Auburn Ected vs. Eaton E-Locker

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Purchasing your ideal differential could be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, the market has established brands that specialize in these particular components, delivering high-quality accessories that provide undeniable enhancement to the vehicles.

Two of the most popular series are Auburn Ected vs. Eaton E-Locker.
Over many years, these differential lockers have provided noticeable improvement for drivers shortly after setting them up.

While researching about them, one question comes to mind, which one is the better pick?

During this article, we’ll be answering that question by talking about their benefits and disadvantages. Let’s begin!

Eaton E-Locker and Auburn Ected Comparison in 2023

After reviewing both brands, it’s only fair if we go through the reasons that set them apart from one another. Which is the better pick, and why? Here, we’ll discuss that.

Auburn Ected

Even though Ected accessories are quite popular, many would argue that they’re not really that good because they never truly lock up.

The way they work is by applying plenty of pressure on the limited slip, which may operate like a locker at first, but apply more pressure than needed, and they will slip often.

Of course, that opinion may be different depending on who you ask, but the consensus is that Ected lockers, although good, aren’t enough under certain circumstances.

Eaton E-Lockers

The Eaton E-Lockers are what people consider real mechanical lockers, as they activate through electromagnetism.

While the competition may be prone to failure, e-lockers are efficient tools, reliable like no other. That’s why most customers prefer these before anything else.

A clear difference between Ected and Eaton is that the first doesn’t lock the axles mechanically, while the latter does.

Auburn Ected

Recommended Auburn Ected to Buy

With the right combination of quality pieces and innovative technology, Auburn Ected Lockers quickly become an essential component for many drivers. Here are some of the reasons why.

Long-Lasting Materials

By featuring aircraft quality & heat-treated 9310 billet steel, the lockers are as tough as they can be.


When you’re on the road, you’ll be able to switch Ected accessories on & off, regardless of the speed.


No shift forks or pins come included, meaning there are no complicated procedures to obtain locker mode.


Do noisy lockers annoy you? You’re in luck! These are very quiet.

Recommended Auburn Ected to Buy

In theory, Ected differential lockers sound incredible. Do they live up to the expectations, though? Let’s take a look at the most valuable choices that certainly delivered good results.

Auburn Gear 545018 Ected Max Differential

Auburn Gear 545018 Ected Max Differential

This selectable locker is a suitable choice for vehicles with Dana 44 axles and no C- clips, like 1987-2018 Jeep Wrangler cars. Additionally, the TJ Rubicon models would fit this component properly.

Even though you get all the tools necessary for the installation, you may still need some extra assistance from a professional to fit the locker.

The installation also requires a considerable amount of money invested, but ultimately, the result is more than worth it.

Just like every other differential locker here, this one features incredibly strong 9310 billet steel.

This material is durable and highly-reliable to guarantee drivers enjoy their adventures without concerns.

This accessory works on a 3.73 gear ratio and 30 spline axles. Once installed, it operates quietly, doing the work of the limited-slip differential and the full-locking differential.

After many tests, this Auburn accessory is the one to have. Use it to travel desert trails, and you’ll no longer get stuck if there’s a large obstacle, like a boulder, along the way.

The reason why you may need a professional is that the instructions included are not that clear.

If you search online, you’ll find some people recommend using tools and substances that the manufacturer doesn’t advise using, which could be confusing.


  • A single unit that works like two
  • High-quality billet steel build
  • Tackles desert trails easily
  • Strong enough to handle boulders or large obstacles


  • Instructions aren’t the best

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Auburn Gear 545014 Ected Max Differential

Auburn Gear 545014 Ected Max Differential

A high-quality differential locker isn’t only a durable piece, but it also should have the right technology behind it to back it up.

This locker offers just that, as it’s a reliable choice for many drivers looking for a long-lasting component regarding traction technology.

The performance of this locker quickly enhances the differential power moments after installing it.

By offering the user two options, be it the slip-to-lock or the open-to-lock traction capacity, they get to customize their vehicles for optimum performance.

Similar to other differential lockers from the brand, this one also features a 9310 heat-treated billet steel build.

This material is incredible for many reasons, one of which is because it makes the component as tough as needed to endure harsh conditions.

Since there are no locking forks involved, nor pins, the differential reduces the chances of any possible failure.

As soon as drivers need it, they would be in a good position to switch the differentials quickly.


  • Incredible traction technology
  • Slip-to-lock and open-to-lock design
  • Heat-treated billet steel
  • Full Locker mode provides 100% torque
  • Easy to switch on the go


  • High cost and professional assistance required

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Auburn Gear 545017 Ected Max Differential

Auburn Gear 545017 Ected Max Differential

Do you want to improve the ride quality significantly? Then this locker is the one for you! It quickly and efficiently maximizes the jeep’s traction properties, allowing drivers to make the best out of their adventures.

This locker offers the traction you’d get using a pair of different differentials, which are the limited-slip and the full-locking differentials, in a single unit.

Sure enough, this part is a bit expensive, but its value makes it a worthy addition to our vehicles.

The locker has an exclusive cone-clutch build, featuring aircraft-quality billet steel that goes through a heat-treating process for longer durability.

