Best Tires for Stretching Review in 2024 – New Edition

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Are you looking to stretch out your tires for that sick looking ride? Well, that’s great, and all, but stretching isn’t something that can be done with just any tire.

Firstly, not all tires can be stretched, as the rubber isn’t designed for those extra inches.

And secondly, this is one of the most dangerous additions you’ll be fitting onto your car. So, do it right!

To save you from a potentially fatal accident, we’ve included a list of the best tires for stretching that are currently available in the market.

Make sure you refer to this list before making your purchase to get the best product at rates that you can afford.

10 Best Tires for Stretching Review

Best Tires for Stretching

Through careful research, we’ve come down to these tires. These are guaranteed to not only give you a rad looking ride. But you’ll also be getting a bump up in performance.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 All-Season Radial Tires

Achilles ATR Sport 2 All-Season Radial Tires

If you’re buying a set of tires for a performance vehicle, you’ll need to buy a set that compliments the car’s power.

The A.T.R. Sport 2 is the perfect addition, as it provides the tread design, durability, and reliability, that most other fail at.

One unique feature is the interlocking tread design; which gives the tire directional stability and helps improve handling.

The treads also allow substantial water channeling, and this helps keep the tires clean of mud and sand. Thus, improving the tires’ traction and control on the road.

Being available in various sizes that fit onto 16-inch rims to 18-inch rims gives you the ability to put them on your old rims.

Also, the tire’s all-weather support makes it a perfect one-time purchase. Regardless of it being extremely hot or wet, the performance from the tire does not deter.

Being made using a silica solution allows the tires easy to stretch out. It also ensures that the stretching will not cause any form of problems in the tire.

Moreover, the rugged tread pattern gives the tire a perfect look that car enthusiasts are on the look-out for.

The best part is these tires aren’t expensive at all. Priced inside a reasonable range makes the entire set very affordable. You’ll be able to get your money’s worth.


  • Superb traction and control
  • Affordable pricing
  • Rugged tread design
  • Versatility
  • Improved water channeling


  • Extensive stretching can lead to a blowout
  • Stretching makes it prone to deflating

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Achilles A.T.R. Sport All-Season Radial Tires

Achilles A.T.R. Sport All-Season Radial Tires

Being a predecessor of the previous model, the ATR Sport keeps Achilles’ promise to deliver performance, durability, and reliability. The model also includes a few tricks up its sleeves that really set the tires apart.

Being made using a silica compound means the tires are more natural to stretch. This lowers down the problems that people usually face with stretching.

Thus, ensuring that you’re able to give your rims the perfect fit.
The tread design ensures that the wheels are getting enough surface to grip onto.

Furthermore, its channels allow dirt and mud to pass through while improving control and giving extra traction. Thus, you can use the wheels all year round without any issue.

Coming with the dB Silent technology, it makes sure that you get the quietest of rides, even when you’re speeding through the highway.

Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful long drive.
The interlocked tread blocks help ensure directional stability; this improves the car’s handling, giving the driver more confidence while driving.

These tires are also extremely affordable, making them excellent value for money.


  • Tires are best in value
  • Easy stretching ability
  • dB Silent technology
  • All-season functionality
  • Good control and traction


  • The tires are susceptible to quick wear
  • Will not be able to handle rough terrain

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Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tires

Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tires

Tires are an expensive purchase, and the team at Falken understands that, which is why they’ve designed a true all-season tire.

Whether it’s wet, dry, or covered in snow, the ZE950 will provide consistent unaltered performance.

What makes this consistent performance possible? The tire uses a 3D Canyon Sipe technology, and this allows the tires to break into ice.

By breaking into ice, the tires get more ground to hold onto, thus gracefully improving their traction. This improved traction will help give you better braking even in the snow.

To further improve snow and mud grip, the treads include wide-angled slots; this helps keep snow or mud in the center of the tire at all times.

On the otherhand, the circumferential grooves on the edges eject out water and snow.

Paired together, these improve traction and give the user extra control over the vehicle.

Apart from being the perfect fit as an all-season tire, their radial construction and high-grade rubber also make them suitable for stretching.

