Best Wheel Spacers Review in 2023 – New Edition

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The best wheel spacers are placed between the two bearings of each wheel. They are used on rollers, scooters, wave boards, and just about anything that works with bearings.

It is important that you use the type of spacer that fits your wheels.

If you do not use Wheel Spacers, the bearings will be overloaded and will eventually rotate and break.

If you use the wrong type of Wheel Spacers, the bearings may not be properly fixed and move from one side to the other when the wheel is in motion.

Wheel Spacers Comparison in 2022

Model  Thickness Bolt Pattern
Supreme Suspensions 4pc 1999-2016 6×5.5 inches M14x1.5 Check Price
GDSMOTU 4pc Wheel Spacers 2 inches 8X6.5/8X165.1 Check Price
Goplus 4PC 2″ 6×5.5 Wheel Spacer 2 inches 6×139.7 mm Check Price
ECCPP 1.25 inch 32mm Wheel Spacers 1.25 inches 5×4.5 to 5×4.5 Check Price
Supreme Suspensions – (4pc) 1.5 Inches 5 x 139.7mm Check Price
ECCPP Wheel Spacers 4PCS 2 inches 5×114.3 mm Check Price
Supreme Suspensions – 2002-2011 2 Inches 5 x 139.7mm Check Price

The thought of general modification of wheels haunts many of us, especially enthusiasts.

Fortunately, some modifications are inexpensive and have a major impact on our machines.

It is possible to make a complete modification of our suspension to acquire a widening look, but these sets of parts have a very high cost.

A set of wheel Spacers is, therefore, a good alternative to improve the stability of your quad or side by side.

The Wheel Spacers are the small parts inserted between the bearings on the axes of the rollers.

They ensure consistency between bearings, optimize rotation and promote alignment. It is on them that the bearings rest during tightening.

The Wheel Spacers are made from a high-strength aluminum alloy with hardened steel wheel bolts; therefore, they are strong, lightweight, and durable.

The wheel Spacers increase the clearance of the best tire from the chassis to allow the installation of a lift-over kit and larger-diameter, high-traction tires. Check out the Popular jeep lift kit review.

Please note that the installation of wheel Spacers should go hand in hand with an elevation assembly as these result in an increased center of gravity.

Forged heat-treated and hardened wheel bolts provide durability and corrosion resistance.

Some riders will be tempted to purchase a full set of new rims with the offset to increase the wheelbase of their vehicle.

The installation of wheel Spacers will offer the same result at a much lower cost.

Best Wheel Spacers Review

Supreme Suspensions Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

Supreme Suspensions Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

Supreme Suspensions shock absorber Wheel Spacers are the same type as those found on an original shock absorber. They do not require maintenance and offer a very good level of performance. They are compatible with almost all shock absorbers on the market.

These Wheel Spacers consist of a small metal tube that serves to hold the bearings in place in the wheel, making the longboard more controllable.

Thanks to it, the axle nuts can be tightened without the wheels being locked.

These high-quality wheel Spacers guarantee the highest level of performance and durability for your vehicles.

Each wheel spacer is built to last, heat-treated and hardened heavy-duty studs for added safety. This Wheel Spacer is forged from a real quality billet aluminum alloy.

The proper heating treatment is provided for the best reliability and durability.

It is precisely engineered for closer tolerance, and perfect and vibration-free fitting for 1999-2016 Chevy Silverado.


  • Product quality
  • No maintenance
  • Good performance


  • Not suitable for all types of wheels
  • Less compatible

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GDSMOTU 8 Lug Chevy GMC Wheel Spacers

GDSMOTU 8 Lug Chevy GMC Wheel Spacers

It is a high-quality wheel spacer with the function of anti-rust and anti-oxidize. It offers the property of perfect fit by eliminating the possibility of vibrations and frictions. It is perfectly adapted to your vehicles, easy installation, making your car elegant and aggressive

These wheel Spacers are precisely engineered for Chevy Suburban Silverado 2500 3500 HD, GMC Yukon XL Savanna Sierra HD 2500 3500, and 2014 -2019 Ram 2500 3500.

