Are All Terrain Tires Good for Highway Driving?

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All-terrain tires are made to provide excellent traction on all kinds of routes and surfaces. This kind of tire includes models with a blend of open-tread suitable for both off-roading and paved-street handling. 

That means each tire is designed to serve a variety of functions. But are all-terrain tires good for highway driving?

Well, this is not a smart option if you’re only driving on paved streets and highways. As they’re a cross between the highway and muddy tires, they offer a pleasant ride on the road while also delivering dependable traction on the rocks.

However, there are a lot more critical factors to be discussed regarding this issue. Let’s look at the specifics of terrain tires, such as whether they’re suitable for highway driving or not, how impactful they are, and so on.

Benefits of All-terrain Tire

Benefits of All Terrain Tires
Benefits of All-terrain Tire

Before we get into the main point, let’s look at those specs that make the all-terrain tire much more popular than others.

Uneven Surfaces

If you drive pretty often on rugged surfaces, then you may hardly find any better option than AT. The big tread blocks create the maximum traction between the tire and the road. 

This traction helps to control the car on rough surfaces, no matter if it’s muddy or sandy the road.

Wet Surface

It rains quite frequently in your area, and the drenched road isn’t safe at all. In this case, you must think about switching to All-terrain because the tread grooves in these tires can run through wet surfaces seamlessly. 

And as a result, you’ll get the sturdy grip that you have always been wanted on the wet road.

Winter Season

For a driver, the arrival of winter means the thick layer of snow on the road. And it’s hard to ride on this particular surface with typical tires. But the AT has made it easy with the snow traction activity. 

Notice the 3 peak snowflake on the sidewall? That identifies that it’s able to maintain traction even on snowy surfaces. But temperature less than 7 to 10 degrees Celcius can be an issue for all-terrain tires. 

Loading Capacity

Basically, All-terrain is made for big boys like these –

  1. Light trucks
  2. Pickup trucks
  3. SUVs
  4. 4-wheeler vehicles.

They are capable of carrying huge loads on them, which range from 1,100Kg to 1,700Kg. You can try it on your 4-wheeler or whatever vehicle you got.

Are All Terrain Tires Good for Highway Driving?

Okay, let’s move forward now. Generally, the quality all-terrain tires are patterned in such a way as to do better on every surface. But when it comes to driving on highways only, this might not be the one you should go for. There are some factors that AT tires don’t perform well compared to others on paved roads.


Driving on a highway reminds a smooth and pleasant experience usually. But you can expect that a little from the AT. The big blocks are surely going to maximize the traction. And that may create a sort of noise after some while.

In the long run, you may face vibration as the tire is a bit bouncy. A combination of these can make the journey boring, to be honest.


The tire is made of soft rubbers to be good on harsh surfaces. But this might not do well on the highway. I got a lot of complaints that it doesn’t require a hefty drive to tear out on the highway.

Seems like it gets damaged a bit early compared to others.

Adjusting Wheel

According to many users, the structure may not match with the wheels if you are an expert driver on the main road. You might have to resize or adding something more to the circle.

Consuming Fuel

Ending with a necessary one, the traction again becomes the issue as it lessens the fuel efficiency. So don’t expect better mileage on the on-road.

Final Words

Picking up the right tire for you is always challenging. That’s why it’s a must to know why certain tires are far ahead in the race than the typical tires. Besides, knowing which one works well in particular situations might save both money and frustration. 

I hope that the article has properly answered the are all terrain tires good for highway driving? Do invest in the right one and get your desired result.

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