Best 33×12 50×15 Tires Review in 2023 – New Edition

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Some people spend most of their time driving on rough terrains. However, they also have to make sure the ride is compatible with the paved roads.

It is not an easy solution to come up with. The frequent driving on both terrains requires not only heavy-duty tires but the assurance of smooth and comfortable journeys as well.

Now, where do we find such multi-skilled tires that can let you sigh in relief for once?

Hence, we have incorporated a list of the best 33×12 50×15 tires, followed by honest reviews.

Why not get started with this short guide before purchasing blindfolded?

5 Best 33×12 50×15 Tires Review

Best 33x12 50x15 Tires

These assorted tires are the most useful when applied to the right vehicle. Without further ado, let us find out which one among these five will be helpful to your ride.

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire-33×12.50R15 108Q

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Many are unfamiliar with this brand, but let us reassure you that Milestar Patagonia has been in the market for years.

They are quite remarkable in the field of quality within the price range.

The Patagonia M/T incorporated the latest tech to build the long-lasting tread block compound which will guarantee chip and cut resistance.

Plus, the more in-depth void design makes the edges more aggressive.

This allows the tread to self-clean snow or mud packed into the voids. The stone ejector system ensures no small debris or rocks prevent the product from delivering excellent off-road performance.

When it comes to traction force, this product undoubtedly surpasses the standard expectation.

The off-center tread blocks are staggered, and it increases the traction over any surface it is faced with.

Overall, the Patagonia M/T is ideal for driving into any terrain you could think of. Surprisingly, they do not cause much noise while driving on-road.


  • Suitable for any SUVs and trucks
  • High-void tread design promotes self-cleaning
  • Traction is enhanced because of staggered off-road tread
  • Stone ejectors help to drill out debris
  • Delivers smooth and quieter ride on the road
  • Higher performance within cost value


  • Tread may last lesser than expected

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.5R15 108Q

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season Radial Tire

This 33×12.5R15 tire by Cooper Discoverer is thus far the most robust and advanced tire you could come across.

The design is specially made to last through challenging terrains with powerful traction.

To make it more beastly, the tread and sidewall have been provided with fifty percent added protection by Armor TEK3-ply carcass construction. These tires will gain your trust by preventing any impact damage.

The large cleats of rubber by the sidewall promote maximum traction and grip on soft terrains and rock crawling situations.

Discoverer STT Pro ensures proper application of torque power where it is essential.

You would be impressed with how off and on-road driving is swiftly handled by this stocky tire.

The aggressive tread pattern is the main clue that will give you some idea about its durability through all seasons.

However, you are going to have to give up on the noiseless ride to get something this extraordinary.

Once you are accustomed to the sound, every penny you spend on it will be worth it!


  • 3-ply carcass construction provides better protection against damage
  • Deeper side biters and irregular tread ribs endorse superior stability and traction
  • Extremely durable and well maintained
  • Flex grooveoption allows smoother ride in inconsistent pavements
  • Asymmetrical scallops on alternating lugs confidently direct your truck to pull through rough conditions


  • Expected road noise
  • A slump in fuel economy

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Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire RL1264 33 12.50 15 33×12.50-15, C Load Rated

Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire RL1264

The primary purpose of this product is to beat any jagged and ruthless terrain as safely as possible.

It offers a great combination of slushy traction, controlled safety during driving, and prolonged life.

The Cavalry M/T has the inclusion of open shoulder structure with a staggered tread block design.

Furthermore, the complex sidewall altogether strikes down soft or bumpy terrain to drive forward with extraordinary, gripping ability.

With the patterned tread that promotes self-cleaning, be a hundred percent assured of prevention of mud, snow, or small stone confinement.

The overall performance is more enhanced with responsive steering capabilities.

Thus, you can control your vehicle more easily over seriously rugged grounds. Road One provides a safe maneuver on contact with any surface.

You might wonder such mighty mud tire could result in unbelievably loud road noise.

Surprisingly, it is the opposite in this case. Cavalry M/T ensures minimal noise on the road while conveying effective grip.


  • Awesome mud-terrain traction
  • Aggressive tread block design for powerful off-road durability
  • The ability of self-cleaning mud, snow, and loose stones
  • Prevents rocksfrom drilling into the grooves
  • Quite easy to control and maneuver to promote a safer drive
  • Ideal for any SUVs and light pickup trucks
  • Lesser road noise than anticipated


  • Tread blocks may look less aggressive

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire-33×12.5R15 108Q

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire-33×12.5R15 108Q

Federal Couragia M/T is well known for its outstanding performance over a longer period than expected.

Consumers who have used it for more than a year have only expressed positive remarks.