These Wheel Spacers are the most commonly used to ensure a particular set of wheels will fit snugly on a vehicle if the wheels have the wrong offset.

If the wheels interfere with suspension components or bodywork in the inner wheel arches, then installing a set of wheel chocks can solve this problem by placing the wheels further away from the body’s work.

On the other hand, wheel Spacers can potentially cause interference problems because they can locate the wheels closer to the fender lips and work the body around the wing openings.


  • Easy installation with DIY tools
  • Designed to move the wheel further away from the hub
  • Gives your car a more aggressive stance and allows for better handling of features
  • Fix clearance issues if your wheel is currently hitting your shocks or brake calipers


  • Need improvement
  • Just limited to specific models

Goplus 4PC 2″ 6×5.5 Wheel Adapters Review

Goplus 4PC 2

Goplus new high-quality aluminum wheel Spacers/adapters are very powerful and unique. The installation kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation. It is ideal for fixing clearance problems if your steering wheel is currently hitting your shock absorbers or brake calipers.

These Wheel Spacers improve the stability of the vehicle and give your vehicle a more aggressive stance.

They are precisely engineered for 2003-2012 Cadillac Escalade GMC Silverado Tahoe Suburban Chevy Sierra Savanna 1500 Yukon and Black 6 Lug.

Another reason for these wheel spacers to be used is to make a vehicle look better.

Wheels coming out at the edge of the body of a vehicle (but not beyond) give the vehicle a better “position”,

which is the way it is on the road. Wheel Spacers have been used for years by companies such as Porsche to not only improve handling but to make the appearance of the vehicle more aggressive.

However, if the wheel spacer is too wide, it may result in a strange look, where the wheels protrude outside the bodywork too far.


  • CNC machined aluminum of high quality aeronautical quality
  • Remove friction instantly and make room to mount a larger tire or wheel
  • Designed to move your other wheels out of the hub


  • Only compatible with 2003 to 2012 Cadillac Models

ECCPP 4PCS 1.25″ or 32mm Adapters

ECCPP 4PCS 1.25 inch

These wheel Spacers fit perfectly on your vehicles, eliminating any possibility of high speed vibrations. They are perfect for fixing customs clearance problems, for example; your wheels “shocks / Wheel Spacers or brake calipers.

The Black Wheel Spacers Adapters gives your vehicle an aggressive look and allows for better treatment of features.

They are tested with high power mustangs and gave exceptional results every time.

These wheel Spacers are precisely engineered for 1996-2007 Mazda B4000 B3000 Mercury Mountaineer Ford Mustang Jeep Wranglers with 1/2″ Studs.

Another reason to use such wheel Spacers is to increase the treatment of your vehicle. Wheel Spacers are installed between the wheels and the hub and push the wheel further away from the chassis, widening the track.

Its turning increases the amount of grip that your vehicle has in the corners, allowing faster turns.

Wheel Spacers can also alter the balance of handling your car.

For example, if you install Wheel Spacers in the back, but not before, you will get more grips on the back. This will cause your car to understeer, where the front goes out of the corner, into turns, due to increased grip from the rear.


  • The perfect fit brings the steering wheel closer to the more direct steering input
  • Helps with perfect adjustment to the base, without any slack, play or oscillations


  • May lead to deeper degradations on the shafts, bearings, etc

Supreme Suspensions – (4pc) 1.5″ Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

Supreme Suspensions - (4pc)

These black hub-centric wheel Spacers are designed with precision to widen your track tires on each side, enhancing the look of your vehicle, and providing more stability for jumps and turns. These Wheel Spacers are developed and rigorously tested by certified ASE specialists, in collaboration with many local off-road businesses.

Aerospace 6061 T-6 Aluminum is widely known for strength and lightweight, this quality material is guaranteed to withstand the most extreme environments.

Once the rings are properly installed, they remain installed without the risk of vibration or imbalance. The kit includes all the necessary equipment for installation.

