5 Best Motorcycle Tires Review in 2024 – New Edition

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Riding a motorcycle is not only enjoyable but thrilling as well. Since it is a single-track vehicle, it is considered a little bit dangerous than its four-wheeled counterparts.

The chances of having accidents are huge if your ride doesn’t have proper components.

Motorcycle tires are considered the heart of the bike, and it is mandatory that you always use the high-quality ones.

As a result, it becomes your responsibility to use the best motorcycle tires without giving it a second thought.

To help you out in this area, we have included a guide that will provide you with some of the best models that are currently available in the market and give top-notch performance.

Check it out so that you can differentiate between all of them and pick your desired one in the end.

Best Motorcycle Tires Review

For your ease, we have selected the top 5 out of all the tires in the market. Go through each of them so that you can understand which one fits your requirement.

Pirelli MT 66 Route 1003500 3.00-18 M/C 47S

Pirelli MT 66 Route 1003500 3.00-18 M/C 47S

This model is versatile as well as durable, and due to this, it is highly famous among motorcyclists.

The manufacturer designed it in a way that it becomes the ultimate cruiser motorcycle tire.

Whether you are planning for a short or long trip, this one has the potential to fulfill your wish.

Thankfully, you will have a comfortable experience when you take your bike for a ride.

Moreover, it provides stability, and this becomes a huge help when there are rougher grounds.

The remarkable feature is its deep tread pattern that provides top-notch performance on all road conditions.

Plus, the combination of the this feature and the rubber compound makes this tire a must buy because of its high mileage.

Overall, the performance to mileage ratio is extraordinary. If a situation arises where you have to carry heavy loads, don’t worry, you can easily get by as this model is perfect for this kind of situation.

You can be assured of the fact that your investment won’t go to waste. After its installation, you will get a solid feel from your bike, and the time you hit the road, you will notice a difference.

The installation process is easy, so it won’t cost you too much time and physical effort. If you want, you can take someone’s help or just do it by yourself.


  • High-quality motorcycle cruiser tire
  • Comfortable to use
  • Provides stability
  • Deep thread pattern
  • Handling is easy


  • Gives a weak impression
  • More mileage required

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Shinko 777 Front Tire (90/90-21)

Shinko 777 Front Tire (90/90-21)

Are you searching for a high-performance motorcycle tire? Then, this one successfully fits your criteria. People around the world love it because it comes with tons of benefits.

The tire is specifically designed for cruiser machines, and you will find it in different sizes that can easily fit with different V-twin and metric cruiser models.

It is durable, and thankfully, you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacement after using it for a couple of thousand kilometres.

The unit comes with a higher mileage facility, so you can have a sigh of relief when you go out for a ride.

Furthermore, its loading capacity is huge, which makes it a very suitable option when you have to carry huge loads.

Besides, the tread compound is carefully designed to provide a great combination of traction and mileage.

As you can see, it is a win-win situation for all motorcyclists. The directional tread pattern makes is perhaps the most highlighted feature.

There is also a heavy-duty version that is reinforced with carcass and comes in different sizes.

It has a Ply-rating of 4, which means you will get a good grip on the road. You will have a smooth ride in different kinds of terrains.

With the product’s affordable price range, you will definitely be surprised with its marvelous performance.


  • Higher mileage
  • Good loading capacity
  • Efficient traction
  • Budget-friendly
  • The installation process is not tough


  • Needs careful handling when taking small turns
  • Sometimes picks up rock fragments (gravel) on the way

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DUNLOP Elite 3 Bias Touring Front Tire

DUNLOP Elite 3 Bias Touring Front Tire

This is a tire that is highly renowned among bikers, and its superb performance has surprised everyone when they used it for the first time.

It is loaded with compliments from the customers worldwide, and if you purchase this product, you can be a part of this tribe.

It features a complete range of bias and bias-belted high-mileage touring tires of premium quality.

Also, it is designed like the shape of modern radial-construction tires and provides various identical benefits.

You will be happy to know that it suits a wide range of large-displacement touring motorcycles. The facilities don’t end here as you can use it for cruiser bikes as well.

The tread pattern is simply mind-blowing because it becomes a blessing in disguise when you encounter wet grounds.

Luckily, it performs efficiently in this kind of critical situation, and you will become a fan after overcoming the obstacle.

Other than that, you will get good traction in all situations. Due to this, you will experience good stability, and the tire will provide good contact with the ground, whether you are riding slow or fast.

