5 Best Dash Cam for Jeep Wrangler in 2024 – New Edition

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If you are a proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler, your vehicle is not complete without a dashcam.

Getting a dashcam for your vehicle is a great way to keep a record of all your travels or even find the culprit that vandalized your car.

However, if you want to get yourself a dashcam, you definitely want to get the best one.

We know that finding the best dash cam for a jeep wrangler is no easy task. There are plenty of dash cams on the market now, but not all of them will be compatible with your Jeep Wrangler.

So, we are dedicating this article to helping you find the right dashcam for your vehicle!

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

Owning a dash cam comes with many benefits, which are described down below. Give it a read to know more.

Recording Your adventures

The first one would that you get to record all your adventures while traveling around the world.

Keeping those records of your road trips will let you relive those great memories.

No matter where you go, you will have a record of those amazing moments.

Mainly Safety

Another advantage of having one of these devices with your vehicle is that you can catch anyone who tries to harm it.

You may not be able to keep them from messing with your car, but you can definitely hand them over to the cops with the footage.

Even if you find yourself in a car accident, you will have actual evidence if you were not in the wrong. You can submit the footage as proof in case you end in a court trial.

While driving, you may often come across drivers driving under the influence, breaking the rules, or just without any discipline.

Your dash cam can record all that, and it can really come in handy, especially if there is an accident. In these cases, you can report them with concrete proof.

Best Dash Cam for Jeep Wrangler Review

So now you know the importance of using a dashcam. You may still be wondering exactly which dash cam will be best suited for your Jeep Wrangler.

Well, that is exactly what we intend to help you with. Below, we have come up with a list of the five dash cam for your vehicle that we hope is just what you are looking for.

APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder

APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder

The APEMAN C450 allows you to record all videos at 1080P. So, you can watch all your trip videos with the tiniest details, the high-quality clips enabling you to relive those precious moments.

There is a large LCD screen of 3 inches that will give the clearest images and videos. With this, you can clearly see those important moments, even during fast driving.

This dashcam comes to you with a 170o super-wide-angle. The ultra-wide-angle also makes driving much safer as it lowers blind spots so that you can expand your field of vision.

Not just that, it also contains seamless loop recording and motion detection.
Moreover, this model includes a built-in G sensor.

Dashcams start recording when the car starts, and most of these devices record on a loop, so when then the vehicle is restarted, the old footage is replaced by a new one.

The G sensor in this particular device is able to detect any sudden strong movement or collision and locks the footage so that the recording does not get replaced. This can be super helpful in case of accidents.

There’s also a night vision on this thing that can be set to HDR mode for clear videos at night.

So, you would not need any additional lighting to record at night. Overall the product is very easy to set up and operate, even for complete beginners.

It is the perfect dash cam for a jeep wrangler that we hope will suit yours too.


  • High-quality recording at 1080P
  • Includes a 3 inch LCD screen
  • Gives 170o ultra-wide-angle view
  • Easy to install and use
  • Built-in G sensor detects any unusual movement


  • The night mode could use some improvements.

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TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7 inch Mirror Dash Cam

The first thing you will probably notice about the TOGUARD Dual Camera is its sleek and unique design.

The product works just as well as it looks too. However, what this device is known for is not the design, rather its duality. It can record from both the front and the rear of your jeep wrangler.

From the front camera, you can record at a high quality of 1080P. Here, you get an angle width of 170o, giving you outstanding image shots.

At the rear, the recording is done at 480P where the image view can go up to 120o. The best part? It is completely waterproof!

The front camera holds a large 7-inch touch screen. That makes it easier to have a look around the options, like the recording modes, while setting up the camera.

You will find that it is very easy to use and offers a lot of components for you to work with. For safe and easy parking, there is a reversing camera feature.

There is a parking monitor that sends a signal to the dashcam while parking, and it automatically turns on and starts recording.

The G sensor locks the recording in case of collision, and there is also a loop recording system that allows you to rewrite existing information.

Its one-key switching design allows you to easily switch between the five different view modes from the dual cams, and if you turn the display off, you can even use it just like a typical rearview mirror.


  • Unique appearance
  • A 1080P front camera providing 170o angle view
  • 480P rearview camera gives 120o view
  • 7-inch touch screen makes browsing easy
  • One-key switching design
  • Includes parking monitor and G sensor


  • Rear camera images are not very clear.

