Are Chinese Android Head Units Any Good?

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There’s a booming trend of Chinese gadgets in the market nowadays, and it’s just natural to get swept up with the current. Yet when it comes to customization of our sweet ride’s dashboard, we all tend to second-guess our choices. 

With the prices soaring high, the affordable head units might seem like a good idea. But are Chinese head units any good? Do they really pay off in the long run?

Maybe I can help you figure that out a little. As my job is related to driving around the city a lot, I’ve had my fair share of hits and misses with car stereo purchases. But one thing I can vouch for is that Android units are an excellent bang for the buck.

Here are a few reasons why.

Why You Should Get a Chinese Android Head Unit

Among the many reasons why you might get yourself a Chinese gadget, here are some noteworthy ones.

Save the Coin 

As obvious as it sounds, allow me to restate the fact that the technology of today is meant to lure you in to spend more money. That means the gadgets usually last a year or two, and you end up having to replace things frequently. 

So, if I’m going to spend my money on something, I will look far and wide for the best deal ever. And the Android units that are made in China happen to meet and often exceed their expected lifespan. Low cost and more durability? Count me in!

Amazing Software

Despite people hyping up iOS, you can’t deny that Android is far superior in terms of convenience and function. The company not only updates its software regularly but allows customization of the features as much as possible. 

Their head units are incredibly similar to their tablets and have superbly responsive software, enabling the user to get the best experience. Be it an Alpine iLX-F903D, a Pioneer, or Atoto, they are sure to dish out top-quality performance any day. 

Coolest Features Ever

These units have the coolest features ever, my personal favorite being the gesture commands and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. Depending on the automobile, you can connect some of the teams to the steering wheel controls via apps like iDatalink. 

Many of the units come preinstalled with Google Maps or other necessary ones like Phone-Casting, making connecting to your smartphone hassle-free. 

Blast off to the Radio

Do you love listening to the Beatles but are tired of the underwhelming audio quality of car stereos? Here’s a piece of good news for you- any optimal android head unit will allow apps like Spotify or SoundCloud to run in the background. So, you can blast off the radio and listen to your favorite music while on the road with ease. 

Final Words

If you’re still on the fence about which stereo to get, check out an Android Auto wireless head unit list to figure out what suits your fancy. As for my part, I think I’ve given you an idea of what to say when asked are Chinese head units any good? 

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