Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain? – Expert Answer

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Jeep vehicles are top of the line SUVs that are always a good value for your money.

They have made a name for themselves by keeping their promise to consumers.

Now that you are thinking of buying a Jeep, one question will surely come to your mind: Are Jeeps expensive to maintain? also, you can check more tips at autonerdsreview.

This question is valid and in everyone’s mind when they consider buying a Jeep. And that is what we will be answering for you today.

We have prepared this article that discusses if jeeps are expensive to maintain and how you can do maintenance, along with all the details that you’ll need.

So, without waiting any further, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Jeeps and Their Promise of Durability

Jeep designs their vehicles to be sturdy for the perfect off-road experience. So, durability is one of their proposed values.

Now, this company has kept this promise from its inception and has kept consumers happy.

They have done it to an extent where Jeeps now stand as a symbol of durability.

But we all know that if a vehicle goes through many rough terrains, it does need maintenance to retain its durability. So, how much will that maintenance cost us?

Well, we have the answer to that ready for you and everyone else to see in the next section of the article. So, let’s move on to it.

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain or Not?

Maintenance is an essential task if you’re looking to keeping your Jeep up and running. Proper care will ensure longevity and give you the durability that you expect.

So, is maintenance really that important?
Well, our answer to that would be a resounding YES.

Regular maintenance is a must for any care to keep up its longevity unless you’re okay with it falling apart quickly.

Is maintaining a Jeep expensive then?

No, it isn’t. The annual amount you’ll need to maintain a Jeep is $651, which is only $20 more than the national average in the United States.

So, there was your answer. Maintaining a Jeep doesn’t take much more than keeping an average car. So, if you want to enjoy its full value, ensure proper maintenance.

Now that you know that maintaining a Jeep isn’t really expensive- let’s check out how you can do some maintenance yourself.

How to Maintain a Jeep Properly

Since you know that maintaining a Jeep isn’t really that expensive, we figured we’d show you a couple of ways that you can use to do some maintenance yourself.

There are six ways you can do so, so here goes:

Use Car Shampoo

Car Shampoos can work wonders when it comes to cleaning a car. Moreover, your Jeep will always be running around through dirt, so using shampoo is a must.

These shampoos are very easy to apply. All you have to do is put some on the cloth and start wiping. You’ll want to use a microfiber cloth when you’re cleaning.

What happens is that the liquid suspends the dirt, be it ingrained or loose. Thanks to this reaction, you can then easily scrub the dirt off.

Now, you’ll find car shampoos that are specially for your Jeep. Try to pick those up. That way, you can pull off some specialized cleaning.

Use a Degreaser

A degreaser is extremely useful when it comes to maintenance. It’ll help you clean out the old grease and put in some new grease to ensure the gears are running.

At first, clean the surface on which you want to use the greaser as much as possible. As mentioned before, use a microfiber cloth to pull off this cleaning.

Next, spray the degreaser over the area in which you’re working on. Now, make sure you evenly spread it so that all spots are covered. Then, let the degreaser set on the surface for a while.

This degreaser liquid suspends the grease and starts dissolving it. The fluid weakens the viscosity of the grease, letting you wipe it right off the area.

Once done, take the microfiber cloth again and simply wipe the whole thing off the surface.

Now, you can apply some new grease on that spot.
Since this is done, let’s move on to the next one.

Repair the Parts

You should maintain car parts regularly to keep them in tip-top condition. A good thing about Jeeps is that you’ll always find replacement parts for them.

The aftermarket is pretty good, and the parts come in cheap, thanks to the supply.

Since it always runs on rough terrains, it is normal for the car’s components to become a bit loose.

But, thanks to the quality assurance of Jeep, that doesn’t happen much. Yet, you should always check to avoid any kind of accidents.

Now, let’s move on to the next one.

Change Brake Oil

Brake oil is what keeps the brakes running smooth. These brakes are our only guardians during driving, so you need to take care of them.

You can do that by switching the brake oil after some time. Now, this brake oil is more crucial when it comes to SUVs like Jeeps.

Jeeps are designed to be off-road vehicles. So, they make use of the brakes more than an average car.

Therefore, to get the perfect experience, you need to change the brake oil regularly.

The lubricant makes sure that brakes can stop your car the way that it’s supposed to. Now, let’s check out the next maintenance tip.

Use A Wheel Cleaner

SUV wheels will cruise through some really adverse situations if you put them to actual use. That’ll lead them to become dirty.

This ingrained dirt is tough to remove, and this is where a wheel cleaner would come into play. It takes care of the dirt quickly.

All you have to do is get a spray-on bottle of a wheel cleaner. Then spray over the wheels and start wiping. That’s it. The job’s pretty simple if you ask me.

Do remember to use a microfiber cloth to make cleaning the whole thing easier and choose something with proper protection for your wheels. With that, we’ll move on to the last maintenance tip.

Refill Engine Coolant

An engine coolant is what you’ll need if you want to keep your car’s engine in perfect condition.

The liquid will inhibit erosion, rust buildup, electrolysis, and mineral deposits.

So, the formula makes sure that the internals of your engine remains in good condition. Therefore, you should refill every once in a while to keep things working.

Now, along with all that, engine coolants also lubricate the thermostat and the heater controls.

Hence, we can say that it flows through your car’s internals and ensures the flow of things.

So, you must change the engine coolant of your Jeep regularly to ensure the best performance.

Now that was all about how you can do some maintenance yourself and retain the best performance. It’ll be okay for the time being, and it will take care of things well.

But, don’t forget to take it to professionals so that they can do a proper check and make sure things are running okay.


That wraps up the whole discussion answers your question: Are jeeps expensive to maintain?

We hope we answered all your questions and gave made the whole thing clear to you.

Remember that maintenance is a must if you want to get the actual value for your money.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes, you should use a premium product like a Mag Wheel Cleaner to keep your SUV in good condition.

Moreover, we value your opinion. So, if you feel like we missed something or there’s something else that you want us to touch, feel free to contact us.
Until then, stay safe and drive responsibly.