5 Best Tires for SUV – Review in 2023

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SUV is suited for diverse tracks and road. Which is why picking the right tire for them becomes that much more challenging.

You have many options like summer tires, highway tires and performance tires.

But if you’re someone who uses their SUV true to its purpose, the only tire to meet all your requirements are all season truck tires.

However, even after narrowing it down to all season tire, you have a mount load of types to choose from.

To make matters easier we have listed the best tires for SUV that should serve you well as long as they are compatible with the speed ratings.

5 Best Tires for SUV

We have focused on all season and all terrain tires as they are suitable for SUVs if you plan on leveraging good traction on both highways and off road.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial

When choosing tires for SUVs you don’t only look for comfort, because then you’d go for summer or highway tires.

Instead, you look for a combination that’s more of a highway all season tire that’s going to give you support in both dry and wet conditions. That’s exactly what the Falken is best at.

The tread design has a rugged and jagged pattern to ensure you get traction and support on muddy roads.

On top of that, the tread pattern is such that you get improved stability and better handling out of it.

Also, the sipings are a good indicator of aggression needed off road. Having open shoulders with moderately aggressive side walls, you will not have gravels stuck under the blocks.

But what makes Falken SUV tires unique is the attention to detail and work they put behind their tire wheels.

This, for instance, comes with advanced heat diffusing features that enable the lower end of the sidewalls to reduce the heat and protect the tire from wearing out.

As this is a tire that’s meant to be ridden both off road and on road, it has ensured good traction and somewhat aggressive tread pattern while not sacrificing much on comfort.

As a result, this stays quiet when you hit the highway. Some road noise is audible, but it’s not enough to come in the way of your comfortable ride.


  • Offset shoulder blocks for increased traction on snow or mud
  • Features unique heat dissipating technology
  • Won’t make much highway road noise
  • Comfortable ride on all kinds of road or track


  • Wears out faster than summer tire or highway tire

Firestone All Season Touring Tire

Firestone All Season Touring Tire

Now for those who don’t go off road too often on their SUV or off road tracks aren’t on their commute path, the Firestone all season tire is what you need.

Being one of the best tire brands till date, Firestone tire is known for their superior ride quality and tread compound.

But what places this tire among the best all season tires is that it also comes at an unbelievable price.

If you’re living in a place with dry wet conditions and you also get light snow, this is the tire that has you covered.

You don’t have to change your tire wheels every season as this is a tire that’s built to last.

The tread life of this is expectedly high while the tread wear promises to last up to 65000 miles.

So, if you’re under the assumption that all season tires have shorter tread life, you’re mistaken.

Furthermore, as this is right among the best all season tires, it can easily handle light snow and ice.

Don’t misunderstand, this is not your winter tire, but the efficient tread design will serve you year round.

On top of that, the tread pattern was carefully designed so that during the monsoon times the circumferential grooves can channel out the water and offer more wet traction on the road.

Finally, as we mentioned the tread compound, it’s one of the finest we have seen for the price, as it features a strong steel belt with polyester frame for far more stability and traction on the road.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Has durable and stable body
  • Circumferential grooves improve the wet traction on road
  • Better equipped to handle light snow plus dry wet road
  • Great tread life


  • Tires don’t have an aggressive tread

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Cooper Evolution All-Season Tire

Cooper Evolution All-Season Tire

Cooper has designed this tire as ‘Specifically crossovers and SUVs tires’, which is why including them was one of our easier decisions.

Whatever expectations we have of the best SUV tires, this checks all the boxes.

One of the better things about this tire is that it has managed to find the sweet spot between highway all season tires and mud terrain tires.

As a result, you get good traction on wet conditions while the aggressive tread makes the tire wheels grippy on muddy or light snow pathways.

So, no matter the road conditions, you can count on these tires for high performance.

The tire size is optimal for balancing dry and wet pavements and giving you a smooth and comfortable ride.

Further, the tread compound of these all season SUV tires were designed keeping road noise in mind.

So, they are meant to give you a quiet driving experience with almost no outside disturbance.

We will tell you right away that these tires aren’t exactly winter tires. So, they aren’t meant for off road conditions.

However, if you want highway tires with excellent ride comfort and smooth handling that make the vehicle feel grounded on the road, you won’t see products much better than this.

The overall ride quality is as good as a set of tires can possibly provide you with.

But the icing on the cake is that they can handle mud and snow while the circumferential grooves resist hydroplane and ensure long tread life.

In addition, this also features 3D micro gauge sipings for better wet traction.


  • Highway all season tires for a smooth ride
  • Designed to reduce road noise
  • Great for on-the-road driving throughout the year
  • Improved handling with better traction on dry and wet conditions


  • Won’t provide much off-road traction

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Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire

Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire

The Michelin defender LTX is one of the SUV tires that once you use, you will become loyal to the brand.

While it might come for a heftier price, the benefits outweigh the cost any day.

It is definitely one of the best all season tires for crossover or SUV.
The reason behind that is simple, this SUV tire can handle any kind of road or obstacle you throw at it, be it impediments like rock, logs or gravels on the pavement or be it different conditions like dry wet or snow.

Also, these truck tires can handle light snow but they aren’t your heavy snow storm handling winter tires.

