5 Best GPS for Off-Road Jeep – Review in 2023

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Are you an adventure junkie? Do you love exploring the wilderness, leaving the systematic and claustrophobic environment of the city behind?

If you are on the wild end of things, we present to you a product that not only supports your extreme nature but also makes sure you’re safe while doing it.

The best way to fully utilize your jeep would be actually to take it off-road. However, google maps isn’t going to be much good here. You’ll need the best GPS that allows you to navigate through the deepest of jungles and canyons.

Besides, navigation isn’t all; these products go above and beyond, providing exceptional features such as 4WD trails. That makes life easier for our fellow Off-Roaders out there.

Why Should You Use This?

Daily driving around in the city shouldn’t be a problem. Nowadays, phones are providing some of the most sophisticated navigation systems.

However, what happens when you lose the mobile network? What was once a state-of-the-art navigation tool is turned into a block to play games on.

No Battery Problems

If you’re a severe Off-Roading enthusiast, a top of the line GPS navigation system is crucial to have.

Most systems linked up to your car do not require external battery backup. Hence, those that do provide excellent backup will last you for days.

Satellite Connectivity

Even without network, these devices can link up quite easily with satellites due to the far more powerful receivers.

And also, if that isn’t enough, the systems come with thousands of pre-loaded maps. So, you’ll get each route covered in detail as they come pre-loaded with points of interest sites.

Performance Updates

The device also acts as a performance tracker, giving you constant feedback on the distance covered and estimated time of arrival. You’ll also be able to track your average speed and other technical aspects that might prove crucial to your drive.

Off-Roading Features

You’re also getting features that are specifically designed for off-roading. This includes features like 3D mapping, which allows you to understand the topographic arrangement of your surroundings better. Thus, you will have a heads up on what’s up ahead.

5 Best GPS for Off-Road Jeep

Best GPS for Off-Road Jeep

The same way these off-roading maps are going to navigate you through treacherous terrain. We’ll help you find the way through the hassle of making a purchase decision. With the help of an expert team, we’ve listed down the best navigation tools in the market. Thus, helping you find the one that’s best for you.

Garmin Drive 50 GPS Navigator System

Garmin Drive 50 GPS Navigator System

The biggest and the leading name in the GPS navigation industry is Garmin. Based in Switzerland, the company makes use of the country’s highly skilled workforce to its advantage.

Producing some of the most precise and high-quality equipment, this is worthy of its name and the money you pay for it.

Accordingly, speaking about the Garmin Drive 50, the device strictly adheres to the standards set by the company.

It’s designed to offer exceptional performance, loading up maps and directional updates in a jiff. The device is configured to provide real-time guidance as well.

Instead of stating complicated names and numbers, the tool will help you recognize direction using landmarks. Being already loaded with Foursquare’s means the device already comes with a wide array of popular stores and restaurants.

So, if you ever want to make a stop and grab a bite, this device will help hook you up.

Moreover, the device comes with the US or the US and Canada maps pre-loaded (considering the model you purchase). Additionally, that also includes driver alerts, which will prove essentials during your daily commutes.

The driver alert system will keep the driver posted before it senses a sharp curve, red lights, and other features such as petrol pumps coming up ahead. That’s to make sure you’re not forced to make any rash turns.

This product is available in a 5” or 6” versions. Plus, you’re also getting a very bright screen that’s clear to view even on the sunniest of days.

Furthermore, the device has a straightforward interface, and the price is also quite reasonable. Thus, this product is a highly recommended purchase for outdoor junkies.


  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Quick and simple user interface
  • Comes with pre-loaded maps and Foursquare
  • Driver alerts for safer driving
  • Can be connected to mass USB storage devices


  • This is quite an older model
  • Short battery life

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Garmin Drive Smart 65 & Traffic GPS Navigator System

Garmin Drive Smart 65 & Traffic GPS Navigator System

For those who are looking for a more advanced product that’ll make driving simpler through off-road trails, this is the product for you!

The product boasts a larger screen than most other navigation systems, at 6.95” inches. Moreover, the screen is super bright, making it easy to follow.

