Are Wheel Spacers Safe? – Expert Answer

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Wheel spacers are one of the most popular, cheapest, and versatile products on the market.

The reason for its popularity is mainly the wide variety of applications it offers. If you have the necessary know-how of mechanics, you can install them yourself.

However, many on the internet are misinformed about wheel spacers. There are some rumors out there about the safety of wheel spacers. Many seem to have this question in their mind, ‘Are Wheel Spacers Safe?’

Well, we are here to set this issue straight. So, if you are either worried or curious about this issue, keep reading!

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

To put it simply, yes. It is safe for you to install wheel spacers. However, wheel spacers are safe only when they use quality materials to manufacture them.

You also have to install it correctly. If your car has a properly-installed wheel spacer, it is as safe as any other unmodded car on the road.

While you may hear many rumors about wheel spacer issues, there are not many who have faced any problem with them. Unless you look for the easy way out, you will not have any trouble using them either.

Many people make a rookie mistake because they go for the cheaper options when using a wheel spacer.

There are many high-quality wheel spacers available on the internet that will cost you next to nothing.

Since many people use wheel spacers mostly for aesthetic purposes, they tend to buy these cheap products.

While this is a tempting offer, you should avoid doing so. These cheaper products can get you into trouble. Do note that it has nothing to do with the product but the quality of it.

Manufacturers use low-quality materials to produce these spacers. That is why you may have some issues with them.

If you are looking to install wheel spacers in your vehicle, you should always go for quality goods.

What Spread the Rumors?

Many may ask this question that if the wheel spacers are so great, why are there such rumors about it.

Well, that is because while wheel spacers are safe, they do come with some problems.

Depending on the size of the spacer you use, the steering can feel heavier than usual.

Since the wheel spacers help you create a wider track to follow, you have to put in more effort to control and navigate the wheel. That means you will need to be a skilled driver to stay on track.

As you add wheel spacers to several components, your car will have more parts that can cause failure while driving. Unfortunately, you cannot get around this problem.

But that does not mean that you cannot use wheel spacers. What you can do is appropriately tighten and torque all the nuts and bolts on the spacer.

That way, you can reduce the risks that can come with an added number of components.

What to Look for?

As you already know, wheel spacers contain no safety issues. However, it is a good idea to follow these steps to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Install It on All Four Tires

Try not to install wheel spacer in one part (front or rear) of the car while excluding the other.

If you do so, you will only receive more grip in that part. It can adversely affect the overall balance of your car. If you are going to install wheel spacers, try to install in on all four tires.

Use Quality Wheel Spacers

There are some cheaper options available when it comes to wheel spacers. Manufacturers use Cast Aluminum when making these low-priced products.

The problem with Cast Aluminum-made wheel spacers is that they have a less consistent structure. As a result, these wheel spacers cannot provide much support.

It is also tough to produce items when using Cast Aluminum. That is why you may see a difference in thickness in various parts of that Cast Aluminum wheel spacer.

There are also reports of the Cast Aluminum spacers fitting loosely. It can lead to anyone not being able to tighten the bolts tightly.As a result, they can come undone while driving and prove to be hazardous.

So, it is a good idea to invest in Billet Aluminum spacers. That way, you can avoid these safety issues.

Absolving Myths

A misconception is that wheel spacers derange the balance and the physics of the hubs and the wheels. Well, rest assured that it is nothing more than a myth.

The wheel spacers have no way to affect the physics of the overall balance. That is because the center of the wheel hub is not what secures the wheel spacers.

Its lips do not carry any load as well. So, wheel spacers cannot offset the physics of the wheels and the hubs too much.

Summing It All Up

Now that we have cleared things up, we hope you got your answer to the question, ‘Are wheel spacers safe?’ However, do try to follow proper instructions when installing them.

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