Are Atoto Head Units Good?

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As someone who spends most of their daylight hours behind the steering wheel, having the best display on the dashboard is more of a necessity than a luxury. So, while looking for an upgrade, I decided to go for an Atoto head unit as they’re constantly evolving with software updates and come with the boldest looks ever. 

But as someone who hasn’t used them before, you might wonder- are Atoto head units good? I was initially asking myself the same thing. And the answer isn’t as simple because, honestly, it depends more on personal taste. 

I’ve been testing mine out for a couple of weeks already and thought it’s high time I shared my experience with you guys. So, here’s my take on it.

Things to Love About the Atoto Head Unit

There are several things that I loved about this series of units. I’ve pointed out the ones I thought everyone would appreciate just as much as I did.

Responsive and Bright Display

The great thing about Android HUDs is that they are top-notch in quality and usually have large displays. Keeping your eyes on the road is essential, and having a tiny display for navigation is nothing but an added hassle.

Wide Budget Range

Now, if I consider the Atoto units, they range from budget-friendly versions up to flagship ones. So, you can choose one for yourself depending on your budget. 

If you’re aiming to get a super-quality android head unit, the Atoto S8 Ultra Plus is what I’d suggest for you. It’s a flagship with every cool feature you can think of- gesture command, mirroring, voice recognition, etc. 

Impressive Features

One of my friends asked me the other day- are Chinese Android head units any good? To that, I suggested he finds out for himself and proceeded to let him check out mine. He was pretty impressed. The gesture commands, voice recognition, and phone mirroring really did it for him. 

Compatibility with Smartphones

The Atoto’s compatibility with different smartphones and sim cards will surely earn extra points for music-lovers like myself. Feel free to blast some country or pop song whenever you want. 

Adjustable Mounts

One thing that throws me off is when a car stereo doesn’t have options to adjust it according to the dashboard or view angle. The Atoto series mostly features adjustable mounts, which is fantastic.

App Usage

While I was on the hunt for a good brand new unit at an affordable range, I noticed how all the other brands had limitations to using apps and downloading them. Some didn’t even let you get apps from the app store directly.

The Atoto ones, on the other hand, supported direct downloading from the app store. It’s basically a tablet at the front of your car designed for your car. How neat is that?

Final Words 

It’s no easy task finding the best product in any case, but I hope my two cents do help you. I leave it up to you to decide what the best answer to the question ‘are atoto head units good?’ will be. My money’s on a ‘yes’ though.  

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