ATOTO A6 Pro Review 2024 – Android Car Navigation Stereo

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Driving down the roads with your windows down, and experiencing a fresh breeze of air feels amazing.

But what about the times when you’re in an unknown city with no idea of directions whatsoever? Or maybe you are stuck in the traffic for hours and bored to death?

Keeping all our wants in mind, ATOTO has introduced an incredible car navigation stereo with some exclusive features that can ensure a smooth driving experience for all! You can even label it as an “Android Tablet,” specifically built for your car.

Does it sound too good to be true? Then read our ATOTO A6 Pro review to find out.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review in 2023

A6 Pro car stereo

The new ATOTO A6 Pro comes in 4 different versions – starter, standard, premium, and pro.

In addition to the regular features, including FM/Radio and GPS/Navigation, this device allows you to browse the internet from your phone, be it Android or IOS.

Allowing an IPS capacitive touch screen display, the device works incredibly in scorching sunlight and ensures safe navigation throughout your journey.

Wondering what makes this device stand out in the crowd? Here’s the answer – Dual Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot connectivity, fast charging option, and motion hand gestures are some hard-to-find features in car stereos.

This device fits easily into almost any car model, so that also saves you from trimming or cutting job hassles.

Built in with 9 system languages, the ATOTO A6 Pro has additional Dashcam input as well as Back cam input options that help you build up a better version of the car stereo.

Lastly, the constant firmware update keeps you up to date with the new features, that too with such reasonable pricing. It is quite hard to believe!

Key Features

Here we have the most important features of the ATOTO A6 Pro:

Fast Access – Booting in Less than 2 Seconds!

With less than 2 seconds of quick booting, the ATOTO A6 Pro is always ready to navigate your way in no time.

Compared to other car navigation stereo which have a startup time of around 25 seconds, this device managed to steal the spotlight with the 2 seconds ready-on feature.

Besides a quick booting time, this device can also turn off itself when your car has been parked for 7 days. Smart and power-saving!

WiFi and Mobile Hotspot Tethering – 2 in 1

The ATOTO A6 Pro is equipped with the best of both worlds – dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G) and wireless hotspot tethering! Now, you can easily navigate yourself through the roads, stream online music, and even check your emails from time to time.

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Manufactured with dual Bluetooth chips, Bluetooth 1 can work hands-free for answering or calling purposes.

The Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX option ensures a wired sound quality wirelessly.

In addition to working as a Bluetooth tethering internet, Qualcomm BT also supports many other features, including BT Game Pad for kids in the rear seats, OBD2, TPMS. It allows 3 individual device connections as well.

Wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay

Wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay

This head unit device supports both Android and IOS software that enables users to download anything from Google Play Store and Apple Store with their smartphones.

Google Assistant and Siri – both are functional for the device which leaves you with more options to operate the car stereo.

N.B. If it doesn’t work on your device, it is simply required to update your system firmware, and you are good to go!

Toshiba’s Ultra Powerful Pre-Amplifier

Built with RMS 29w outputs, the latest Toshiba ultra-powerful pre-amplifier guarantees a balanced treble, bass, and audio to make sure that you experience amazing sound clarity.

Both the standard and premium version comes with this feature, so you don’t have to worry anymore for a more powerful and natural music feel with your 2 – 8 door speakers!

Latest Full Touch Screen IPS Display

Created with a 7” 1024  600 full-touch IPS display screen, the ATOTO A6 Pro presents a 178 viewing angle to provide an incredible view even in broad daylight.

Remarkable color contrast and the top-notch sensitivity touch screen is a bonus for the price it is offered at!

Gesture Control

Now with a gesture control feature, the next-gen A6 Pro comes in super handy when driving down a busy road.

You can easily use 7 different hand gesture controls to skip songs, adjust the device volume totaling a wide range of 23 actions without having to risk an accident, and ensure safe driving!

Quick Charge

Using your phone’s hotspot tethering for browsing YouTube, accessing easy navigations, and other such actions might drain out the battery quite easily.

To solve this setback, the ATOTO A6 Pro is manufactured with a USB charging port with a max 2A fast charge that lets you recharge your phone in no time!

Just make sure that the cable you are using allows quick charging options, and you don’t have to worry at all about a dead battery.


  • Starts up in no time
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple software
  • Doesn’t take up much time to get recharged
  • Comes with a gesture control feature


  • The build could have been better

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding ATOTO A6 Pro:

Does ATOTO A6 Pro support USB tethering?

Sadly, no. It does not support USB tethering and only features WiFi and mobile hotspot tethering.

Does this radio have climate control?

No. The ATOTO A6 Pro does not interface with the car’s HVAC (or climate control) system.

Can I install Spotify and Waze on the device?

Yes! Almost any Android app (except Netflix and Android Auto) can be installed on your device with the help of WiFi or hotspot.

Since Waze does not have an offline map option, you will need an internet connection at all times.

Does this unit come with OBD connectivity?

The device can connect to most Bluetooth OBD2 device that is available on Amazon.

Besides, the OBD app called Torque installed in the A6 can be used. Third-party Bluetooth OBD applications may be used as well.

Final Words

The ATOTO A6 Pro is definitely a must-have for all the tech-crazy fans out there due to its amazing features that are hard to find in most car navigation stereos.

At the price it is marketed, you must consider trying this out whether you are planning on getting a new stereo or longing to get an upgrade with added features!