5 Best F350 Tires Review in 2024 – New Edition

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Full-sized pickup vehicles are one of the most popular types of utility trucks that most people are using nowadays. Ford F350 is one of them. It is one of the most versatile pickup trucks that are available.

Because they offer such versatility and functionality, they have to go through a lot of heavy-duty tasks.

While going through them, the tires tend to wear out. Now, if your tires are worn out or if you were generally looking for an upgrade, you would probably want to settle down with one of the best f350 tires.

But, among all the options available, how will you find one? That is where we come in.

You will not have to worry about anything because we are here to guide you through it.

5 Best F350 Tires Review

It is quite easy to get overwhelmed by all the available options that are in the market now.

For your convenience, we went through most of the popular ones and scoured out only the best ones among them. These are:

Yokohama Radial Tire – 225/65R17 102T

Yokohama Radial Tire - 225/65R17 102T

In your search for the best tires for ford f350, you are going to stumble upon a plethora of options.

But not all of them are going to offer you the amount of reliability and traction as this one from Yokohama will.

To start with, it comes specially designed to offer you a comfortable ride throughout every terrain.

You will be able to comfortably tread on the roads of the city and the highways.

They come with a particular type of tread compound that extends the overall lifespan of the tires.

Other than that, because of this tri-plex tread, they will enhance the handling and offer you a reliable driving experience.

The sidewalls come with strong hard-rubber inserts that increase the overall durability of the tires.

They will be able to withstand most of the harsh road conditions and offer you a smooth and quiet ride.

Besides that, they come with a significantly higher T tire rating for the speed.

The manufacturer gives the index rating 102T, which is comparatively higher than most of the other tires.


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Offers a smooth and quiet ride
  • Robust tread compound that will enhance comfort
  • Higher speed rating
  • Increases overall handling


  • Off-road performance is a bit average
  • Features a bland outlook

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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire -265/75R16 123R

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire -265/75R16 123R

If you are in search for an all-terrain tire with which you will be able to go on off-road adventures comfortably, then you should take a look at this one from BFGoodrich.

These tires come integrated with the CoreGard technology, which means the sidewall rubbers are extremely tough.

The rubber is both bruises and split resistant, which means you can expect them to last for a reasonable amount of time.

Even the shoulder rubber is thicker and extended to quite an amount. This extended rubber down the sidewalls will protect the damage-prone sidewall zones.It adds up to the overall durability of the tires.

Other than that, the tires come with an advanced deflection body design. The object path design is computer predicted, which will efficiently deflect all the protruding objects and save the sidewalls from splitting and snagging.

Lastly, the tread rubber is specially formulated that will optimally blend and reduce chipping and tearing.

Also, the footprint shape is enhanced to distribute stress throughout the body evenly.

The serrated design of the shoulder will let these tires tread on soft soils and mud roads easily.


  • Exceptionally durable
  • All-terrain tire
  • Tough sidewall rubber
  • Extended shoulder rubber
  • Features a serrated shoulder design


  • They wear out relatively fast
  • Snow performance is below average

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COOPER DISCOVERER H/T PLUS All-Season 275/60R20 119T Tire

COOPER DISCOVERER H/T PLUS All-Season 275/60R20 119T Tire

Getting decent, all-season tires mean that you will be able to tread on the road comfortably without having to worry too much about losing traction. And, this one from Cooper is one of those decent ones.

These tires were designed to offer optimal performance to pickup trucks. It does feature not only a sporty look but also performs adequately on the road.

Drivers will be able to enjoy a redefined riding experience with these on their vehicles.

The tires come with deep tread design. It will be able to efficiently evacuate water out of the way and provide excellent traction on wet roads. You will not have to worry about rainy weather anymore.

They also perform quite well in harsh road conditions. The sidewalls come with additional rubber and will protect the rim in bumpy roads. You can expect these tires to tread for an extended amount of time.

Lastly, the advanced tread design will allow the tires to dampen road vibrations efficiently.That means it will produce less noise on the highways.

Overall, these tires are a great, all-season pick and will offer excellent tread wear over the years.


  • Excellent dry road performance
  • Performs adequately on wet roads
  • Efficiently dampens road vibrations
  • Sidewalls feature additional rubber
  • Excellent tread wear


  • Off-road performance is not that praiseworthy
  • Average snow performance

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Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 all_ Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R17 121Q 10-ply

Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 all_ Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R17 121Q 10-ply

While looking for one of the best tires for f350 super duty, you might want to settle with the one that offers excellent offroad performance. In that case, you could put this one from Yokohama into your consideration.

