engulfed every perceivable technology you can think of. Not even cars are exempt from this rapid improvement technology as Google boasts its Android Auto app for car head units.

Essentially, it partners with a car head unit inside your vehicle and provides you with an intelligent experience for all its worth. However, most people aren’t familiar with its identity, let alone its functionalities. 

That’ll change soon as we detail what an android auto head unit app is, covering some of its functionalities in the process.

Brief History

Google, the developers of Android Auto, started experimenting with car head units back in the early 2010s. Eventually, they revealed the concept for an app that ties hardware with software. Thus, Android Auto was born, with its initial release beginning in 2015. 

In 2016, Google kept updating the application with many features like Drive Mode and regular usage as a phone app. 

They released the first significant user interface rework in June of 2019, bringing the modern and sleek look that we can now see in front of us.

As for its active regions, Google has since added about 48 countries to its operations, promising service expansion to more places in the process.

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an application developed by Google that ties car head units with software integration. That allows for more functionalities such as better GPS integration, Vehicle monitoring features, third-party accessories, and more. 

It works with many vehicle manufacturers to provide the best software integrated experience in a vehicle. As such, it is supported in over 48 countries and over 50 vehicle manufacturers.

What Does It Do?

Since it is a head unit app, it comes installed with a head unit inside your vehicle, providing numerous features and functionalities.

For your convenience, we wrote an introductory guide to portray best what the app does and how it can help improve your experience with a car head unit.

Better GPS Integration

One of the main praiseworthy aspects of the Android Auto app is the GPS integration. What a vehicle needs most is proper directions that take you to your destination without any delay.

This app provides your vehicle with Google Maps, one of the GPS applications to date. It offers accurate satellite imagery, accurate aerial photographs, interactive street view maps, and 360-degree panoramic views of places.

All of these features work in tandem to provide you with precise maps that detail every single establishment and help you get to your destination in the best possible way. 

You can also save particular areas of the map so that you can view them without the Internet. This feature is beneficial when you are driving through rough terrains where there is no Internet presence.

Internet Services

In this day and age, you may as well be a caveman from the Stone age if you don’t have the Internet at your disposal. It is one of the shining lights of modern science that brings enlightenment to your doorstep.

So, the android auto app provides internet services such as email, web search, live television, and more. 

For example, you can view and write emails without a touch using the Android Auto app. It can automatically heed voice commands and act according to your will. 

You can surf the Internet as well since the app provides you with a dedicated browser. If the dedicated browser doesn’t suit your needs, you can always download third-party browsers with ease.

Since Google is the app developer, you can use any Google services in your head unit effortlessly. There is the Google Play Store, which allows you to download any app you want.

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Google Assistant

Google has its own voice-activated assistant called Google Assistant, which provides numerous hands-free functionalities, even inside your vehicle.

It makes your life easier by handling all of your data, such as emails, navigational directions, messages, and more.

You can say “Okay Google” out loud, and it will activate without touching or pressing buttons! 

It is super helpful on the go as doing anything while driving can be dangerous and lead to an accident. 

The Auto app integrates the assistant into your head unit so that you can access it without installing anything!

Call Services

Hands-free car head units have existed for a long time, but what the Android Auto head unit app does is that it integrates your smartphone to provide you with all of its call services.

Meaning, you will be able to enjoy the same functionalities as your smartphone in the car as well.

You can use voice commands to call someone, as well as text someone while you’re driving. It makes contacting people in an emergency easy as there are dedicated emergency helplines with simple voice commands.

Music Playback

Ever wanted to listen to your favorite band while you roam through the deserts or some other terrain? Fear not, as the Android Auto app boasts music playback on the go!

With Google Play Music or other third-party music streaming applications, you can easily listen to your favorite music while you are driving your vehicle. 

If you get a car head unit with Android Auto app integration, you can easily load any music you want into the head unit. Google even provides functionalities such as a USB interface to help speed the process!

Final Words

All in all, the android auto head unit app is an excellent piece of software for your vehicle’s head unit. It provides GPS navigation, music playback, call services, internet services, and more without breaking a sweat. 

We wholeheartedly recommend this app if you own a vehicle with a head unit. Most of the operating systems inside the car head units are disappointing and limited in what they can do. 

With the Android Auto car head unit app, you won’t ever have to worry about compatibility again!

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