Atoto vs. Pumpkin Navigation Stereo

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As we are heading into the future, technology is becoming a huge part of our life, and it is basically everywhere.

When we are in our cars, it can be really boring to just sit and drive, having some media is essential!

It can also be a bit difficult to remember all the roads and directions precisely, and here is where android navigation stereos come in to save the day.

These Android Navigation Stereos will help you with precise paths and directions to get you to your destination while having fun.

So today the topic is Atoto vs. Pumpkin android navigation stereos and the reviews of the products from the two companies. Let’s not delay this any further and get right into the article.

Difference between Atoto and Pumpkin Navigation Stereo

After showing you these 4 great products, we cannot just leave you confused!

Hence, we will be making a small comparison, so you know which brand is more suitable for your needs.

Design and Display

The displays of these android stereo units are probably one of the most important factors one should consider before buying.

You will get more or less the same sharpness and touch capacity with all of the devices, but we must add that PUMPKIN has a product with a larger screen which might seem appealing to you.

The designs aren’t also wildly different, just make sure to check the dimensions to see if it fits your car.


In this section, PUMPKIN stereo units really excel with their new android software versions.

However, we must add that the user interface of Atoto products is also very user-friendly and nice to look at.

You get gesture control in one of the Atoto devices, while you get split-screen mode in if the Pumpkin devices.

You will also get Radio tuners and screen mirroring in all of the products reviewed in this article.

Most of them do support 4G, but one of the pumpkin devices can only go up to 3G.


The hardware of all of these devices isn’t bad by any means, with all of them having 2 GB of RAM and octa-core processors besides one of the Pumpkin devices that has a better 4 GB RAM.

They all have reverse camera inputs, but only the Atoto products also have the dashcam input.


None of these android navigation stereos are all that expensive. Still, since the price is a very important factor, you should know that both the devices from Atoto will cost you below 200 USD whereas the Pumpkin products have a price tag above the 200 USD price point.

Atoto Navigation Stereo

Recommended Atoto Navigation Stereo to Buy

When it comes to android navigation stereos, Atoto is a company that is heard about commonly, and it is for a good reason mostly.

Their fast boot up in less than 2 seconds is something that is noteworthy, and also some models have special features like gesture controls.

Moreover, the displays aren’t also bad by any means, and the wifi and Bluetooth connection are also quick and reliable.

The sound quality from these android navigation stereos of Atoto is highly impressive with good bass and clarity as well.

You will also get camera inputs for multiple cameras such as the rearview and even the dash camera.

Furthermore, the GPS in Atoto navigation stereos is also plenty good and will provide you with clear and easy directions with the help of the default Google Maps application.

Recommended Atoto Navigation Stereo to Buy

Although Atoto has a large variety of products, today we will be focusing on two products that we highly recommend and we will be reviewing them for you.

ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Navigation Stereo

If you can use a tablet well, then you’ll be able to fly through the user interface if this Atoto A6 like a breeze.

The interface of the Atoto A6 android navigation stereo unit is surprisingly similar to any regular android tablet and that’s good news.

Downloading almost any applications from the Google play store to run them on this device shouldn’t be a big problem, and most of them will work on this device just fine.

This Android car unit has some good power in it, which allows it to be super fast. As mentioned before, this product will pair up with your phone or tablet in the blink of an eye, which is just in 2 seconds to be precise.

You will get a very comfortable and pleasant experience with the very High Definition 7-inch display that this head unit boasts.

Although it is not all that big, it gets the job done, and the sharp 1024 x 600 pixels resolution makes up for it.

For media inputs, you have three USB ports along with a video input, and also a micro SD card slot, all of which make media playing a smooth and hassle-free experience to enjoy.

The sound quality is not the best of the best in the Atoto A6 when compared to high-end products, but it is surely not bad by any means.

You can easily pair up this device to a separate sub-woofer if you like that extra kicking bass, and on top of that, you have a pre-amplifier that is to be placed in the rear as well as the front.

Moreover, the media playback is certainly decent in the Atoto A6 as you have heard, and the GPS navigation does not fall back either.

Also, the default Google Maps application does a great job in getting you the best path to your destination, and with the built-in wifi, you will get some good connection and better GPS location service.

The built-in wifi and Bluetooth, both are very quick with good signal, and the performance is also much more enhanced when used with the external antenna that is included in the package.

Not to forget, the camera inputs are also of great use for safer parking and much more.


  • Has a decent HD 7’’ touch screen display
  • An external wifi antenna and GPS navigation are built-in
  • Takes only a few seconds to connect with your smartphone
  • Dual Bluetooth chips that allow for hands-free calling experience
  • Numerous ports, a micro SD card slot, an AUX input as well as a backup camera input available
  • Most of the media playing applications are suitable for this device
  • Head unit allows for a loud audio experience


  • Sound quality is not the best
  • No steering wheel controls

Related Comparison: Atoto A6 vs A6 Pro

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB 2DIN Car Navigation Stereo

After reading the review of the Atoto A6, you may presume that the Atoto A6 Pro is similar to the A6, well you’re not wrong.

