Best Truck Tires Review in 2023 – New Edition

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Suppose you’re driving through lovely countryside with your good old truck, and suddenly a tire gets stuck in the mud.

Most people would agree that this is one of the most annoying events. It’s even worse when your heavyweight truck can’t pull through as your neighbors pass by.

So, what’s the solution? Well, just get a good set of tires (preferably the best), and you’ll be all set to face any rough terrain.

And this article is here to help you do just that. We’ve carefully reviewed many products out there to bring you the greatest truck tires in 2023.
Now let’s cut go to the chase and discuss the details.

Best Truck Tires Review

The question now is- what sort of tire should you get for your specific need? Checking reviews first is always a good idea, and here are a few for you to explore and choose from.

Federal Couragia M/T | Off Road/Mud Terrain Tire

Federal Couragia M/T | Off Road/Mud Terrain Tire

Do you need something that not only looks aggressive but also provides a beastly performance on any off-road trails? Well then, we suggest you get this one from the brand Federal.

While you won’t have to burn out your pockets to buy this, it still gives the rugged and confident performance that many truck drivers love.

This 44-pound heavyweight tire is of radial construction. Moreover, its UTQG rating is 420 AA, making it a sure hit for any truck driver.

Having a speed rating of Q and a tread depth of 32.8 inches makes it one of the most popular products today.

What’s more, its unique tread design combined with its build’s sturdiness makes it durable in the long-term.

As the treads on this are composed of various styles- large, siped or stepped lugs with enough spaces in between, the clean-up operation is relatively easy.

There’s a groove in the mid-space which allows self-cleaning of debris while pushing out rock particles from hollow parts of the tread.

Be it the summer heat of the wild west in Texas or winter snowfalls of Colorado; these tires will last you through it all.

As long as you remember to rotate them every 2500 miles (or each oil change), you can rest assured they’ll pay for themselves.


  • It’s affordable.
  • Can handle a variety of terrain and weather conditions (rain, snow, heat).
  • The tread design is aggressive enough for a proper grip.
  • Hollow grooves in spaces between tread patterns push out rock particles, debris, and mud.


  • They aren’t completely quiet on highways and noisier as the tread gets lower.

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

This all-terrain tire is the perfect company for an adventure into the woods. Designed for severe snow-covered roads, you can even depend on this to drive on December’s harsh wintery days. This is why it’s qualified for the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.

After installing these, you’ll notice that the ride quality is much better and stiffer (positively) for a better overall experience.

These tires have the run-flat special feature, which means you’ll be better covered in emergencies. Their 13.6 inches of tread depth and 660AB rating of UTQG is also nothing short of impressive.

Since these tires are meant for any and all road conditions based on seasons, it’s only fair that they have something extra to make it possible.

Here we’d like to mention its heat diffusion technology, which makes this tire stay cool even under heavy load and long hours of towing.

The heat diffuser is located in the lower part of the sidewall, enabling the protection of all the wheel’s critical inner parts.

There’s also the 3D Canyon technology for siping, which increases the overall longevity by resisting wear.

And when you’re on the lower end of the psi scale, the upper sidewall, which has shoulder blocks, can help with off-road traction.


  • Has a run-flat feature for emergencies.
  • Looks aggressive and doesn’t need lifting.
  • Heat diffuser technology present for cooling under heat and heavy usage.
  • Perfect for heavy snow situations.


  • A bit loud on the road.

Carlisle Trac Chief Industrial Tire -12-16.5

Carlisle Trac Chief Industrial Tire -12-16.5

Bringing all the power in one pack is this beefy bias construction tire from Carlisle.

The Trac Chief model was the one that stood out to us the most both because of its sturdiness and utility-to-price value.

Having a rim width of 16.5 inches and a tread pattern worthy of monster rides, the fact that this made it to our list is a no-brainer.

Easy to install and built with high-quality materials, we were pleased to find how durable these tires are. The 10 ply tires don’t even squat when your vehicle’s loader is full.

Even if you snap off a valve (if you’re goofing around), your tires won’t give out on the ride completely. Instead, they’ll be semi-inflated to allow you to drive back to a secure area.

Another thing convenient about these tires is that they have tread indicators, allowing the driver to keep track of how much wear has taken place.

Whether you use a Bobcat or a John Deere, these can fit perfectly as there’s a good size range. Farmers are going to love having this on their tractors, no doubt.

As these are made in the US, you can rest assured of the quality. The max air pressure for this product is 65 psi, which is more than enough.

And last but not least- it looks rad on the big boys! The red and black combo is something unique to draw any trucker’s attention.


  • Heavyweight and heavy-duty for handling loads.
  • Sturdy and tough, so it doesn’t inflate easily.
  • Looks great due to unique design.
  • Comes with a tread indicator for extra convenience.


  • No noise reduction feature was included.

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Nexen Roadian CT8 HL Commercial Truck Radial Tire

Nexen Roadian CT8 HL Commercial Truck Radial Tire

It’s always best for commercial use to go the extra mile and get something better than the rest. And this CT8 HL tire from Nexen is the perfect radial tire to reach that extra mile.

Being suitable for all seasons and having the capacity to pull through in light snow conditions, it’s a tire meant for rough use.

Looking at it first glance, you can realize that it’s indeed built for heavier trucks, vans, and vehicles that carry loads often.