They also include an extensive range with more than hundreds of sizes that fit 15-inch to 20-inch rims.

The only problem would be its price. If you’re trying to purchase an entire set, it would end up being a bit expensive. However, considering the value and longevity, the tires seem like a worthy purchase.


  • Extreme all-season capabilities
  • Tough tread design
  • Uses 3D Canyon Sipe technology
  • Wide range available
  • Improves braking and traction


  • Fairly expensive
  • Will get a bit noisy

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Supermax Tm-1 All-Season Radial Tires

Supermax Tm-1 All-Season Radial Tires

The Tm-1’s from Supermax is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a tire set that won’t break the bank.

Instead, these economical tires also provide an optimal level of functionality and performance.

Moreover, this is a wheel that’s also designed to last you quite a while.
Offering all-season functionality, the tires can support you in almost any situation.

Be it wet or dry, the wheels are designed to provide a supreme level of performance.

This is done using their unique tread design. These are formed to move out the mud and dirt easily – providing an increase in traction.

Furthermore, the solid center line and the reinforced rib pattern allow for better control of the vehicle. It also helps improve your car’s mileage.

So, if you’re looking for a set that’ll help you cut costs, this one’s for you.
Being made with a tough high-grade rubber compound, this product is great for stretching.

You’ll be able to pull off 1 or 2 extra inches – giving your ride a sleek and low look.

The tires are also designed to ensure comfort, which is why they’ve been engineered to generate minimal driving noise.

Thus, this makes sure your tires don’t drown out or interfere with your music. Lastly, the extremely competitive pricing makes these tires a steal, so make sure not to skip this one out!


  • Minimized noise level
  • Unique tread design
  • Low price
  • Fuel efficient
  • Exceptional handling and traction


  • Tires are prone to being off-balance
  • Not the best looking

Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tires

Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tires

Are you a professional race car driver looking for a fresh set of tires? You’ll need something that helps quench your thirst for racing, while also maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

Thankfully, these NT555R tires fit the description. It’s not your normal everyday tire, but a set you can put up for performance use.

The tires portray a beautiful design, something that resembles raw speed, something that’ll get people to notice your car.

Being designed for competitions, the tires are made to handle extreme speeds without any wobble or vibrations.

Featuring the D.O.T. compliant drag design, these tires are optimized for performing in extremely dry conditions; however, you can take it to the streets from time to time.

Regardless of being racing wheels, the treads can handle wet conditions fairly well. So, you should be able to handle medium rain.

Another factor that has been focused on is comfort; they’re designed to absorb the impact of most bumps. They’re also available in quite a few sizes that are compatible with 15” to 20” rims.

Also, since you’re mainly driving them on the race track, quietness isn’t something that’s been focused on.

Overall if you’re on the race tracks, this is the perfect set of tires for you. However, the price is going to be a huge factor, as they are bit expensive.


  • Extremely safe on dry roads
  • Racing design
  • Comes in a large variety of sizes
  • Will cover both dry and wet weather
  • Comfortable


  • Very noisy
  • Bit pricey

Nankang NS-25 All-Season Radial Tires

Nankang NS-25 All-Season Radial Tires

For a vehicle that’s got quite a few horses under the hood, you’ll need a set of tires that’ll be able to take that much power.

For those ultra-performance requirements, the NS-25 should be a worthy fit.

This tire is manufactured using a high-grade silica compound, which substantially improves the tire’s strength, making it much more durable.

Moreover, the high strength of the tire makes it able to take the pressure of stretching without any hiccups.

Plus, the rugged street looks that the tire boasts helps match what’s under the hood.

The asymmetrically designed treads are engineered to allow better traction in both wet and dry conditions.

It also comes with an additional center rib, which helps to improve handling.

For wet conditions, the tread patterns allow the water to sip through, improving grip.

You’re also getting additional grooves carved into the tire. The openness of the treads helps keep the grooves free from mud and snow.

By ejecting out mud and snow, the car experiences exceptional traction, keeping the vehicle stuck to the ground.

