How to Choose the Best LED Lights for Jeep Wrangler JK?

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Before we discuss this topic we will suggest you check our to find more reviews of jeep parts, car parts and etc to buy the best product. LED headlights are becoming very popular as a manufacturer’s choice, but even more so as an after-market conversion. Energy-efficient, bright and available for a vast array of models, they are a great way of adding a custom look to your car, and they are very effective.

There is one thing you need to do before you go ahead and buy an LED conversion kit; check that LED headlights are legal for use in your state.

In most states of the USA, they are a legal fitment to a car but beware there are some areas where they are not, and we don’t want you to get caught out by the law!

So, why should you fit LED lights to your Jeep Wrangler JK? This iconic car is a popular model for such a conversion and looks great with LED lights, so why not?

It will make your Jeep stand out from others, and you’ll find the other benefits of LED to your satisfaction.

Before we give you tips on how to buy the right LED lights, we recommend you read the best led headlight reviews (check out these headlight reviews by LED Light Guides first of all) and take on board what they are all about, and we have put together a couple of brief reviews of a few of the best items on the market so that you can get a feel for them. I highly recommend you read also the best lockers for jeep JK buying guide and review.

XenonPro 55W LED Headlight Conversion Kit

One of the leading names in the business, XenonPro has a wide variety of kits on offer, and this one is often cited as the best. It might or might not be the one for you, so don’t decide until you’ve read our concise buyer’s guide later on.

This kit is assured to fit 99.9% of vehicles – and that includes the Jeep Wrangler JK – and provides a brightness of 9,000 lumens. This one takes just 20 minutes to fit and comes with all the fittings, and you will find it provides a suitable light for your requirements.
Priced sensibly, it’s one to consider.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Conversion Kit

This brand is highly regarded for its range of affordable LED headlight conversion kits. The model featured offers 7,200 lumens brightness and is notable as the bulbs include a heat sink and cooling fan to prevent overheating.
Easy to fit – the manufacturer claims 15 minutes but as with all such timings you will need to incorporate your skill level! – this kit offers a favorable color temperature and can be fitted to all the popular models of car.

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Choosing The Right LED Headlight Conversion Kit

LED Headlight Conversion Kit

We’re here to tell you how to choose the best kit for your Jeep, so here are some questions you need to ask when reading the various reviews:

Does the Kit Fit the Jeep?

This is the very first question to ask. It’s not possible for reviewers to list every vehicle a kit is suitable for, due to the vast number of makes and models around, but what you should do is ask if the kit you are interested in is compatible with the fittings on the Jeep Wrangler JK.

Any dealer will be able to tell you this, and the type of fitting should be clear in the product description.

How Bright are the LEDs?

Brightness is measured in ‘lumens’ and you will find the figure in any good review of an LED headlight kit.
You will find that the models on offer range from around 7000 lumens to as much as 12000 lumens in brightness.

What is important is that unlike normal bulbs and even halogen headlights, very little energy is lost to heat with LED thanks to the way they work. Therefore, you get more brightness for the energy consumed.

As a rule of thumb, above 7000 lumens should be perfectly adequate, but if you want the brightest there are many choices around.

What is Colour Temperature?

Colour temperature is not something you will think about in everyday terms, so let us explain what it’s all about: basically, it’s a term used to describe the color of light that you get from an LED bulb, and it is measured in ‘Kelvins’.

With a headlight, you want a cool white color that gives you the very best possible vision and allows you also to be seen by others. For this effect, look for a color temperature of between 5500 and 6500K, and you are in the ballpark.

What Does it Cost?

As with any such product, your budget will limit what you are able to buy.
These headlight conversion kits are not cheap – for want of a better word – but nor are they needlessly expensive. Where you win is in a more energy-efficient headlamp that will last a long time and one that looks the part.
Check reviews for the full description, and look closely for deals at some online sellers, as you may find a bargain.

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Is It Easy to Fit?

The manufacturers and suppliers will tell you that you don’t have to be a mechanic to fit a conversion kit, but it helps if you are at least competent at DIY and know your way around a basic electrical system.

We’ve noted that they make a claim of around 15-20 minutes in general for fitting the conversion kit.

Be aware that this is for someone familiar with such a job, and may not take into account the time taken to remove the old set. If in doubt, get a friend who knows what they are doing to help, or ask a professional to do the conversion for you. Alternatively, there are online guides that can help.

So, buying a LED headlight conversion kit for your Jeep Wrangler JK may be an attractive proposition, and you have a choice of many different options.
Have a look at the reviews we mentioned and check the maker’s descriptions using the tips above, and you can’t go far wrong.
Once done, you can enjoy driving a Jeep that not only looks the part but has bright and energy-efficient LED headlights too!