On the other hand, one of the most substantial features of this device is its traffic avoidance system.

So, if you’re using this as a daily driver, make sure you have the traffic mode turned on because that allows the device to choose quicker routes.

You can also pair the device straight with the Garmin Drive app; this will give you real-time data on traffic conditions.

Likewise, ease of connectivity is what makes it the perfect pair when you’re driving off-road.

The device can be connected using Bluetooth so you can take calls straight from the device.

Similarly, the device can also be connected through WiFi. As a result, you can regularly update the system for patches and route updates.

Another factor that adds to the device’s simplicity is its voice-activated technology.

Since you’re able to control the device with no more than your voice, it allows you to put all your concentration on the trail better.

Like its predecessor, this device also comes with Device Assist that keeps the driver alert at all times.

The maps use a 3D terrain mapping system; this builds the terrain or buildings that are near you.

So, you’ll be better aware of your surroundings; the topographical makeup will also make navigating simpler. Price-wise, however, this device is substantially steeper than its predecessor.


  • Voice-activated navigation software
  • Large and bright display
  • Easy connect ability using WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Driver Assist


  • High Price
  • Mic issues

Garmin Overlander GPS Navigator System

Garmin Overlander GPS Navigator System

The Overlander is one of Garmin’s go-to off-road navigation system. However, it’s designed to deliver its excellent performance both on and off-road.

The device comes with a large 7” screen, offering a superior quality resolution. Its bright and vivid display provides easy viewing and also doesn’t strain out your eyes.

Featuring a rugged design makes the device more resistant to rapid jerks and bumps during off-roading trips.

It also comes with a mighty magnetic mount, ensuring that the navigation system stays put during extreme conditions. Besides, it also makes the driver have complete attention on the device when needed.

The device comes with pre-loaded maps that cover North and South America. Each map is up to date, with available 4WD routes available.

You’re also getting a topography system included in the device. By mapping out the upcoming terrain, the driver can be notified accordingly, preventing any problematic surprises.

A 64GB internal storage also adjusted with the devices. These include all the best-camping sites available in the vicinity.

So, you don’t have to face any trouble due to the lack of a network. The device also comes with WiFi connectivity, allowing you to update the device continually.

You can also input your vehicle’s height, length, and weight. By doing so, the device will calculate routes/trails that are suitable for your jeep.

Furthermore, the device can also pair up with other devices. For example, you can easily pair it up with four cameras, and inReach satellite communicators for an overall better experience.


  • Rugged design
  • Comes with 64GB of internal storage
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Connects via WiFi
  • Great for both on-road and off-road purposes


  • The price is relatively steep
  • Only supports BC35 backup cameras

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Magellan TRX7 CS Trail and Street GPS Navigator System

Magellan TRX7 CS Trail and Street GPS Navigator System

With over 30 years of experience, this US-based navigation system company has built itself one of the most robust systems. The TRX7 CS is one of their most advanced Off-road and on-road navigation tools.

This is a device that you’ll find being used in most cars and the most reliable in the market.

Out of the box, what really sets this device apart is its 5MP camera that is added to it. This camera acts as a replacement for your traditional dashcam, and you can also use it during those outdoor trips.

Also, using the ram mount, you can securely attach the device to your dash. Thus, letting you record stable, HQ, action-packed videos.

For those who are living on the wild side, the device comes pre-loaded with over 115,000 maps.

These maps are detailed, including 4WD trails, motorcycle trails, ATV trails, and snowmobile trails. If you pair this with a subscription to a satellite plan, you’ll get yourself one of the most hi-tech navigation systems.

Besides, the simplicity of the device, along with its excellent usability, will get you most interested. It comes with the conventional topographic viewing systems that are included in most off-road units.

However, what you don’t see more often are features like waypoint marker, backtracking system, and track publisher.

Extra features like these make the user’s life simpler and really allow them to enjoy their off-road drives.

Nevertheless, the only factor that may trouble the users entirely a bit would be the price of the product. A steep price that shoots over $500 may cause a problematic purchase for most off-roading enthusiasts.


