Android Head Unit Accessories

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Are you thinking about jazzing up your android head unit with some accessories? There are some additional accessories that you can add to the device to make it more multifunctional. So if that is what you are looking for, keep on reading to find out more about these android head unit accessories.

Android Head Unit Accessories

There are many useful accessories you can add to your head unit to give yourself easy access to the internet or your rearview camera, along with many others. Below are some of these accessories that may be what you need.

Access to Internet

An access to the internet will allow you to stream any music you want and blast them while you go out on a drive. You can use a 3G stick, or for a better option, you can get a Wi-Fi router for the head unit. 


If you would like easy access to digital radio while out on a drive or while you wait for someone in the car, a DAB+ USB can be a good investment for you. The DAB+ USB receives a digital broadcast from wherever it is installed, whether at your car or your home. It acts like a USB flash drive with stored mp3 files.

Headrest monitor

Headrest monitors can be a great way for passengers to pass the time watching movies when out on a long drive. You can easily set up a headrest monitor for the backseat and connect it to the android head unit and enjoy some great movies to make the traveling experience more fun.

Rearview Cameras 

You can also install a rearview camera in the license plate holder so you can see what is behind your car anytime. Night view cameras are also a good option and can be very useful to have when driving at night.


Dashcams can be very handy if there is an accident or if someone tries to break into your car while you are away. A good dash cam may even give you recordings with speed, date, and time stamps.

Android Head Unit Tips and Tricks

Additionally, here are some tips and tricks that you can try out to make the best out of your android head unit.

Make Use of the Voice Command

Many android head units come with a voice command feature to make your life easier. You can use that to call someone while you are driving but cannot reach for your phone. Not just that, you can even send text while driving without actually having to hold and type on your phone.

Install the Right Applications

If you want to make your life easier and want to make the most out of the head unit, make sure you have the right programs installed on it. You can keep applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, Messenger, or whatever you use a lot. 

Final Words

That is all for these accessories for the android head unit. Remember, a good android head unit will go a long way, and using these accessories will make the experience better and easier. We hope you found this helpful. 

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