That alone will gain the confidence to approach this product. Plus, the uniquely made tread block with a sub-groove radius develops further traction force.

Take your truck anywhere, and the tires will make sure you reach there with a bit of adventure.

The tires have some massive rough-looking shoulder lugs with an upper block protection style.

Your ride will be able to handle any unpredictable impacts encountered off the road.

Besides, another feature that will enhance the tire’s durability is the raised block edges.

They provide swift dirt or sand clearance, all the while granting continuous gripping performance.

Everything incorporated in a single Federal Couragia M/T comprises of all the requirements an off-road enthusiast asks for. From proper traction to accurate steering controllability, all in one!


  • Excellent in tackling harsh situations
  • Perfectly balanced traction performance off and on-roads
  • Constructed from heavy-duty materials
  • Highly resistant to off-road hazards
  • Does not wear quickly, causing more extended durability


  • The speed rating is low

Multi-Mile MCX51 Radial LT Truck Tire-33×12.50R15 108Q C-ply

Multi-Mile MCX51 Radial LT Truck Tire

Do you not wish to spend much? But do you still long for a durable and rugged tire for your favorite vehicle?

Look no further for Multi-Mile MCX51 will bring you the desired tire at an economical cost.

The overall quality remains as grand as other popular brands. It is capable of delivering outstanding grips and self-cleaning assurance thanks to the durable compounds in making the tread.

Along with a deep tread block, the 3-ply sidewall resists tears, punctures, or other contacts from debris and small rocks. Traction quality is adequately reliable and safe.

The best part about this tire is its durability. No matter the surface condition, wet, dry, snow, ice, or mud, the Multi-Mile MC tire takes a very long time before showing any sign of wear.


  • Amazing traction performance through all kinds of off-road terrain
  • Particularly impressive on snowy or wet on-roads
  • Extended tread life durability
  • Great value within affordable budget
  • Capable of self-cleaning dirt or snow
  • Built-in stone ejectors are included


  • Moderately worn-out tread might cause more noise

What to Look for Before Buying?

While it is absolutely essential to research the quality and compound element before buying, there are other crucial features to look out for that contribute to achieving the right product.

Size of Rim

Size of Rim

Always remember that the rim size is equal to the tire size. This is why you must measure the size of the rim to fit with the intended tire purchase.

If the tire turns out to be smaller than the rim in size, then the sidewall height will decline severely.

The outcome would be a very unpleasant driving that could eventually harm your vehicle’s quality. For this article, we tested 15-inch tires on 15-inch rims.

Width of Tread

This entirely depends on the type of ride you got and the way you drive. Yes, they are both partially crucial in selecting the width of the tread.

Be very careful as the width you choose will ultimately decide the level of comfort and smooth ride you achieve when you’re behind the wheels.

For instance, do you wish to give your vehicle a rugged, stylish appearance? Or does your ride produce abundant power? The best solution is to head for the wider tread!

However, would you rather keep fuel mileage in check? Do you frequently drive around the traffic areas?

Or would you have light steering instead of increased speed in the corners? Then we suggest staying away from wide tread designs.

Height of Sidewall

Our next move is to choose the right kind of sidewall height that will support both rim size and tread width.

Following the overall proportion of the original tire helps adjust to the new one for safer fitment.

The sidewall is calculated as an aspect ratio percentage after dividing the diameter by tread width, for example, 24 inches of tire diameter divided by 4 inches of the tread width.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which tires are best for my vehicle?

It depends on the type of weather conditions you always get. You also need to see what your vehicle requires and how you drive.

Do not immediately jump to ultra-high-performing tires unless making sure the vehicle can handle it.

It is good to keep the original tire information in mind when getting new ones. Similar sized purchase is safer than a sudden level-up.

Should I replace all four tires at once?

Yes. When you replace only one tire, it tends to have a larger diameter than the other three as these tires are worn-off. This may lead to an uneven driving experience.

Should I replace all four tires at once

Should the new tires be on the front or back if purchased in pairs?

They must always be installed on the back axle. Transport the moderately worn ones to the front axle.

This method allows more control and traction force while on wet roads.

What do 33×12.50×15 stand for?

33-inch is the whole diameter while 12.50 or 12 ½ inches stands for the tire width. The final number simply implies the wheel diameter or size that the tire is to fit.

What size rim fits a 33×12 50×15?

For the all-terrain purpose, a 15×8 will work well in this model. An aired-down tire means a safer and more comfortable fit when off-roading.

Final Words

Our short review guide is made to avail informed but brief review from the extended lists of products.

As a result, you need not waste your valuable time and energy in choosing the 33×12 50×15 tires.

We hope this guide assists you in finding the one you are looking for.