Android Head Unit Black Screen? Fix it now!

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Android head units are great to have around as they allow you access a lot of features in your car while driving at a very affordable price. 

However, there is an issue many users face, and that is a black screen on the head unit. So if you are someone struggling with an android head unit black screen, we are here to help you.

Android Head Unit Black Screen

There can be a number of reasons behind the constant black screen on your android head unit despite turning it on. However, before we can offer a solution, we need to figure out the exact problem. 

Are you getting sounds, but the screen remains black? Or is it that the device is actually not starting up? Here are some of the reasons why you might be getting a black screen on your device and what you can do to fix it. 

Black Screen No Sound

A common reason behind a black screen is a blown-fuse. However, with a blown-fuse, not only will you get a blank screen, but you will also not get any sounds from the radio or car player. 

Only Black Screen

If you find that the radio works, but there is no display, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

Faulty Dimmer

If the dimmer on your device is faulty, it can cause issues like a black screen. And if you feel your dimmer works just fine, it could be that it might need some adjusting. 

Defective Display

If you can hear the radio, but the screen is just a big blank, a defective LCD can also be the reason behind it.

Defective Head Unit

Another reason you might be getting this issue is that the android head unit itself is defective. 

How to Fix It?

Step 1: Adjust Brightness

So now that you have identified the problem, you can try fixing it. First, you can begin by checking the dimmer and brightness. If your brightness setting is set too low and it is bright out, it may look like the screen is black. 

So, you should adjust the dimmer and turn the brightness up to see if that does anything. If it does not work, you should check the illumination wire and see if its connection is loose or if it is damaged. It will likely be an orange or black wire, and you should make sure it is properly connected and look for signs of damage.

Step 2: Reset the Device

Next, you can try resetting the device if you have power, but the screen is black. You can go through the user manual to see how you can perform a reset. An older version of android may also cause the issue, in which case you might need to update android head unit to android 10.

Step 3: Check the Fuse

If the steps above do not work, you can try checking the fuse to see if it has been damaged. Modern cars usually have the fuse box under the hood and on the dashboard near the steering wheel. 

This is where your radio fuse will be as well, so if you find a blown fuse, you can simply replace it.  

Final Words

The steps mentioned above should be enough to fix the blank screen. If it still doesn’t work, the problem may be a defective head unit, in which case you may need to get a new one. There are many options you can look through to get the top android head unit for your car.

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