Android Head Unit Touch Screen Not Working [ Easy Fix]

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An unresponsive touch screen on an android head unit can be very frustrating, especially if you use the GPS or listen to music or the radio while driving. If you are facing a problem with your android head unit touch screen not working, keep on reading to know how you can fix it.

Android Head Unit Touch Screen Not Working

There can be a few reasons why the touch screen may not be responding. Below, you will find some reasons why your touch screen may not be working and a few steps that you can follow to figure out the issue and fix it accordingly.

Touch Screen Problems

Here are some of the issues that may be causing the touch screen on your android head unit to not work. 


Touch screens are highly susceptible to scratches and damages. This is especially true for android head units since the touch screens do not typically have any protection on the surface. This can cause the screen to malfunction and be unresponsive.


Dust and dirt accumulate on the screen overtime, even on the greatest android head unit. This can affect the sensitivity of the touch screen and make it less accurate. 


Touch screens work by sensing the touch of the user on the screen and acting accordingly. However, over time, the calibration may start to falter and so the screen cannot understand the user’s touch or input properly. 

How to Fix

Step 1:  Wipe the Screen

The reason behind the touch screen not working can be gathered dirt and grease. So, you can start by taking a fresh cloth and wiping the screen clean using a screen-cleaning product. 

Make sure your hands are also clean and dry and when wiping the screen, be gentle so that you do not cause any additional damage. If possible, add a new screen protector afterward. 

Step 2: Reboot

Rebooting the device is the most common solution to most problems and is usually the answer if it is an error from the head unit. You can easily reboot most devices if you press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. So, try this and see if it does the trick.

Step 3: Factory Reset

If none of the steps stated above provides a fix, you can try resetting the device. The head unit should come with a manual on how to do a factory reset on the device. This is quite easy to do with an android head unit. 

Even with a screen that is unresponsive, you can use a USB keyboard to perform a hard reset. This will fix any calibration or software problems, so the touch screen issue may also be fixed. 

Final Words

Unresponsive touch screens on head units can be quite common, but its solution is also usually quite simple. These steps should be enough to fix the issue and have it working again. 

We hope you found this helpful, and if you face any other issues, such as android head unit GPS not working, we have some solutions for that as well.

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