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Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

The next product on our list is the Ultra-HD V1-4K by Rexing. With this dash cam, you get absolutely the best quality recordings.

And by the best, we do mean a video quality of 2160P! That’s right; this dash cam is able to record up to 2160p of video quality.

This allows you to clearly see even the tiniest details of the roads and the surroundings. The 170o degree lens, with its wide view, makes the experience even better.

Its 4K resolution allows you to capture videos and images in all light settings.

Even though it provides the many features and excellent quality videos, the device itself is small enough to fit the front mirror of your Jeep Wrangler.

There are plenty of features this product offers its users, such as the supercapacitor and the parking monitor.

Thanks to the supercapacitor, your device will be able to function even under extreme temperatures, from -20o to 176oF, without any issues.

With the help of the parking monitor feature, whenever the camera detects a vibration, the dashcam activates and begins a 20-second recording.

You can even add the Wi-Fi connection to wirelessly view and share the recordings.

Along with this diverse functionality, there is also the loop recording system to get rid of any recording that you do not need. This can be super useful in case you run out of memory.

The G sensor locks and protects important footage from collisions that you may need in the near future.

All in all, this dashcam is a top-notch product that includes pretty much everything you possibly need from a dashcam.


  • Excellent quality videos at 2160P
  • Supercapacitor to protect the device in extreme conditions
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables wireless sharing
  • Features G sensor to lock important footage
  • Well-built


  • May be a bit tricky to use
  • Short battery life when not plugged in

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Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2 Pro is one of the best dash cams for taxis and rideshares on the market right now.

It provides full HD video on both the front and interior facing cameras.
Front camera is able to record at 1440P at 30fps, and when used alone, it can go up to 1080P at 60fps.

The interior camera uses Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor, while the front camera uses the OV4689 sensor.

You will see that both the cameras have wide-angle views with the interior having a 140o angle view and the front camera having a 170o angle view. The Sony sensor also brings you Infrared Night Vision mode.

The camera inside the vehicle captures clear images and videos even in low light settings with the help of the Sony sensor, four infrared LED light, and f/2.0 aperture.

Moreover, the front camera utilizes f/1.8 6- glass lens, and the HDR video function ensures a balance between the light and dark areas in the video.

There is a 24-hour parking mode that detects any sort of motion and activates the cameras to start recording.

The built-in microphone produces audio recordings of outstanding quality. There is a time-lapse option that you can use to take pictures at certain intervals.

Like the other dash cams on the list, this model also makes use of a G sensor and loop recording, along with the optional GPS.

Although this thing supports up to 256GB microSD cards, you may not want all the old and unnecessary recordings to take up too much space.

That is where the loop recording comes in handy as it allows you to overwrite the old info.

The G sensor locks the recording whenever it detects any violent movement or collision.


  • Best dash cam for Uber and Rideshare
  • Dual camera system
  • Produces excellent quality video and audio
  • Time-lapse feature to take pictures at intervals
  • G sensor to secure important recordings


  • Quite expensive
  • No built-in Wi-Fi

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

The final product on our list is the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo. Your Jeep Wrangler deserves the best, and there is not a better candidate for that than this dash cam here.

The dual cameras on things here are pretty much near perfect.
Front camera features a Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor, while the rear camera has a Sony IMX 291 sensor.

Did you want the highest quality videos? Well, you get that here! All the videos and images are captured at Ultra HD 4K resolution, 3840×2160 at 30 fps, and 1920x1080P at 30 fps simultaneously.

Driving at night has never been easier and safer with the Super Night Vision mode.

It includes an 8 Megapixel image sensor that produces images with great clarity, even at night.

The images are sharp, clear, and provide even the smallest details. There is a built-in Wi-Fi system, along with a GPS. This will make driving even more convenient for you.

Furthermore, the buffered parking mode can be very useful as it can record footage leading up to any sort of impact or collision.

Here, the camera saves a 15-second video before the impact and 30 seconds after.

Other than these, this product includes other features as well, like the loop recording, time-lapse, motion detection, etc.

It is truly one of the best products on the market right now that you will not be disappointed with.


