Android Head Unit Car Settings

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Did you recently get a high-quality android head unit in your car? If you are installing it yourself and have never done it before, you may be wondering how to set it up. Well no need to worry because we are here to walk you through the installation and tell you all about the android head unit car settings.

Android Head Unit Car Settings

Android head units offer a lot of functionality but if it is your first time using it, may not be sure how you can set things up. To help you with that, we are going to tell you all about the car settings on the head unit. 

Car Settings

If you are using the head unit for the first time, you may not be aware of its features and wondering about the car settings. Car settings is similar to the settings on your android phone but not exactly the same. Let us give you an overview so you can better understand your android head unit and how it works. 

System Info

Go to the apps option on the panel and tap on car settings. At the top you will likely see a System Info section. If you have the android head unit properly installed, you will find all the information you need about the unit and car in the system info. 

Sound Settings

You can manage the sound and adjust it as you like using the sound settings. 

Factory Settings

If you scroll down the car settings, you will find the factory settings. You can use this to reboot the device when needed. 


You can adjust the display brightness using this setting. Then you can use the dimmer to bring the brightness up or down.

Logo Settings

The logo settings allows you to customize your own boot logo. Just copy the image you want onto the USB and plug it in. 

How to Install?

Let us quickly go over the installation process in case you haven’t installed it yet. It is quite simple and you can follow these steps below to get the job done easily. Make sure to remove the main harness, radio and GPS antennas aside. 

Step 1: Remove Old Unit

If you have an older unit, you need to take that out first. Begin by removing the plastic trims holding the head unit up. Undo the bolts on each of the four corners and take the head unit out. 

Step 2: Connect All the Features Your Need

Connect the main harness, radio antennas and GPS, along with any other features you need, to the new head unit.  

Step 3: Set up the New Device

Place the main unit in the car where the older one was and push all the wires inside. Fasten all the bolts so the unit holds securely. Take the plastic trim it comes with and place them over the head unit as well.

Step 4: Reboot

After you are done with the installation, turn on the device. When it boots up for the first time, you may notice that the steering wheel buttons are unresponsive. You can easily fix this by pushing the steering wheel buttons in and adjusting them in the setting.

Final Words

That is all you need to know about the car settings on your android device. We hope now you can better understand all its features and how it works. If you have more queries on the settings such as Bluetooth, you can check out our thoughts on android head unit no Bluetooth settings.

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