What makes the design of the Michelin defender LTX so unique is their very own Evertread design.

The unique design and tread pattern help it deliver high endurance even on tougher conditions.

So, even if there’s mud or snow, the traction offered by these SUV tires will make handling a lot easier than any mud terrain tire.

But that’s not where its all season tread features cease. The Evertread technology also improves fuel economy making the Michelin defender LTX much more profitable over the long run.

And these are tires you will be using for a long time. They don’t only have a great tread life but the units come with 70,000 miles assurance. This goes to show how confident the brand is.

While these SUV tires by no means have an aggressive tread pattern, they do fairly well on light snow and mud while ensuring ride quality that is second to none.

This is also owing to the Evertread design and the sidewalls. Further, there is almost no road noise which adds to the ride comfort.


  • Tread provides better traction to help stop faster
  • Unique Evertread design for better endurance, handling, and stability
  • An all season tread design for all kinds of roads
  • Tread life averaging to 70,000 miles


  • Expensive

Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S SUV Touring All-Season Tire

Perhaps the best SUV tires from Bridgestone yet, the Alenza sport is the crossover SUV touring tire you were looking for.

This is sort of our surprise pick of the lot, because these tires are fairly new and their tread life isn’t tested yet.

But knowing Bridgestone, you should understand that shorter tread life isn’t really a concern.

What they have done well on this is the shoulder design. Usually, the all season tires for SUVs you see have more groove to make them grippier.

However, Bridgestone has managed that while keeping the shoulders closed. As a result, you will get better fuel economy, less wear, and more mileage out of this product.

That’s not all, the tread pattern, mainly the grooves on the rib make up for the shoulder with well-balanced siping that provides good traction and grip on dry wet surfaces.

Further, with this tread pattern the ride quality will be the best, as handling will be smooth, and the SUV will be very stable.

On top of that, the set of tires also make sure that road noise is minimum, if none at all.

Another thing about the Bridgestone is that if you prefer wider rims, the tire size will be perfect for you.

Finally, it’s almost a given that the best all season tires will have good mileage. It comes to show that you can use them without the tires wearing out.


  • Very quiet on the road
  • Has good mileage and won’t wear out easily
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Easy handling and braking performance


  • Made recently, so reviews and ratings from users aren’t available yet

Buying Guide

When you buy SUV tires, you want their performance to be well throughout the year, hence you need to look at extra features that you wouldn’t need otherwise. In this buying guide, we will walk you through the features you can’t miss.

Tread Pattern

Tread pattern might be the only thing you need to look at when buying tires but in them lies a variety of things to check.

Starting from the shoulders to the ribs, all have different designs for different tires.

SUV Tires for Terrains That Experience Light Snow

SUV tires for vehicles that you want to drive mostly on highway road, you will want the tread blocks to not have too large of a groove.

Large grooves are for off road driving when you need to dig into the terrain to drive.

But on pavements, there’s hardly a need for that. A straight tread pattern with sipings to avoid obstacles, mud or snow should provide enough traction.

You might think bigger blocks look better but with them performance on the road diminishes by a whole lot.

For starters, your fuel economy will be worse off and your tires will wear out faster too.

SUV Tires for Terrains That Experience Moderate to Heavy Snow

If you straight on have snow storms, then winter tire or snow tires are your best options.

But if you still insist on an all season tire, then you need a product with better traction to grip on the snow.

Hence, we recommend you look for open shoulders and bigger sipings. This sort of SUV tires are closer to resembling snow tires and handle the snow a lot better.

Treadwear and Mileage

With highway tires, treadwear is the least but they don’t provide good traction on wet roads.

A treadwear mileage ranging above 50,000 miles is good enough depending on the price.

And it’s understandable that more price should entail better mileage. A shorter tread life doesn’t necessarily make the tire bad but it might not be right for year-round use.


All season tires are generally quieter than mud terrains but still make sure the noise element isn’t too overbearing. Aggressive best all-terrain tires tend to make more noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tires for SUVs different than normal tires?

SUV tires are designed keeping the off-road riding in mind and thus have tread blocks that provide more traction on mud or sand terrains. They are often larger than passenger car tires too

When should I buy all terrain tires?

This depends on a number of factors. Firstly, your original tires’ type. Next, if you spend a considerable time off road, then you will do better with all terrain tires.

Also, if the snow in your area is severe during winter, you’re better off with all terrain tires

Do SUV tires have bad ride quality?

The best SUV tires will be just as comfortable as highway tires. These have a bit more siping for more traction in the rain or snow, but are mostly designed keeping comfort in mind.

When should I buy all season tires?

All season tires are the happy medium between highway tires and mud terrain tires.

Hence, if your area doesn’t see heavy snow but moderate rain during the monsoons, then you will need all season tires

Which tires have better fuel economy?

For the optimal fuel efficiency, straight ribbed is the best tire. And for SUVs the equivalent of that are highway tires or summer tires. The next to those are all season tires.

Final Words

All the tires we have reviewed are based on their performance in various conditions and surfaces.

So, if you focus on durability with good handling and traction, then these are the best tires for SUVs. Some of them are a little pricier, but they make up for it with their performance and mileage.