5 Best Truck Ramps Review With Buying Guide in 2023

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Truck ramps are life saviors when you’re packing up for a tailgate party right beside an ATV race trail. It’s time you took your ATV truck for a spin at a famous off-road park and feel the thrill of racing.

Since these racer trucks are not allowed on the highways, you have to load yours up on a regular truck and drive to the destination. And for that, you need quality truck ramps.

Apart from rolling up your mighty four-wheeler to where the action is, you can use the best truck ramps for all sorts of things. And this is where you’ll find it! Considering the quality of the hinges, size, foldability, and finish, we have rounded up 5 of the best ramps just for you!

5 Best Truck Ramps Review in 2023

Keep reading to find out about the 5 top-rated truck ramps for safely loading your ATV trucks, motorcycles, and utility vehicles on the tailgate with comfort!

TOOCA 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Ramps

TOOCA 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Ramps

The hassle of loading a heavy, race-ready ATV on your truck is real. You don’t want anything to happen to its wheels or damage the delicate internal machinery during the journey to the campsite. These TOOCA aluminum ramps are here to save your time and energy for complete camping fun on the weekends!

Since these are made of heavy-duty aluminum, the truck ramps are exceptionally lightweight. They can carry heavy loads up to 1500 pounds altogether. This means that each of the two truck loading ramps has a weight capacity of 750 pounds.

That said, transporting your 700-pound All-Terrain Vehicle is not a problem at all considering it is the usual weight of these awesome four-wheelers.

These TOOCA folding ramps have the ability to safely load different models of ATV and dirt bikes. Additionally, you can expand these bi-fold, lightweight aluminum ramps to 89 inches in length, and fold them back to 45 inches for hassle-free storage.

A staunch center bar is placed in the folding joint so that each truck loading ramp, as a whole, is very well-balanced for the job. Moreover, these truck loading ramps are manually welded ensuring that the joints are sturdy all the way.

Moreover, the 3 rubber-tipped fingers at the bottom of the TOOCA aluminum truck ramps prevent it from slipping. They make the loading procedure a stable, effortless one.

The convenient load straps on these best aluminum truck loading ramps are very easy to use. You also get a detailed and graphical guide on how to set up the heavy-duty strap securely.

TOOCA recommends a ground clearance no more than 36 inches for a safe loading and unloading. Keeping a smaller angle between a truck loading ramp and the bed is always encouraged since it puts less pressure on the product.


  • Foldable truck loading ramps are extendable to 89 inches or 7.5 feet
  • The robust center bar in the folding part ensures better strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty hinges and joints
  • Rubber coated fingers and reverse barrier profile for extra security


  • Some users complained that the punched in holes feel sharp from the bottom

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Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

The best thing about the Black Widow motorcycle ramp is that it is a dedicated motorcycle carrier. If you have no intention of driving a four-wheeler anytime soon, this exclusive motorcycle ramp is a smart option.

We particularly like the Black Widow ( as well as Scarlett Johansson) because it attaches directly to the tow hitch on your truck. You do not need to tie down these aluminum ramps every time you set out for the race tracks.

It is because this motorcycle ramp is shaped more like a quick hitch rather than the see-saw shaped bi-fold ramps we see everywhere.

The ATV motorcycle ramp that you get in the package is well-made, sturdy, and durable for heavy-duty loading and unloading. It will neither collapse nor wobble during the loading period.

Thanks to its strong welds and advantageous build. As for the dimensions, Black Widow incorporated a satisfying track length of 75-¼ inches.

You can place this loading ramp either on the left or the right side of the carrier to avoid traffic. This way, you can roll your bike on the carrier surface via this aluminum truck loading ramp and roll it off in the same way.

Besides, this 5.5-inch wide Black Widow motorcycle ramp runs 47 inches in length. It has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds. That said, the Black Widow is enough for motorcycle, dirt bike, and fat bike tires up to 5.5 inches.

And the best part? It comes with an anti-rattle component and a space-bar adapter to haul any Youth 50-80 cc. bike.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Compatible with 2-inch Class III and Class IV hitch receivers
  • Suitable for dirt bikes and motorcycles with up to 5.5-inch wide tires
  • Features a space-bar adapter for carrying Youth 50-80cc. bikes
  • This loading ramp can be set on the left or right side for rolling up and rolling down your bike


  • Some users do not prefer the wingnut installation or like the bolt quality

Gardhom 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp

Gardhom 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp

With an enormous capacity of 1500 pounds, rubber-coated fingers, and exemplary build quality, this set of 2 Gardhom ramps are the best for towing your favorite ATV truck. This easy-to-use aluminum folding ramp set comes at an affordable price and makes loading your heavy truck a piece of cake.