This tire has biting edges on its tread, giving it a boosted traction. Also, to aid in drainage and to hydroplane, there are three wide tread grooves present. So, you won’t have to worry about post-rain wet roads.

There’s also a transverse groove of half depth in the wheel’s center block region, providing excellent balance on challenging terrain.

As for the lifespan, you can count on these to be durable, thanks to the red square dimples present in the tread.

This prevents excessive stress and increases tread life overall. These tires are adored amongst users to the point that Dodge Sprinter vans use them as their original equipment.

Still, having trust issues? Then listen to this; these tires exceeded expectations giving us both smoothness and handled bumps on a 1000-mile trip like an expensive high-end product.

According to our experts, these are the top-rated truck tires for the money hands down.


  • Durable, due to the presence of square dimples on the tread.
  • Has smooth performance on challenging roads.
  • The design allows hydroplaning and drainage.
  • Suitable for all seasons and almost all weather.


  • Can’t handle snow as good as the TPMSF marked tires.

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Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

One of the biggest pet-peeves of most truck drivers is the noise and humming of tires on their trip through the mountain trails.

Besides, who knows which wild animal might get scared off, just because your truck can’t stay quiet?

So, if you’re a nature-head like us, you’ll probably love using this super affordable and ultra-quiet truck tire from Milestar.

As this tire weighs 37.9 pounds and is radial construction, you can have it installed to your Tundra or 99 Ranger without trouble.

With a speed rating of Q and a tread depth of 19 32nds, it’s a very popular and reliable tire in the heavy-duty vehicle community. Its size dimensions are 31 x 31 x 11 inches with a rim size of 15 inches.

For off-road use, these tires will provide excellent traction on both mud and snow. Let it be dirt, wet, sandy, muddy, or snowy terrain; this tire will not let you down.

This tires self-cleaning design ensures longevity and hassle-free rides. Within this budget, you really can’t ask for more.

On the flip side, this tire performs quite phenomenal on the road. Having very balanced traction, this tire minimizes road noise and provides a smooth, pleasant riding experience. You really cannot go wrong on these great tires.


  • It’s affordable.
  • Provides excellent traction and stability on all types of terrain.
  • Road noise is minimal.
  • The self-cleaning design keeps out rocks and dirt.


  • Shorter tread life.

Things to Consider Before Buying tires for truck

Things to Consider Before Buying tires for truck

If you’re a trucker, you don’t need us to tell you the importance of good quality tires.

Even so, some bullet points on what to keep in mind when buying them will surely make things easier for you. So, here are some of the things to look on a pre-purchase basis.


Generally, there are three types of truck tires, and you should get the ones that suit your truck best.

Mud-terrain Tires

These tires are meant for off-road trips and thus can endure the roughest off-road conditions with ease while aiding in stability and handling.

They work great if 80 percent of trips are off-road and 20 percent on-road.

All-Season Tires

Most OE tires are all-season or road-performance tires. These tires provide moderate performance and so, increase tire mileage. They will offer a pleasant ride and increased fuel economy.

All-terrain Tires

As the name suggests, these tires are the love child of the above two types as they give you a balance on or off-road performance.

These are great tires for general trucking, but look out for their increased road noise and decreased fuel economy.


Just like you need perfectly fitting shoes to run around, your truck needs perfectly sized tires to provide peak performance.

Bigger or smaller sizes than your original tires may end up damaging the rims or reduce the stability of your truck.

The easiest way to find the right size is to observe the serial number on the original tires’ sidewalls.

Tread Pattern

Tread Pattern

Truck tires have various tread patterns depending on the terrain it’s meant to drive on.

Off-road tires have big, large gridded patterns to increase traction and durability.

On the flip side, all-season tires have shallower grooves and symmetrical treads to give you a comfortable ride.

Tire Material

Tire performance changes depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Generally, tires are made with either silica or carbon compounds, which increase traction with wet terrain, resist damage, and last longer. Other compounds may be added to promote performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which psi is best for your truck’s tires?

The recommended PSI for these tires is between 30 and 35. There’s usually a sticker at the door jamb of the car or on the trunk’s lid, indicating what is best for that vehicle.

When is a good time to replace tires for trucks?

You should observe how your tread is wearing out and replace your tires accordingly.

Usually, as the tread wears, you’ll notice shallowness or unevenness on the pattern while your rides get bumpier. That’s a good time to switch and upgrade wheels.

When is a good time to replace tires for trucks

How to read codes on a truck tire?

The codes on tires indicate their size, performance, and type of use. Hence, you’ll find R written on radial tires and P for denoting labels as per the P-metric system. If it doesn’t have a P, it’s probably labeled in the euro-metric method.

What’s the best load range for a tire- D or E?

This depends on the driver and the vehicle’s use. The load range D can handle 1220 pounds of weight at 65 psi, whereas E can handle up to 1520 at 80 psi.

For cargo loaders and rides used for carrying heavy loads daily, E range is recommended.

Which truck tires last longer?

As 10 ply tires usually have a harder rubber compound, it lasts longer than 6 ply ones.

Final Words

Tired of watching sports cars have all the fun? Don’t worry, because once you’ve geared up with one of the good truck tires from our list of reviews, you’ll be riding on the fast lane (or any terrain for that matter) in no time!