  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Rugged design with IP67 waterproofing
  • Comes with over 115000 maps
  • 5MP camera with flash included
  • More modes and easy to use


  • Price is extremely high
  • Set up will take a while

Magellan TR7 GPS Navigator System

Magellan TR7 GPS Navigator System

If you’re looking for a Magellan navigation system that is a bit more affordable, you can always go for an older one.

The TR7 may not have as many features as its successors, performance-wise, the product doesn’t budge for sure. It also comes with the necessary gizmos required to make an excellent off-roading navigation system.

Accordingly, the form factor has remained the same; it’s the same high resolutions 7” touchscreen with a rugged exterior allowing the device to absorb, extreme jerks and bumps.

The device has also kept its performance up when it comes to on-road travels, featuring turn-by-turn assistance for more straightforward navigation.

Moreover, the device comes pre-loaded with over 1,15,000 trails. These aren’t only for 4WD, but they also include ATV, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.

Along with these, the device comes with the US and Canada maps pre-loaded onto the system as well.

At the same time, other maps can be easily added using the device’s wireless connectivity.

This connection will help you regularly update the device, keeping checks for regular system updates.

Likewise, it’ll also keep the tools already 6 million points of interest locations updated. So, you’ll never miss out on campsites, or viewing points.

Apart from the regular 3D topographical viewing system, it allows you to understand the terrain ahead.

Thus, the device includes some exciting features such as backtracking system, waypoint marking, and online community sharing. All these features, for such an affordable price, makes this device worth the money.


  • Large and high-resolution screen
  • Excellent performance both on-road and off-road
  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Comes with over 1,15,000 off-roading trails
  • Bang for the buck pricing


  • The device is a bit slower
  • Older graphics

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before you decide on which product you want to go with, make sure that you’re completely clear about your needs.

If this is your first time picking out a navigation system, here are a few crucial factors that you should keep in mind. These should help you make a purchase that entirely suits your needs.


The first thing that should be in your account before you purchase a navigation system is the accuracy it’s offering. Make sure the device you’re selecting includes features like 3D mapping.

This is essential in any off-roading vehicle as it’ll map out the type of topography that is present.

Thus, the driver is sent an alert about the type of terrain up ahead, may that be rocky, swampy, or a steep climb. In that sense, alerting the driver beforehand will help avoid unfortunate incidents.

Furthermore, to ensure optimum accuracy, the device must have the terrain mapped out beforehand with 4WD trails marked. These trails are tried and tested, making them safer to travel on.

So, being the easiest to access, if any unforeseen accident takes place, emergency service can quickly get to you.

Lastly, make sure the area map is downloaded onto the device. Most device’s come with maps of the US or Canada pre-loaded into them.

Some tools provide you the ability to add on external storage devices to keep the system updated. Hence, a downloaded map of your terrain can keep you posted at all times.

Ease of Usage

Off-road driving requires constant focus. A simple miss-step could turn out to be extremely dangerous. At some point where you’re driving up steep slopes or through swamps, you’re going to need a navigation device that is quick and easy to control.

In this regard, go for a device with a bigger screen and a higher resolution. Make sure the display is at least 6 inches wide, running a resolution of at least 480p.

This will lower the strain on your eyes and will also allow you to use the device even during extremely sunny days.

Similarly, be careful that the device you’re purchasing has a simple user interface; complex ones will only make the situation even tenser.

So, to find out about user interface through the company’s website, you can also contact users that currently or have previously used the device.

Some devices come with voice recognition software included. This makes usage simpler because you no longer have to rely on passengers to help you out while driving.

Features Essential for Regular Driving

Even though we were purchasing this device keeping off-roading in mind, we must consider a device that performs great both on and off-road — ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Some features are necessary on a navigation system, including functions like drive assist. A crucial element to hold onto, it keeps the driver alert and ready.

Informing them on sharp turns coming up can keep them informed on red lights and cameras. It also keeps them posted about places ahead, such as petrol pumps, hospitals, etc.