  • Dual camera system
  • Provides sharp and clear videos and images
  • Has Super Night Vision
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Includes Buffered Parking mode


  • Complaints about issues with overexposure

Features to Look for Before Buying

That is all about the best five dashcam products. Now, moving on to the buying guide, there some things you need to remember.

Most of the dash cams on the market are quite good, but before buying one, there are some things that need to be considered.

Video Quality

The quality of the recorded video is the most important thing that you need to look at.

You need to be able to watch the recordings afterward, so always go for a dashcam that records the highest quality videos.

The best quality would be 4K resolution, from 1440P to 2160P. With this, you will be able to clearly see even the tiniest details from the recordings.

However, if you cannot manage that, the 1080P cameras are also very good and provide enough details.

Shape and Size

Dashcams come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your Jeep Wrangler, should you make your choice to see if it fits or not? Most of them are small and compact, making it easier for you to mount them in the car. However, not all are like that.

Some can be quite large, but they also tend to provide more features. Now considering the shapes, you will find that the square ones tend to have an LCD screen that allows you to easily make changes and browse files.

The round ones usually only offer recording and mode selection. No matter what shape you go for, just make sure it fits your vehicle.

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS

The wireless feature such as Wi-Fi and GPS on a dash cam can be extremely helpful.

Worried about getting lost? No need to be concerned if you have the GPS system in your Jeep Wrangler; with this, you will easily be able to find your way back.

The Wi-Fi connection allows you to easily share videos between devices or even do a little live streaming. Although these features mostly come with the more expensive dash cams, they can be great to have.

Motion Detector

The motion detector is one of the most essential features a dashcam can have.

The G sensor is the best option you can go for. It can detect any sort of sudden movement or impact and activates the camera to start recording.

This is super helpful in cases of car accidents, as you will have evidence of what really went down during an accident.

Recording Modes

All great dash cams come with different recording modes to give you the best recording experience. Look out for products that include these modes and features.

Loop Recording

If you keep all your recordings saved up, you will eventually run out of space. When the storage space gets filled up, it just stops recording. You do not want that.

What this system does is it deletes the old recording instead, so that you can capture new footage.

This comes in super handy if you go out on a long journey and want to record the trip but do not have any extra SD cards.

That is why you should look for dash cams that have this model.

Night Vision

The Night Vision mode, as the name suggests, allows you to record even under the lowest light settings. They can be very helpful if you go out on a night drive and need to record.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that not all dashcams have the best night vision modes.

If you want clear videos and images, go for the very bright ones if you want to get the most out of it.

Parking Monitor Mode

This particular mode protects your vehicle even when you are not around. It is able to detect any sudden movement and begins recording to catch any suspicious activity.

You can even use it as evidence if you Jeep Wrangler falls victim to a hit-and-run.

Ease of Use

None of this matters if you have a difficult time operating your dashcam. So before you make your purchase, check the interface.

Make sure it is user-friendly and simple to use. Pick a dashcam that easy to set up but also come with instructions so that you have an easier time with it.


Finally, it is time to consider the affordability of the product. The best dash cams that offer a wide array of features and modes tend to be quite expensive. However, that is not always the case.

You will find dash cams that offer many great features but also fit your budget. So, you should make your choice depending on how much you can afford to spend on a dashcam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dash cams really worth it?

Dash cams are completely worth the hassle. They have a lot of things to offer.

They let you record trips, keep your vehicle protected, even when you are not driving.

What is the best dash cam for a Jeep Wrangler?

The products mentioned in our list some of the best dash cams on the market right now.

If we were to pick one, VIOFO A129 Pro is the one we would go with. It provides excellent quality videos and offers plenty of features.

Are Dashcams easy to use?

Although it varies from one dashcam to the other, most of them are usually easy to use.

Just before buying one, check to see if you are able to operate it with ease.

How should I maintain my dashcam?

Maintaining a dashcam is not much work. All you need to do is clean it every now and then so that dust does not settle on it.

How long does a dash cam usually last?

The average dash cam can go up to five years. That is enough because, after that, new technologies will flood the market so you can go for an upgrade.

Final Words

So, do you see any product that you think might be a good fit for your Jeep Wrangler? The whole buying process might seem a bit daunting, but if you follow this guide, you will find it to be a lot easier.

Before you go on to buy a dashcam, make sure you go through the five products mentioned above and the buying guide. With this, we hope you will be able to get the best dash cam for Jeep Wrangler.