5 Best Mud Tires for Jeep in 2020 Review – Buyer’s Guide

What makes an all-terrain vehicle special is that you can ride them anywhere in any condition. Of course, that’s an obvious statement, it’s called all-terrain for a reason.

However, there is always room for improvement. A Jeep can be all-terrain but still have difficulty riding over certain surfaces.

Let’s get this straight; they are generally better than other cars if you want to go off-roading. However, only the best mud tires for jeep can satisfy you if you are looking for dependable off-road performance.

Everything about their design drastically improves their performance on tough terrain. This includes jagged rocks, sand, and mud.

As we said, you’ll need to get the finest tires if you want the best experience. You can’t do that if you slap on a stock mud tire and call it a day.

So, this guide is here to walk you through all the details you need to know before you buying one. So, without further ado, let’s get off the tracks and onto the reviews!

Top Jeep Mud Tires Comparison 2020

5 Best Mud Tires for Jeep Review 2020

Best Mud Tires for Jeep

There were a ton of incredible tires out there that could’ve easily made it onto the list. However, we would only settle for the very best of the bunch. So, let’s take a look at these reviews to figure out what makes these tires so unique.

Accelera M/T-01 Mud Radial Tire

Accelera M/T-01 Mud Radial Tire

Anybody with any experience with specialized quality tires has heard of Accelera before. Why wouldn’t they? Accelera has an uncontested track record when it comes to high-quality tires for a reasonable price.

This 20-pound monster is no exception. As such, they’ve quickly become the standard for such tires. So, what can it do?

To start off, we’ll talk about its intense grip. A proper off-road tire needs grip. You’ll need all the control you can when you take your car off the road.

Mud and sand aren’t asphalt. You’ll need the right kind of tires if you want to get the right degree of traction.

This significantly boosts your car’s control. The M/T-01 model’s design is perfected for absolute power.

This stems from the tires’ excellent tread depth. It utilizes a unique and effective pattern to significantly boost its grip, no matter how loose the surface is.

The tread keeps wider center sips to maximize control no matter what surface you work with.

You’re going to cross a ton of rocks, mud, and other debris whenever you ride off-road. So, what can these tires do for you?

The treads have the perfectly proportioned spacing to eject any kind of foreign substances you encounter. So, you’ll get to experience a smooth cruise with these great tires.


  • Excellent tread spacing
  • Superior grip through its incredible design
  • No debris gets stuck to the tires due to its unique pattern
  • The treads are deep to ensure better control


  • It is slightly unbalanced which may cause some vibrations

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Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Federal Couragia M/T Mud Terrain Radial Tire

We had a hard time finding a tire as intense and powerful as Federal’s Couragia. Its awe-inspiring power shines through in its quality, its durability, incredible design, and outstanding grip.

No matter which angle you look at, the Couragia never fails to impress. We just had to include this fantastic tire onto the list.

These fantastic tires managed to win us over with its incredible tread design. It has the perfect proportions and indentations that elevate its performance to whole new levels.

Each tread has the precise depth necessary to smoothly roll over loose soil. It is also the key to the model’s excellent control.

Federal’s excellent tire will give you some of the greatest control you could ever ask for. Its relentless and reliable tire grip makes you feel in control wherever you go.

You’ll never feel like you’re struggling as you ride through the roughest or loosest terrain. Whether we’re talking about mud or sand, this tire has your back.

Finally, let’s take a moment to go over the incredible durability. This model can handle a lot of mileage without showing any signs of wear or tear, even if you off-road exclusively.

That’s because of Federal’s dedication to the utmost highest quality of materials you’ll ever find. Also, the spacing ensures that it never gets affected by rocks and other substances that could damage tires.


  • Outstanding durability for maximum longevity
  • The tires ensure maximum grip and control
  • Proper tread design ensures nothing gets stuck to the tires
  • Not as noisy as similar models


  • Can feel floaty when driving at high speeds

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire - 31X10.50R15 109Q

You can’t find another tire quite like Milestar Patagonia. The tread design is on a league of its own with just how functional it is. It’s an incredible all-roads model that is helpful for both on the road and off-road driving.

As such, if you’re looking for tires to replace your jeep’s stock units permanently, then this is the perfect choice for you.

The tire’s unique thread design is what makes it different from most of our other entries. Its utility drastically differentiates itself from the rest of the tires on our list. Once you take a look, you’ll see that the treads aren’t as centered as the others.

Instead, they are more staggered and off-center. There is a reason for that. Mainly, it lets the tire retain significant traction on asphalt roads.

So, you can ride with these on the road almost as well as you can off the road. These treads are incredibly effective when you deal with all sorts of terrain as well.

Moreover, this is due to its implemented stone ejector. This can combat stone drilling and drastically decrease damages from stone drilling.

Unlike the previous units, Patagonia is capable of self-cleaning. That’s because of how the treads are arranged.

Whether you trek through sharp rocks or thick mud, the tires remain clean and pristine. It also employs a 3-ply sidewall to protect itself from impact and boost durability.