To begin with, these 7.5-feet folding loading ramps can carry a lot of weight- 750 lbs. each, to be direct. You can use the best ramp pair for rolling a dirt bike on the truck like a motorcycle carrier. Their foldable design allows you to store the ramps at the back of your truck after use.

The top part of the bi-fold ramp which starts from the rubber-tipped fingers and ends at the hinge measures 46 inches. Similarly, the bottom part that stays on the ground for loading the ATV also measures 46 inches.

This way, you get a usable ramp length of 90 inches which is more than enough for loading your vehicle comfortably.

Whether you are thinking about towing a truck trailer or shoveling the snow off your driveway, the best Gardhom ATV loading ramps are the best ramp set to keep on your truck bed. You can put this set of 2 truck loading ramps to a lot of uses for the tailgate party you have been patiently waiting for.

As for the protective measures, the rubber-coated fingers make sure not to scratch or dent your truck’s tailgate while the adjustable safety straps secure the truck ramp firmly in place.


  • This heavy-duty truck ramp is suitable for camping, tailgating, and loading heavy equipment
  • Safety straps and rubber-coated fingers are gentle on the truck
  • 1500 pound weight capacity
  • High-quality and lightweight aluminum construction


  • The safety straps are not of the best material for an ATV ramp

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Motorhot 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Motorhot 7.5-feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Why heave up the front of your ATV and make it stand on the bottom wheels like a circus animal when you can have a great pair of folding ramps at a reasonable price? You can easily load motorized gardening tools, heavy equipment, and practically anything besides your robust off-road rides with the help of these Motorhot truck ramps!

Each of the two aluminum truck ramps run 91 inches long and 11.5 inches wide. Considering that an ATV motorcycle has tires about 5-½ inches in width, you can use just a single ramp for loading the bike. On top of that, these aluminum ramps are wide enough to load a Utility Task Vehicle or a UTV.

For example, your snowblower, garden tractor, lawn mower, or super-sized four-wheelers have a much wider wheelbase than an ATV truck. In many cases, an ordinary aluminum ramp fails to accommodate the complete width of its tire tread.

Luckily for you, the Motorhot ramps are the best choice for safely loading and unloading not only an expensive Kawasaki ATV but also your big old garden tractor for the servicing day.

Its plate top surface features a good amount of traction that prevents the ATV from slipping down the ramps.

Additionally, this folding loading ramp takes up a minimum space because once you fold it, the length comes down to half. The heavy-duty hinges and joints allow you to use this product for a long time.


  • Loads trailers, motorcycles, dirt bikes with up to 5-½-inch tire treads
  • Ideal for loading tractors, lawnmowers, ATV and UTV trucks
  • 1500 pound weight capacity and the best plate top design
  • Easy to store and use


  • Both ramps have a slightly uneven pitch angle which might be a problem during loading in the snow

Pyle Car Driveway Adjustable Curb Ramps

Pyle Car Driveway Adjustable Curb Ramps

The Pyle curb-side truck ramp duo is the best choice for low-height vehicles to drive over an elevated platform with ease. These driveway curb loading ramps feature a textured surface- allowing the tires to have a good grip on the ramps and roll smoothly into a parking lot.

To begin with, these best truck loading ramps have cut-out holes so that you can permanently mount them to your driveway and parking lot. They measure 4 feet in width and 16 inches in depth.

This Pyle curb ramp has half the weight capacity compared to the very next model. But it easily supports a whopping utility truck the same as a passenger car. In fact, you can roll a wheelchair or a mobility scooter over not only the sidewalk but also an elevated platform. That’s how useful this curb ramp is!

Each of the 4 ramps that you get in the box weighs nearly 8 pounds and sports a polished, robust look. These ramps are made of the best industrial-grade plastic. You might have preferred a better synthetic rubber construction here.

But for the price, this is how good a durable truck ramp can get. Besides, its marine-grade material holds up nicely during the monsoon. You don’t have to worry about the ramp getting damaged in the mud and rain. Thanks to the built-in water channel at the bottom.

And finally, its superior load capacity makes the Pyle curb ramp worth every penny. It can safely support 5 tons of weight allowing standard passenger and utility trucks to go up and down the curbside. This is a perfect option for a loading dock, curbside, and your home garage. Moreover, your car won’t vibrate or make noises while driving over this curb.


  • Suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, mobile wheelchairs, bikes, hand trucks and trailers, and Hi-Lo forklifts
  • Its textured surface increases traction and reduces vibration
  • Built-in water channel for dispersing mud and water
  • A permanent mounting option is available


  • You cannot bolt two curbs together
  • Might slide down the curbside if not mounted firmly

What To Look For Before Buying a Truck Ramp

An off-road vehicle, as fun and challenging, as it is, does not come cheap. If you happen to own the best Yamaha dirt bike, consider yourself lucky. But now it’s time to put that monster ride to test on strenuous terrains and see what it’s made of.