These Wheel Spacers can cause wear on the suspension and hub components because of the added stress they place on parts that have been designed for certain tolerances by the accelerated manufacturer.

Because the wheels are further away from the center, more emphasis is placed on wheel bearings, hubs, and/or axles, which could cause these parts to fail prematurely.


  • Easy and fast installation -Make sure you get 5-7 rounds before tightening and must be torque up to the factory specifications


  • Continuous use in water and sludge leads to wear of the wheel Spacers
  • Regular check of the condition and dimensions of Wheel Spacers and replace is necessary

ECCPP Wheel Spacers 4PCS 2″ 5×4.5 to 5×4.5

ECCPP Wheel Spacers 4PCS

These wheel Spacers are made of premium quality aluminum. The conical shape of the Wheel Spacers helps to guide the wheel for its placement. They stay in place on the wheel and provide great ease of assembly – saving time and energy.

These ECCPP Wheel Spacers 4PCS 2″ 5×4.5 to 5×4.5 are precisely engineered for Jeep Liberty Wrangler Cherokee Grand Cherokee & More with Thread Pitch ½.

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  • These wheel Spacers are made with aviation quality aluminum type 7076 to prevent crushing
  • Stays in place when changing wheels
  • Excellent weight / rigidity ratio
  • Solidity
  • Comfort
  • Multiple choices of profiles (rim height)
  • Aero Dynamics


  • Higher cost
  • Multiple copies and poor quality manufacturing:
  • Braking a little less powerful

Supreme Suspensions – (4pc) 2002-2011 Dodge Ram 1500

Supreme Suspensions - (4pc) 2002-2011 Dodge Ram 1500

These wheel Spacers are entirely made of aluminum that is used in aviation. They are very rigid and do not deform during assembling and disassembling. These Supreme Suspensions wheel Spacers are precisely engineered for 2002-2011 Dodge Ram.

The maintenance of these spacers is essential if one wants to keep a well-guided axis. It contributes to the good hold of the wheel on the frame while preventing motion in the wheel that would produce its absence.

These Supreme Suspensions allow the forces to better distribute themselves and to support the solid parts.

Thus, between the vehicle and its nut, are contained bearings. And so there are not too many forces that support it, the spacer is the hyphen by touching the inner rings of the bearing.

Thus, rather than pressing only the bearings, the spacer relieves the bearing and maintains a constant gap between the 2 ball bearings of the wheel.

When you cannot tighten your nuts (because of the motion between the parts and for fear of over-tightening), the wheel moves laterally on the vehicle axle.


  • Wheelbase wheel Spacers widen your car, improving grip, handling, and precision
  • Improve the water tightness of your wheel while reducing friction.
  • Improve the tightness of your wheel while reducing friction
  • Help increase the service life of your wheel bearings


  • Probable risk of rust and decay
  • Not compatible with all types of wheels and vehicles

Types of Top Wheel Spacers

  • The 6mm Wheel Spacers have an extra ring in the center. You can use 6mm Wheel Spacers with 6mm axles.
  • The 8mm Wheel Spacers perfectly match the space between the bearings and do not require an additional ring. They are used with 8mm axles.

Mini / Micro (688)

Some brands manufacture mini / micro bearings that need to be used with special Wheel Spacers. They have a smaller diameter.


Most Wheel Spacers are made from metal. Plastic Wheel Spacers also exist, but they are not as strong as metal ones. We advise you to opt for metal Wheel Spacers.

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Which Wheel Spacers Model to Choose?

Theoretically, all the Wheel Spacers are able to perform the function. Some are equipped with a collar, which allows them to stay on the axis and facilitates the mounting of the wheels. Use a methodical and empirical approach to choose the good wheel spacer for cars, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs that satisfies your needs!

Attention to the Diameters of the Axes to Choose Your Wheel Spacers

These small and insignificant parts greatly condition the performance of our rollers. Too long or too short, they damage the bearings or block the wheels.

If you need to change your Wheel Spacers, beware that the pins can have a diameter of 6 mm, 7 mm, or 8 mm.