Although installation isn’t much of a hassle, getting professional assistance would be best for drivers with less experience.

Who gets to use this locker? It’s a unit designed for vehicles like 1987-2018 Jeep Wrangler models, which come with the Dana 30 and 27 spline axles.

Upon purchase, make sure to check all the components once they arrive. Previous customers reported damaged parts.


  • Two-in-one operation
  • Long-lasting steel build
  • Suitable with several vehicles
  • Ideal for Dana 30 & 27 spline axles


  • Previous customers complained about damaged parts at arrival

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Eaton E-Locker

Why buy Eaton e-lockers? In this section, we cover the reasons that make them a wise purchase.

Recommended Eaton E-Locker to Buy

Dual Performance

Eaton E-Lockers operate as two-in-one units. First, they work as an open differential, which comes in handy to drive around town.

Secondly, they also work as a full-on locker, providing powerful traction for those tougher terrains.

Increased Strength

The net-forged gears are strong, making it a long-lasting unit that resists pretty well against regular use.

Traction On-Demand

Simply by switching a button, drivers will have the opportunity to transition from open to a one hundred percent locked mode.

Flip the switch a second time, and the unit deactivates, going back to normal driving.

Tricky, But Worth It

Installing these lockers may be tricky at first, especially if you don’t have much experience in the field.

However, putting time, effort, and money truly pays off. The result is an efficient locker unit that improves your rides significantly.

Recommended Eaton E-Locker to Buy

After learning a bit about the capabilities of these products, now we’ll go more in-depth to figure out their pros and cons.

Afterward, we’ll review both brands to answer the question of which one is better.

Eaton 19818-010 Eaton E-Locker Dana 30-3.73 27 Spline

Eaton 19818-010 Eaton E-Locker Dana 30-3.73 27 Spline

The following E-Locker features the classic electromagnetic locking mechanism seen in most differential lockers created by this brand.

Its efficiency is remarkable, as it offers drivers the option to operate the locker as an open differential device or switch to other modes for traction.

This accessory is suitable for 4-wheel systems, and its response time once installed is pretty good.

You can either lock/unlock the differentials accordingly. Once locked, this unit captures the torque available, which then sends to both sides of the axle.

The design of this E-Locker is good, featuring precision-forged pieces that fit perfectly in the vehicle.

As a result, drivers receive a durable and strong component to enjoy for a long time.

For off-road applications, this locker is one of the best. It’s fairly easy to install for people with experience, and its reliability makes it a unit you can trust.

With one push of a button, the locker quickly adapts to your needs.
Unfortunately, bearings don’t come with the purchase, requiring you to buy them separately.


  • Installation hardware included
  • Durable
  • Great traction
  • Incredible off-road performance


  • No bearings included

EATON 19977-010 4 Pinion E-Locker

EATON 19977-010 4 Pinion E-Locker

Realistically, this accessory is compatible with Dana 44 and 3.73 ratio fitment. Everything else is pretty much the same as its predecessors, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By featuring most of the same tech, this locker excels at what it does.

The locker features the classic 4-Pinion design, providing many benefits such as a quick installation on the vehicle.

Once set, adapting the parts won’t be a hassle, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to go on your way.

Thanks to its build materials, the locker is durable. While driving, it manages to provide excellent traction to enjoy your ride the most.

The electromagnetism locking mechanism works perfectly, delivering a reliable performance throughout.

This unit also works as a 2-in-1 device, operating as an open differential while still having the option to switch for more traction if needed.

Overall, the locker is a good pick for many. The timed locking collar offers smooth and consistent engagement, while the net forged gear makes it sturdy and durable.


  • Quick and easy push-button operation
  • Four alloy pinions included to handle high torque
  • Durable gear
  • Locking collar


  • High cost
  • May need professional help

Eaton 19969-010 E-Locker

There’s no other way to finish talking about Eaton products than discussing one of their best accessories.

Although less popular, this electronic locker differential is capable of providing a versatile performance, giving drivers the option to drive around town as well as powerful traction for off-road.

This locker comes with a dash-mounted button, which you can push for adjustment. By pressing it, you turn the differential into a fully locked or free mode.

The first one is ideal for optimal traction in both wheels, while the second mode helps use fuel mileage wisely and improves tread life.

Regardless of what you’re running, be it 2WD or 4WD, and in either locked or open mode, this e-locker will give you total control over your vehicle.

Once set, you can also expect it to last a long due to its high-quality build.
Depending on where you buy it, the e-locker may not come with bearings. You’d have to purchase them separately for the installation.


  • Electromagnetic mechanism
  • Push button to solve traction issues
  • Locks/Unlocks easily if necessary
  • Strong & durable build
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for all traction & off-road performance


  • The purchase doesn’t include bearings


For many reasons, people prefer the Eaton E-Lockers above the competition.

Does that mean that they’re the better choice? Well, as with most types of car accessories, it depends on which one you consider fits your vehicle the most.

Next time you’re considering Auburn Ected vs. Eaton E-Locker, keep in mind the information discussed here. It’ll help you make the wisest decision.