Before we get to that, you obviously wouldn’t drive your ATV motorcycle from the garage to reach a spot that is at least a couple of miles away. This vehicle isn’t suitable for the highways at all; in fact, they are quite unsafe for paved roads. That is why you need the best truck loading ramps for your dirt bike or ATV motorcycle. 

If you’re thinking about buying the best truck ramp at a good price but don’t know where to start, take a moment to read our buying guide below. We have listed down the key specifications you should be aware of in particular before making a purchase. 

Load Capacity 

When it comes to choosing the best ramp for your truck, the first thing to notice is the load-bearing capacity. If you settle for a ramp pair that can’t bear the weight of your all-terrain truck, it can bend in unusual shapes and even come off the tailgate. That said, it is quite unsafe to use a low-capacity ramp especially when you’ll be loading a heavy truck along with other pieces of baggage.

The most basic ATV vehicle models do not weigh more than 800 pounds. Luckily for you, truck ramps made of durable aluminum usually have a weight capacity of 1500 pounds on two ramps.

That means you have around 750 pounds on each of the ramps. You can check out the TOOCA aluminum folding loading ramps which have this exact feature.

Sturdy Construction 

Nowadays, you cannot trust aluminum alloys simply because you don’t know how safe and sturdy it is going to be. Some are heavy, while others are surprisingly lightweight. On the plus side, durable aluminum is less prone to rust compared to steel.

So, it’s better if you choose a heavy-duty aluminum ramp for loading heavy trucks and trailers. The Motorhot aluminum folding ramps are sturdy enough to load heavyweight utility vehicles besides your regular ATV.

Uses of an ATV Ramp 

You can use the best ATV truck ramp for loading not only your all-terrain vehicles but also four-wheelers and utility trucks. We are talking about a garden tractor, lawn mower, snowblower, and many other gardening vehicles that run on four wheels. For example, you can load seed spreaders, rakers, and plowers from one property to another.

Especially when there’s a highway in between two properties, these utility trucks cannot be propelled by themselves on the road. You need to carry them and, for that, you need a pair of truck ramps. 

Truth be told, if you don’t need to transport a camping trailer, a lawnmower, or a four-wheeler, getting a fully-fledged truck ramp for your vehicle is a waste of money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can  I use a truck ramp as a motorcycle carrier?

The best thing about truck ramps is that they usually come in pairs. Individually, they are wide enough to load your ATV dirt bike with ease. Truck ramps are a supporting platform for you to roll up the vehicle on the tailgate. After you’re done, you have to fold them back and close the truck.

On the other hand, motorcycle carriers are connected to your truck’s hitch. Your bike stays on the carrier at the back of your truck whereas it is loaded up on the truck’s platform directly when you use a ramp. Therefore, both are incredible devices for carrying an ATV vehicle but their functions are not the same. 

How do I secure aluminum ATV ramps to my truck? 

Truck ramps come with rubber-coated fingers that latch directly on your tailgate as you load the truck. They also feature a secondary latching system with safety straps that bind the ramp more securely to your truck. This way, the ramp stays firm without coming apart from the tailgate while loading a heavy ATV vehicle. If you want to avoid it altogether, the Black Widow is the best option since it attaches to your truck hitch.

How to eliminate the sharp edges on a truck ramp underside?  

Most aluminum truck ramps have punched-in holes for tying up the safety straps. These holes are not necessarily polished or ground smooth from below. Therefore, you can be exposed to sharp edges and injure yourself if you’re not being careful. Besides, the sharp edges might damage the safety straps or tear them. You can easily fix these burrs by taking a sanding paper to sand away the bits. 

What is the recommended vehicle height for loading heavy equipment on ATV ramps? 

If the tailgate is too high and the ramp too steep, loading your ATV truck gets a lot harder and unsafe as well. You can try installing a longer ATV loading ramp; preferably between 7 to 9 feet so that the effect is minimized. Once the ground clearance is less than 36 inches, you can easily load ATV trucks and motorcycles via a 7.5-feet ATV loading ramp. Additionally, you can park your truck in a dip for reducing the angle. Remember- the flatter, the better!

What does an ATV ramp’s safety strap do? 

The safety strap on the ATV loading ramps is simply there for ensuring a secure attachment between the tailgate and the ramp. It’s quite common for an ATV ramp to wobble while you’re rolling up your dirt bike on the platform. It is quite dangerous and it’s a problem you can easily get rid of by firmly tying the safety straps in place.

Final Words

A truck ramp for loading ATV and UTV trucks is a necessary tool every gardener, camper, and all-terrain racer should have in their arsenal. If you have a person dealing with a disability in your family, towing their wheelchair also calls for a well-made ATV ramp. The best truck ramps that we featured in this post will give you the best value for your money. Happy shopping!

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