However, with the additional Pro to its name, there are some additional features as well as differences that must be discussed.

Much like the Atoto A6, this one unsurprisingly also has a user interface much like an android tablet.

If you own an iPhone or any Apple devices, you will not be disappointed because you can pair it up with the A6 Pro!

This device also comes with a radio tuner so you can tune into your most enjoyed radio stations on your way to work or school or just all the time if you are a big radio junkie.

Along with the standard online mapping that Google Maps gives, you will also be provided with an offline map if you have some connection issues.

Gesture control has to be one of the most hyped-up features of the Atoto A6 Pro, but if we are honest, we must say that it isn’t all that useful.

Sure it looks cool to make gestures mid-air to change the volume, but the issue is that a lot of the times, it is a hit or miss.

The built-in wifi and new Bluetooth 5.0 makes the connection even faster and improves. Everything works even better when used with the included external antenna.

Furthermore, the video camera inputs for rear and dashcam help a lot when trying to park in a crowded space and the new steering wheel control is also a blessing in this device.

To top it all off, you have an even sharper 7 inch full HD IPS display and the ability of hands-free calling and texting with the application ‘hound’.


  • Nice and sharp 7” HD display
  • Fast connection with Bluetooth and built-in wifi
  • Detailed online mapping as well as offline maps
  • Steering wheel controls for ease of controlling
  • Hand-free calling and texting
  • Multiple camera inputs for safer driving
  • Radio tuners present that allow you to tune into your favorite stations


  • Gimmicky gesture control
  • Sound quality is not amazing

Pumpkin Navigation Stereo

Recommended Pumpkin Navigation Stereo to Buy

Much like Atoto, Pumpkin has already made a good name in the market for their great quality products!

These Android navigation stere units will mostly tick all of the boxes on your list, and you will definitely like them.

Their top products have built-in wifi as well as 3G/4G connection for quick and easy media playback from the internet, and the Bluetooth 5.0 is also plenty good for quick connections.

The touch capacitive displays are sharp enough, and the good news is there is also a product that comes packed with a 10-inch display!

There are many more impressive features like the screen mirroring, octa-core processor, and much more.

Recommended Pumpkin Navigation Stereo to Buy

Pumpkin does have some android navigation stereos in their lineup that are good, but today we will be focusing on two specific products that we think will be good for you.

PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch 10 Car Stereo

Wondering which device has the latest and greatest Android software? Then, look no further because the Pumpkin 10.1-inch car stereo has the Android 10 software built-in for a modern and clean looking user interface.

You will be able to enjoy your media playback in this beautiful HD screen with an impressive 10.1-inch size, which is much larger than most stereo units.

The GPS navigation is also decent, giving you proper, precise directions and taking you to your destination with the best route thanks to the installed Google Maps. There is also a split-screen mode that will allow you to do more in less time.

Moreover, the Hands-free calling and texting experience is also pleasurable for all the drivers out there.

All of you who drive will love the steering wheel controls as well as the reverse camera input, which will help you park easily and drive more safely.

You can also screen mirror the content of your phone to the head unit with the use of an easy connect app.

Radio junkies will be glad to hear that this device has the standard radio tuner and also supports subwoofer output along with a 45W preamp.

What you guys may not like is that this thing does not operate very fast because it’s 2 GB RAM, and it also has just 16 GB ROM, which is not enough for a lot of people.

Its lack of 4G support is also one little downside, but it isn’t a whole deal breaker.


  • Fast connection with Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Nice looking 10.1-inch display
  • Radio tuner available
  • Steering wheel controls and reverse camera output
  • Great GPS navigation with pre-installed Google Maps
  • Split-screen mode to save time


  • Does not support 4G
  • Is not the fastest and has low storage

PUMPKIN 9.0 Double Din Car Stereo

This android stereo navigation unit from Pumpkin is no less than the previous one, although it does have a much smaller 7-inch screen that some may not like.

The hardware of this device is quite impressive with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB ROM, giving you enough storage as well as providing you with smooth operation.

GPS navigation is also easy with Google maps here, and you also have offline maps which can come in handy at times.

You can also surf the internet in multiple ways, whether it is the built-in wifi or 4G or BT Tethering.

Not to forget that this stereo unit also has a screen mirroring option with an easy connect app with your phone.

For extra safety, you have a hands-free calling experience, steering wheel controls, and reverse camera input.

You may also play your media with an SD card or USB drive, thanks to the slots available in this unit.


  • Very smooth operation
  • Hands-free calling, steering wheel controls, and reverse camera input for safe driving
  • Screen mirroring with an easy connect app
  • SD Card slots and USB drives available
  • 4G access, built-in wifi, and BT tethering for Internet surfing


  • Does not have the best sound
  • Screen size is a bit small and the look isn’t that nice


We hope that with the help of this atoto vs. pumpkin article, you have been able to decide which device is the most suitable for you.

Lastly, we would like to say that just check whether the android stereo will fit your car or not.