If you are equipped with 6 or 7 mm pins, the spacer will often fit into the bearings. Sometimes the inside of the spacer can be screwed in, and the pins replaced with screws.

Sometimes, the turntables do not have bearing spans, and you will have to add these parts, this is particularly the case for hypo brand skates.

If you are equipped with 8mm pins, the spacer will simply be positioned between the bearings as support for tightening.

Which is better – Plastic or Metal?

Many entry and mid-range models are equipped with plastic Wheel Spacers. It happens that they break. In this case, do not hesitate to replace them with metal Wheel Spacers, more expensive, but more resistant and more effective.

What Are The Consequences Of An Unsuitable Wheel Spacer?

Whatever the spacer and the type of wheel, the axial tightening is done on the inner rings of the bearings.

Bearings and wheels are essentially linked by a tight fit between the outer ring and the core.

If the spacer is too large, the shoulder of the core may “wander” between the two bearings, and therefore the wheel will have the play, If the spacer is too small, the inner rings will crash, and the bearing will be forced.

At best, the wheel does not turn at all, at worst; the tracks of the rings will wear badly and degrade the bearing.

How to Find the Most Suitable Wheel Spacer?

The first thing is to pay attention to is the bearings are mounted by pushing on their outer ring, up to the shoulder of the core.

  • Rotate pressing with a finger, the inner ring of one of the bearings. The ring of the other bearing must turn too.
  • If one of the bearings comes out when you press the other, the spacer is too long,
  • If the spacer moves when you shake the wheel, it may be too short,
  • Mount the wheel on the axle and turn it by tightening it. If the wheel slows down, the spacer is too short.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How to choose the right Wheel Spacers for your machine?

It is very easy to determine the size of the hub holes relative to your vehicle (bolt pattern).

The first number is the number of bolts; this figure is normally “4” and the second digit is the distance in millimeters between 2 diametrically opposed bolts. Depending on your vehicle,

this measurement should be 110, 115, 137, 144, or 156 (these are the most common dimensions) for example, on a Can-Am Outlander 800, that’s 4/137.

How to improve the stability of the vehicle by wheel Spacers?

The spacer is a simple metal tube that slides between the 2 bearings and is located in the center of the wheel.

Wheel Spacers expand the wheelbase of your vehicle, increasing stability and lateral roll resistance.

The added stability provides additional control for seasoned hikers and an extra margin of safety for younger or less experienced people.

How to install Wheel Spacers?

Simply screw the spacer to the wheel hub of your vehicle, tighten your wheel and you’re done: Here are the easy steps,

1-elevated your vehicle to clear the wheel from the ground and remove it, 2-install l spacer on the hub, make sure that the contact surface is clean, 3-bolt the nuts to the hub of the vehicle.

At this stage, if you have a torque wrench at your disposal, it is best to use it and refer to your owner’s manual to know how many lbs/ft to exert on them.

The use of a torque wrench will ensure that your Wheel Spacers will be installed with the proper pressure and evenly.

Put the wheel back in place, bolt the nuts by hand and finish the operation with the torque wrench. Repeat these steps for the rest of the vehicle wheels and you will finish the job in less than ½ hour.


The wheel is perhaps one of the most beautiful inventions of man. It is commonly accepted that this revolutionary idea – like the invention of writing – was born in Mesopotamia – present Iraq – around 3,500 years BC.

The only certainty is that the invention of the wheel has revolutionized the world.

It completely changed the way transport was conceived. In order to enhance the beauty and safety of your tires, Wheel Spacer is the best product for you and your vehicle.

It is the most useful and necessary product for your car and other transport. Wheel Spacers play a vital role in the performance of wheels making your drive smooth and comfortable.

One cannot neglect the role of Wheel Spacer in the vehicles. There are many brands available in the market that can be best suitable for your needs but you have to look closely for the different features and the prices that are absolutely right for you.

Whatever size, and dimensions of specifications you choose, don’t forget to concern our top reviews mentioned above. Have a good shopping day!