Are High Lift Jacks Safe? – Expert Answer

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High lift jack is one of those few tools that are most versatile, inexpensive, and toughest to have in tool collection.

It can be used for many occasions and will still go on for years. However, are high lift jacks safe to utilize?

If this question has been on your mind for a while, then it is time we clear up the fog of doubts.It does not mean that you should operate it carelessly.

That is when accidents could occur. Technically, it is safe as long as you know what you are doing.

Many tend to leave caution out the window because of the lack of information. Let us help you in providing a few key details on this matter.

What Does High LIft Jack Do?

What Does High LIft Jack Do

A high lift jack does not only raise vehicles but also helps in spreading the bent cage tubes.

It can also clamp together cracked parts. The tool winches you out of complicated states. It practically saves you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

There are two climbing pins, one of which holds the load while the other is free to move throughout the series of holes on the bar.

If you pull down the handle, the top pin goes up the bar. Then, the bottom pin moves to the next hole once you raise the handle.

Keep in mind that while one pin is on the move, the other always holds its position in a locked system.

How Safe Is It?

Hi-lift jacks are quite simple to operate. Furthermore, they can last a lifetime if maintained appropriately.

Nowadays, there are plenty of innovative designs that solely ensure safety over anything. The jacks usually freeze in place when the weight it lifts turns out to be overloaded.

It is possible due to the shear pin that gives way in the mechanism. Thus, they safely hold the ground instead of suddenly dropping down.

Even still, common mishaps like when the jack slides of the mounting surface, or hands slipping from the handle, etc.

could lead to injuries. Normally these actions sustain minor wounds but, let us not give in to that chance.

However, if you are not careful enough, things could spiral out of control. There could be a potential cause of missing teeth, concussion, or smashed fingers.

Prevention of Accidents

One must always contemplate on the safety measures when conducting with tools like high lift jacks. Remember to check the ground surface, whether it is even or not.

Think about where to position the jack on the vehicle and if you wish to lift one corner or the entire belly.

Knowing these factors in advance can help accomplish a safe task in stabilizing the tool as well as the vehicle. Always follow the proper instructions on how to carry out procedures.

Do not forget to have your arms extended and head further away from the handle, whether you are jacking or winching.

Wear gloves if possible. Also, try chocking the wheels prior to lifting the vehicle.

If the handle does slip off your hand, move away immediately. The force of the jack can destroy anything in its path, including your jaw, teeth, etc.


We should all respect the massive energy that the tool has in store. It is also the reason why the user must apply corrective measures to avoid consequences.

Are high lift jacks safe? To an extent, yes, they are. It is the consumers who ought to learn how to use the tool for safe conduct and easy access.

This valuable equipment piece with versatile uses will look after you if you know how to maintain it accurately.