Like the previous models, you won’t have problem when it comes to carrying heavy loads as it is constructed, keeping all the important things in mind.


  • Has the shape of modern radial-construction tires
  • Mileage is higher than alternatives’
  • Performs well in wet pavement
  • Thread pattern is designed strategically
  • Suits a broad range of large-displacement touring motorcycles


  • Tread starts to wear off with heavy use
  • The brake needs to be applied carefully

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Bridgestone 003954 Battlax Adventure A40 Rear Tire 

Bridgestone 003954 Battlax Adventure A40 Rear Tire

If you are looking for a tire that will suit perfectly with your modern adventure touring bikes, this one can be a strategic pick.

This model has used new radial replacement units that are specifically designed for this purpose.

You will have a feeling of accomplishment after you are done purchasing this item because it is stacked with benefits.

The manufacturer has done a tremendous job creating powerful tires that strengthen the traction and stability on different surfaces both wet and dry.

To add even further, the tire has used revised casing construction, large bead filler, and a new tread pattern for the same objective.

This shows that it contains good gripping strength that can avoid slipping in critical situations.

Plus, you won’t experience any imbalance during the time you are on your bike. You will always get top-level execution when you brake or take a sudden corner.

Both the tires come with revised rubber compounds that have used upgraded materials like Silica-Rich and NanoPro-Tech.

Due to this, you will always get satisfactory performance in different temperature conditions.

Besides, the product’s modern techs are the main reason that it is giving tough competition to others.

Finally, it offers enhanced mileage that won’t let you down ever.


  • Compatible with modern adventure touring bikes
  • Powerful traction and stability on the road
  • Silica-Rich and NanoPro-Tech designs
  • Braking and cornering can be done easily
  • Provides enhanced mileage


  • A bit pricy
  • Looks ordinary in the first glimpse

Bridgestone Exedra G721 Front Tire

Bridgestone Exedra G721 Front Tire

This is a very powerful tire that has set a bar to its competitors. Aggressive bikers always prefer to use this unit and recommend it to others.

This one from Bridgestone has used Bias Belted construction that makes it a high-performance product.

Because of this reason, it has huge popularity, and the demand for it is increasing on a daily basis. This model will work much better than your expectation.

Furthermore, you can easily use it with your touring bikes, and the noticeable thing is that it won’t take much time and physical effort when you do the installation. Just take some minutes out from your schedule, and you are good to go.

The tread patterns are excellent, and the designs are done precisely in every area. You will find it out when you go for a ride.

There is an even balance between the price and performance, so you can have a sigh of relief about the fact that your purchase will surely be successful.

The good news is you will get better traction and stability on any road surfaces. So, no more hassle from braking and cornering, hurray!

Fortunately, you won’t have to think twice before you go on the street with your beloved bike.

There can be a chance that you might get compliments from other bikers along the way.


  • Powerful
  • Bias Belted construction
  • Works with touring bikes
  • Reasonable price
  • Stunning tread patterns


  • The tread might wear off with time
  • Not a high-quality design

What to Look for Before You Buy

When you are planning to buy your ideal motorcycle tires, it will be a strategic approach and so you should take some things into consideration beforehand.

Below, you will find all of them. Keep reading

Money-Saving Option

If you are looking for a way to save some cash, look for the tires that come in a set.

This decision will be clever because you don’t have to pay for the rear and front tires separately. Instead, you will get both of them for a decent price.

It is true that you can only save a couple of bucks with this step, but if you have set your mind to stay in a budget at any cost, go for the multipack.

Tread Longevity

Tread Longevity

Everyone wants a thread that lasts for a long time. It will be best if you look for one that has a good handling facility.

Start with a clear decision about the kind of thread you are going to purchase in the first place.

Sport bikes have a low-profile thread, whereas off-roading requires the aggressive versions. There is also a unique type that is water-resistant.

So, carefully choose the one that fits with the environment you are going to ride in.


Mileage is a very important aspect when it comes to the long-term performance of tires.

For better mileage, the manufacturer sometimes need to sacrifice the grip because they have to use harder compounds.

Tires that are built with multiple compounds are rigid because of its harder wearing materials, which run smoothly on the road.

Speed Rating

It is best to acknowledge the speed rating, so that you know what kind of output you will get during the time you ride. The ratings basically use a letter to elaborate on how fast they can go.

If you see the letter ‘H’, it means the maximum speed it can go is 130 mph. For ‘V’ it is 150 mph, and ‘W’ is 168 mph, which is considered as the fastest rating.