  • Comes with self-cleaning properties
  • 3-ply sidewall provides additional impact protection
  • Effective on both muddy roads and asphalt ones
  • Provides protection from stone drilling


  • Its lifespan might seem limited to some

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Forceum M/T 08 Mud-Terrain Radial Tires

Forceum M/T 08 Mud-Terrain Radial Tires

Are you looking for a much heavier and more robust version of the previous incredible self-cleaning model? Then this incredible Forceum model is for you. We weren’t joking when we said its heavy.

The four tires combined weighs about 132 pounds. That’s 33 pounds per piece. However, the weight isn’t for show. It utilizes every pound to drastically enhance its effectiveness.

Its weight also lets it support larger jeeps. It can even handle small trucks with ease. However, its sheer number of features makes it stand above the rest. It’s self-cleaning like the previous model.

The treads hold the perfect design to push out mud and snow with every turn. Once you’re back in your driveway, you won’t bring any clumps of dirt back.

Its treads also manage to regulate hydroplaning. You won’t spray water everywhere, and it won’t affect your control either.

Speaking of control, we’d like to take a minute to appreciate how well these tires can steer your jeep. Driving becomes smooth as you stay in control at all times.

This stems from the tires’ reinforced structure. It also drastically improves on-road stability. You won’t have to worry about seasonable uses either. Whether its summer, winter, spring, or fall, the tire will stay effective every day of the year.


  • Heavy-duty tires can support most jeeps
  • Reduces hydroplaning significantly
  • Stability ensured on-the-road and off-the-road
  • Usable in all seasons


  • Weight may cause trouble in shipping

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

The final entry on our list comes from Toyo Tires, a brand famed for its consistently high quality on-road and off-road tires. This model is certainly no exception. It has incredible treads that’ll accelerate your jeep at incredible speeds.

Simply put, the treads are aggressive. They combine the perfect blend of power and shape to propel your vehicle forwards at high speeds.

Each tread block is hook-shaped, allowing it to dig into mud and push you out instantly with ease and smoothness.

So, you’re getting a jeep that drives fast even through thick mud with relative ease. This is further extenuated by the incredible open scalloped shoulder blocks that push your car to go even quicker.

Every bit of its tread’s design is engineered to deliver the smoothest and fastest ride ever, even on mud.

That’s why the tire offers over-the-shoulder treads as well. It’s also decked out with deep sipping in each block.

There’s no doubt that these combine into some of the best tire treads you can ever experience. Once you ride with these tries, you’ll have a hard time going back.


  • The treads are expertly crafted in every regard
  • Hook-shaped blocks allow superior speed through mud
  • Provides excellent traction on both wet and drylands
  • Somewhat reduces hydroplanin


  • The size makes it difficult to mount and balance

Things to Consider Before Buying

By now, you’ve gone through all of our top picks for the best mud tires for jeep wrangler. Now, you need to choose.

Of course, you can’t go in blind. So you must take a few points into consideration before you finally make that purchase decision.

Tread Design

Tread Design

The quality of a tire is almost entirely reliant on tread design. Especially when it comes down to mud tires. These are quite different from regular street tires.

Most street tires have smaller indentations and gaps. The blocks are mostly standard shaped as well.

However, mud tires are different. Their shapes are unique so that they can effectively dig into mud and propel your jeep forward.

Also, they generally come with larger gaps to take in and eject mud or snow that might get in its way.

The overall patterns and design of these treads are essential for its quality and effectiveness over wet terrain. So, this is generally the first detail you should look for.

Remember, tread design comes with a lot of caveats. Some are self-cleaning, while others reduce hydroplaning. Keep these in mind before you select your tire of choice.


You need to be sure that your tire fits the wheel. Usually, tires and wheels are sold separately. That’s not always the case, but it simply is sometimes. So, you’ll need to account for size in those situations.

Moreover, you need to know if your preferred wheel is the right size when compared to your jeep.

Mostly mud tires should fit a jeep easily, but there’s no reason to take risks. Take your time to measure the sizes your jeep can handle. However, you might want to know that wider tires are better for trekking through mud.


Finally, you’ll need to consider the weight of the tire. If you know Newton’s Laws, you should know that if your wheels can’t handle the weight, it’s going to dip and hurt your car.

The more weight a wheel has, the better it can support the weight you put on your car. Whether it’s from luggage or your family members, it must be able to support the weight.

Of course, there are some drawbacks. Mainly, whenever you opt for heavier tires, you’ll have a harder time attaching and balancing them to your jeep. So cycling wheels can become a pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use them on roads?

Of course. Although, your control and performance won’t be the same as a standard street tire since these are designed to tackle mud and other terrains.

Are street tires viable for riding through muddy terrain?

Not quite. They can easily get stuck whenever they encounter terrains like mud and sand.

Are street tires viable for riding through muddy terrain?

Do tires come with rims?

Not all of them. Make sure you know if it does or not before you buy it.

What kind of tires should I get for a big family jeep?

Good mud tires for jeep should be able to carry a lot of weight as it is. However, if you’re still worried, try to pick something that can handle more weight.

Are mud tires loud?

Yes, mud tires are considerably louder than regular street tires.


Now that we’ve reached the end, you are ready to pick out the best mud tires for jeep. As long as you go through our guide and read each entry carefully, you should have all the resources for the perfect set of tires. So, get ready to take your jeep off-roads and ride to your next off-track adventure!

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