Another additional necessary step that can make on-road traveling easier would be the real-time traffic updates.

Throughout the decades as navigation tools advanced, this is one of the best inventions to come by — allowing drivers to save time by choosing less packed routes.


When you’re buying a navigation system, make sure it’s easy to connect with. Wireless connectivity is one of the modes that’s preferred by most, this can be through WIFI or Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth connection will allow you to pair the system with your smartphones if the navigation system is also connected to your car. It’ll allow you to use the cars’ speaker to attend calls and to play music.

On the other hand, the connection to WiFi is much more critical. This will allow the device to continually update itself. Helping keep the tool updated with bug patches; also, the system will be better familiar with changes in the map.

Additional Features

Apart from the utmost necessity, we’re also going to take a look at features that you’ll surely want to be included to get the most out of your device.

Where smartphones use mobile networks to locate landmarks and points of interest, some navigation tools have these locations inbuilt into the system.

During off-road trips, these services could come to extreme use. It helps you locate prime areas around you, such as nearby petrol pumps, diners, campsites, etc.

Likewise, if your device connects to WiFi, it’ll be able to keep itself updated on all these locations, including an update on opening, closing times, and holidays.

Types of GPS

Types of GPS

Purchasing a GPS navigation system may not be the most expensive purchase you’re making, but it is one that must be done carefully.

The features that a device boasts aren’t the only essential things; you’ll also need to look into the type of device you’re buying. Each boasts different functions, so select carefully.

Vehicle Navigation System

This one fits right into your DashBoard. Vehicle navigation systems have become an essential addition in most new cars.

Allowing the user to navigate quickly, monitor traffic, use it as a stereo, and also attend a call.

And for the off-roaders out there, these will enable them to discover new trails without having to worry about battery life.

Water GPS Systems

Navigating through deep blue oceans is a technique that has been passed along for generations.

However, in the last few decades, we’ve made traveling on seas easier. By using the help of devices such as these and satellites, the GPS can pinpoint your exact coordinates.

Portable GPS Systems

These are small handheld devices, no bigger than your smartphone. However, these are much more potent in terms of GPS technology.

The tools use sophisticated sensors to create topographical images. Allowing the device to show the elevation you’re in and the terrain that you have surrounding you.

They’re mainly designed for campers and hikers, people that primarily love exploring the wilderness on-foot or bikes.

Fitness GPS systems

Fitness freaks, especially runners and cyclists, love to keep track of the distance they’ve covered based on their average speed and other technical aspects.

They use this to improve their time by finding flaws and fixing them. Thus, these GPS devices are specially catered for them.

These devices are smaller than all other GPS trackers, however, seem to get the job done just fine.

The only flaw that runs through these devices is their smaller batteries, which you’ll have to charge every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a GPS be accurate when off-road?

The accuracy of such a system will mainly depend on the type of device you purchase.

Tools that can connect securely with satellites will be able to pinpoint your location better. Usually, these devices are accurate, with an error range of 3 to 5 meters.

Will a GPS be accurate when off-road

How long do Portable GPS’s batteries last?

This will entirely depend on the device that you’re purchasing. However, most quality devices tend to last up to 16 hrs on a single charge.

Although some devices come with slots to input AA batteries, this will allow you to run them longer.

Can they be used for both on-road and off-road navigation?

Yes. The devices are technically doing the same task on both ends; the only difference is the maps. So, you can be sure that they’ll operate in both locations without a hitch.

How can these devices be updated?

This will depend on the type of device you’ve purchased. Most devices come with a USB storage slot, or a Micro SD slot included.

So all you have to do is download the file and update the device. Some devices also come with WiFi. In that sense, connecting them will also get the job done.

How can I charge the device while on the move?

If you find yourself covering long-distance with a portable GPS, simply connect the device to your cigarette lighter port. This will always keep the equipment charged and ready to use.

Final Words

Finding the best GPS for off-road jeep isn’t going to be the easiest of tasks. Plus, the large number of devices available on the market makes it even more complicated and confusing.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to stick to the list we’ve provided to make sure you’ve bought the right product.