Tube or Tubeless

Just so you know, the tires come in two forms, tube and tubeless. The latter one is getting popular day by day because of their rigid construction.

This kind of tire’s most noticeable feature is its withstanding power from getting punctured.

Using a product like this, you won’t experience any puncturing issue for a longer period of time as they deflate in a slow manner. Plus, you can easily fix the unit tightly to the rim without any hassle.

On the other hand, tube tires require special equipment to remove them from the rim when fixing a puncture.

Radial vs. Bias-Ply

Radial vs. Bias-Ply

The construction of a radial tire is done with steel belts that are run at an angle of 90 degrees at thread center line.

Whereas, the bias-ply tire is made of nylon belts that extends at an angle of 30 degree at thread center line.

In case of the radial tire, the tread life is more because it is provided with separate plies for the thread and sidewalls.

This improves the area of contact between the tread and surface. Moreover, it increases the gripping strength as well.

If you are looking for the one that will provide a balanced ride at high speeds, radial tires can be a great option.

People who love their bike to run at moderate speed finds bias-ply tire to be a safe choice. Though it has a small tread life, it can take an additional amount of weight.

Protection from Puncture

The biggest fear of a motorcyclist is a punctured tire. If it happens in the middle of the road, then fixing will definitely be a challenge.

In total, the issue will cost you time and money, which is not a good feeling at all, right?

Fortunately, the latest models offer different kinds of puncture protection. The creative minds of the manufacturers have made this possible.

They carefully added an extra layer of material to overcome this trouble.
Most of the people call it a puncture protection belt.

The feature has used various upgraded fabric to set you up for a smooth ride on the road.

To be a step ahead, you should check whether your desired model has a higher TPI (Thread per Inch) or not.

The higher the number, the better the quality of fabric has been used for the tire casing. So, a tire with a great TPI is powerful enough to withstand punctures in critical situations.

Motorcycle Tire Types

Having the right tires is nothing more than a marvelous feeling because you don’t have to search from one place to the other for a proper replacement.

Here, you will find all the motorcycle tire types. Each of them is explained in a simple way for your understanding.

Cruiser Tires

These tires are designed for cruiser bikes. If you are not aware, these bikes have the potential to travel a long distance.
These tires are quite thicker than other types and come with good grip. You can use it in all weather conditions, and it will perform efficiently without ruining its quality. The bias-ply tires are a very good option for cruiser bikes.

Street Tires

For street bikes, radial tires are a clever and safe option. These bikes are not made to travel longer distances, but you can sometimes take them for a long trip.

Because these tires are made for the streets, it has deeper channels, and you won’t face any problem when taking sudden turns.

Also, they are lighter than the bias-ply tires, so it won’t be a pain in the head when it comes to the bike’s weight.

Dual Sports Tires

Also known as ADV tires, these are considered the most versatile out of all. You can use it on different terrains, and you won’t experience any imbalance.

Additionally, the tire provides good traction, which means it can have a good grip on dry and wet grounds.

It is highly recommended that you avoid using this option for high speeds because it can turn out to be dangerous.

Dirt Or Off-Road Tires

This kind of tires give a traditional vibe and look a bit slimmer than the ones mentioned above.

However, they have more tread, which provides a good amount of traction. As a result, these units have better grips on wet and slippery grounds.

If you use these on the streets, some of the tread will get burned and this might ruin the performance of the tire. Always use the product on the surface it is made for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my motorcycle tire?

It depends on the kind of tire you are using. If it is a small puncture, you can easily fix it with a puncture kit.

You can even use a tire sealant (Tire Slime) to get the job done. If you have other damages, you must take it to a repair shop.

If I have tube wheels, how can I measure the size?

The process is easy. Simply remove and measure the tubes’ diameter. Also, read the sidewall to get your answer or check the paperwork of your motorcycle.

Can I reuse the old tube when installing a new tire?

No. Just like the tire, tubes also wear and tear with time.

Is it safe to use rear tires in the front?

No, it can have a negative impact on the motorcycle if you do this. There is a reason why front and rear tires are designed individually.

The former one has a good drag force, and the latter pushes the bike forward.

How many years can a tire perform efficiently?

Up to five years, you will get good performance. With proper maintenance, you can extend its longevity for a couple of years more.

Final Words

Now that you have all the information about the best motorcycle tires, you can easily choose the winner.

Make sure you have gone through all the important points, and you will be all set for a successful purchase.

If you still have some queries, consult with an experienced person in this area.

Have a good day.