These come with stone and mud ejectors built-in to the surface. Along with that, these feature an aggressive sidewall armor.

That means they will not only be able to offer excellent off-road performance but will also protect the body from the debris.

Besides that, they come with an optimized block to void and sipes ratio that will make sure that the tires perform adequately on wet roads.

You will be able to get a shorter stopping distance in the rainy season with these on your car.

The variable pitch tread has been explicitly tuned to reduce noise on the roads. You will be able to enjoy a quieter ride on the highway.

Lastly, the triple-layer polymer construction will ensure a longer tread life. They will be able to give you a consistent riding experience for an extended amount of time.


  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Long tread life
  • Efficiently dampens road vibrations
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Offers excellent wet-road performance


  • The over-aggressive look might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Average snow performance

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire – 285/75R16 126R

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire - 285/75R16 126R

We are going to finish off our list of the best tires for ford f350 with yet another offering from BFGoodrich.

If you were looking for something that has excellent snow and rock traction, you should take a look into this one.

To begin with, it comes with protruding sidewall blocks that will not only enhance mud traction but will also increase rock and snow traction.

Along with that, the raised mud-phobic bars will release the compacted mud from the tires to let you comfortably tread on muddy terrains.

These come with serrated, staggered shoulder design that will let you maneuver your vehicle properly in deep snow or soft soils.

The deep three dimensional sipes will provide the biting power that is required to tread on snow.

Besides that, the tires come with rubber on the shoulder that extends down to the sidewalls, which will protect the damage-prone sidewall area.

The CoreGuard technology will ensure that the sidewalls are split and bruise resistant.

Lastly, the specially formulated rubber for the tread will enhance the overall tread life and offer you consistent performance throughout the years.


  • Excellent snow and stone traction
  • Raised mud-phobic bars
  • Enhances handling on muddy roads
  • Excellent tread life
  • Great sidewall durability


  • Some tires do not ship balanced
  • Does not have any noise dampening mechanism

Features To Look For Before Buying

Before you start looking for one of the best tires for ford f350 in the market, you should keep some factors in mind.

These points will let you properly scrutinize the units and help you choose the right one for your driving style. They are:


Different tires have different sizes. The easiest way to know whether the tire you are getting will be compatible with your vehicle or not is to look at the label.

All the necessary information is usually given in that. Let us break it down for you.

Take the 275/60R20 119T tire from Cooper, for example. The 275 is for the width that is across the tread, the 60 is for the aspect ratio, the R means radial construction, the 20 is the diameter of the rim, the 119 is the load rating, and lastly, the T is the speed rating.

So, before you spend valuable money on a unit, you should check the label and see if the tires will have a perfect fit for your vehicle or not.


The traction is a crucial factor in the case of tires. Without getting adequate traction for the road that you are going to travel on, you will not be able to handle your vehicle properly.

In that case, if you plan to only tread on wet roads, you should get the all-season ones that offer adequate traction for the rainy season.

Other than that, for off-road driving, you should go with the all-terrain ones that have deep sipes.

Lastly, for regular road driving, you should opt-in for the one that has good pitch treads.

Tread Life

The main reason behind replacing the tire is the worn-out treads. In this case, every tire will eventually start to wear out after treading a couple of thousands of miles.

But if the tread compound is made of something durable, the tires can offer an extended overall tread life.

In this case, you could go for the ones that are featuring triple polymer blended compounds.

They will offer an excellent tread life and ensure a consistent traction performance for a longer amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I should replace my tires?

The easiest way to know when to change the tire is by seeing the treads.

Most of the tires will have tread wear indicators in the middle slots of the tire. The indicators are mainly a horizontal line of rubber.

If you see them worn out or slightly thinner than usual, then you have to replace your tires.

What does the ply stand for in case of tires?

The ply is the rating of how many layers of rubber is on the tires. If the tires come with an eight-ply rating, it means there are eight layers of rubber.

Most of the heavy-duty off-road tires that are out there feature a ten-ply or more. The higher the rating, the tougher the tires will be.

Will all-seasonal tires be able to give enough snow traction?

It depends on the siping and tread of the tire. If the tire does not feature any studding or deep sipes, it will not be able to tread well on snow.

Which tires will provide me the proper wet road traction?

If the tires can efficiently evacuate water out of the way, then it will be able to provide excellent performance on wet roads.

Which tires are the noisiest on highways?

Usually, off-road tires that come with deeper grooves and sipes will produce more noise on pitch highways.

Final Words

After going through the entire article, we hope that we were able to make things easier and you were able to find the best f350 tires that you were looking for all this time.

We would like to end it here by wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost safety on the road.