Nankang has also made sure to keep the user’s comfort in mind, which is why the treads are designed to take in most of the bumps.

Moreover, they’ve also substantially lowered the noise for a calm ride.


  • Able to handle high-performing vehicles
  • Asymmetrical tread design
  • All-Season backup
  • High traction and grip
  • Tough center rib


  • Very Pricey
  • Will not handle extreme stretching

Federal SS-595 All-Season Radial Tires

Federal SS-595 All-Season Radial Tires

The SS-595 is one of the company’s high-end products, and it’s here mainly to deal with performance vehicles.

These high-end tires are designed to perform on the track, boasting excellent drifting capabilities. So, if you love the smell of burnt rubber, this is the one to buy.

Unlike other tire brands in the market, these performance rubbers are engineered to better handle heat cycle time, and this enables them to almost double their lives.

Moreover, the advanced silica compound that’s used helps improve gripping. Plus, since a more robust compound, it also ensures a tight stretched fit.

The V-shaped tread design is kept to maximize traction. It’s designed to ensure a better grip on dry surfaces.

However, the tires also seem to perform well on wet conditions as well. The large tread grooves further help eject out mud and snow, improving traction on the street as well.

The higher grip provides greater control, and this keeps you from losing ground during drifts.

Safety is further ensured as the tires lower braking time and offer more grip during launch.

Drifting is an expensive sport as you’re continually burning off your tires. However, if you pair all that’s available with their low price, then the Federals become a perfect purchase for drifting purposes.


  • Great traction and control
  • Highly reliable and safe
  • All-season use capabilities
  • Double tread life
  • Affordable


  • Not meant for street use
  • Very Noisy

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 Sumer Radial Tires

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 Sumer Radial Tires

The Ventus V12 Evo 2, is one of Hankooks ultra-performance tires. They’re specifically designed to handle high torque vehicles that run at mind-numbing speeds.

These tires tower competitors in the market when it comes to gripping on dry conditions.

Being engineered to provided optimum traction allows the tire to gracefully go through corners at high-speed without skidding.

In wet conditions, the tires are able to provide an adequate amount of control required by high power vehicles.

However, its braking is what helps the tire really standout, earning itself a top rank.

One of the aspects that really makes this tire worth the money, is its looks. From tread design to the black sidewalls, the tires look beautiful.

Plus, if you pair them up with a set of black rims, you’ll make people turn heads.

Being made of tough silica compounds allows the tires to be stretched out reasonably easily too.

Since they’re meant for daily use, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing these for driving in muddy or snowy regions.

A lack of grooves means the tires lack mud/snow ejection, and this would make the tires extremely perilous to drive.

Overall, the tires are a bit expensive, but they’re a great deal for those of you living in hot climates.


  • Excellent cornering and braking performance
  • Optimal set for summer conditions
  • Able to support performance vehicles
  • Beautiful design
  • Uses a tough silica compound


  • Doesn’t provide all-season support
  • Bit expensive

Nitto NT555 G2 All-Season Radial Tires

Nitto NT555 G2

Not unlike the last Nitto NT555 tire we reviewed, this G2 variant is also designed for ultra-high-performance driving.

However, this time around the G2 is actually intended to tackle the streets. So, it’s a set you’ll want to buy to pair with the high-performance street vehicles.

The tires feature a twin center ribs, and these allow the tire to gather better grip. Also, the added grip capabilities allow for more excellent dry traction – enabling the tires to travel in a straight line while also being stable.

With larger treads blocks incorporated into the tire, it grips onto the ground better.

As the tires receive more surface area, it allows for better control on both dry and wet surfaces. It also dramatically improves cornering, braking, and acceleration.

Made using a stable silica compound makes the tire more rigid and absorbent to impacts.

Thus, providing a much more comfortable driving experience. Moreover, to add to your comfort, the tires offer a much quieter drive, ensuring a pleasant ride.

However, even though they’re regarded as all-season tires, their functionality is somewhat limited when it comes to snow and mud.

The ejection grooves aren’t deep enough, and wouldn’t give an optimal experience.

Price-wise, they might be less expensive than the previous Nitto tire we reviewed; however, you’ll still have to chuck out quite a bit of cash.


  • Made for high performance
  • Large tread design
  • Features dual center ribs
  • Improved traction and control
  • Comfortable and noiseless ride


  • Very Expensive
  • Don’t perform well in snow and mud

Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial Tires

Best Tires for Stretching

As the name suggests, the NS-20 should be the right choice if you’re a car fanatic, and you love it when things go fast.

For an optimal experience during high-speed rides, you’ll need a tire that’ll keep itself firmly gripped to the ground.

The NS-20 will be able to provide that and more. Having a solid center rib makes sure that the tire is able to remain stable during high speeds.

The center rib also maintains the direction of the tire, so you don’t swerve out of control.

Also incorporated into the tire are 4 circumferential grooves, and these grooves allow for a better grip during wet conditions.

They do this by enabling the tires to hold onto the surface better. Moreover, they’re also responsible for the evacuation of mud, dirt, and snow, maintaining traction at all times.

The tires further include a wide sectioned shoulder tread blocks, which are necessary to maintain traction during cornering. Thus, allowing you to go through bends at higher speeds.

Moreover, the incorporated silica compounds make them perfect for stretching. Price-wise, the tires are fairly affordable and should be able to cover you for a few years.


  • Large shoulder tread blocks
  • Four grooves for better traction
  • Will cover you throughout the year
  • Value for money
  • Solid center rib


  • Will be a bit noisy
  • Won’t get comfort at high speeds

What to Look for Before Buying?

Tires are one of the first things involved in vehicle safety. A poor set of tires could easily put you in a horrible accident, so it’s incredibly crucial that the right choice is made.

That is why we’ve included a few key things to keep in mind before making your purchase.


If you’re only interested in buying a new set of tires, you’ll want to make sure they’ll fit onto your older rim size.

Most tires come in various sizes, which is why this isn’t a difficult factor to get right. Check for the compatibility of the tire through online sources or by contacting your local mechanic.


Functionality of tire

A new set of tires is going to be quite an expensive purchase, at bare minimum they should cost over $250 if you’re buying a set of four.

So, make sure that the tires respond well to the functions you’ve bought them for.

To ensure optimum functionality, make sure the tire has the right treads available. Those with more grooves allow for better traction on the road.

Moreover, you might also want a set that includes a solid center rib. This will provide the tire with directional stability, thus improving handling and the drivers control on the vehicle.

Year-Round Usage

If you’re looking for a tire for everyday usage, we’d recommend you purchase a set that can be used throughout the year without an issue.

All-season tires are great when it comes to saving money, and they also lower the hassle of having to change tires according to the season.

However, make sure the all-season tires you’re purchasing perform these functions right.

The tires should include deeper grooves, larger tread blocks, and a system to eject water out.

This will ensure the tires are getting optimal traction and will be able to function during dire times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stretching?

Stretching involves expanding your tire by 1 to 3 inches to fit a wider wheel of your car.

This gives the wheel a lower offset, while also keeping the wheel from rubbing with the fender.

What is stretching

What are the drawbacks of tire stretching?

This answer will depend on how much a tire is being stretched. If stretched extensively, tires will become very dangerous to run on the streets and will lead to more frequent tire blowouts and deflation.

Is tire stretching illegal?

There is no concrete law against tire stretching, so it cannot be considered illegal.

However, if it’s done so extensively that it can affect your own safety and the safety of others, then legal actions may be taken.

Can a tire be mounted at home?

If you’re looking to save a buck, then tire mounting can be done at home.

However, the right tools will be required, and it will also take a longer time. We’d instead recommend you take it to a professional as they know better.

Are stretched tire prone to quicker wear?

Yes, stretched tires do wear off quicker than the ones that are fitted regularly.

This rate of wear will further be increased when being used on performance vehicles.

Final Words

Tire stretching can give you a car that is great to look at, and would really help quench your thirst for a truly low vehicle.

However, you must make sure to use only the best tires for stretching as the safety of others and that of your own lies with these tires performing right.