Best Jeep Winches Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Buying the best jeep winch is one of the best investments you can make to offer your SUV a lifeline for the times when things go wrong.

A winch comes handy when you discover that you are a casualty to bent suspension or any other type of vehicle damage, or when you are trapped in a crevice or hole.

A good winch for the jeep is handy when it comes to moving obstacles out of your way as well.

Best jeep winch 2019

The type of winch you need differs, depending on a few variables such as the pulling weight and there a number of the factors to guide you towards buying the top winch for the money.

Read this detailed review to have an insight into all these.

Best Jeep Winch comparison table 2020

NameMotorGearingGear ratioInterested?
Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATVSealed 1.2 HP permanent magnet1-Stage planetary136:1
Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 1.6 hp Motor, 12V DC3-stage planetary140:1
Smittybilt (98510 X2O Waterproof6.6hp Series Wound3-Stage Planetary218:1
Superwinch LT2000
1.0 hp (0.8kW) PM motorDifferential planetary153:1
Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch
6.6hp Series Wound.3-Stage Planetary161.28:1
Superwinch (1140230 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR
Sealed low amperage permanent magnet motor3-Stage Planetary166:1
X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric
4.5KW, Series Wound3 Stage Planetary265:1
Smittybilt 98495 XRC
6.6hp Series Wound3-Stage Planetary161.28:1
Superwinch 1331200 UT3000
1.2 hp (0.9kW) PM MotorDifferential planetary153:1
Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope
-Three-stage Planetar-
 Our Top Pick : Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch 
Our top pick and the best truck winch for the money is Smittybilt 97595 XRC Winch. This winch has a load capacity of 9500 lbs, allowing you to tow almost any type of truck or material. ThisSmittybiltwinchcan meets merely all your moving or towing requirements.
top jeep winch

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – 9500 lbs load capacity is sturdy, long-lasting, tough, and easy to control.

Also, it is waterproof. The winch makes use of a three-stage terrestrial gear system and features an amphibious motor. Furthermore, it is equipped with a completely waterproofed 500AMP solenoid.

This means that nothing bad will happen to it, even if it is wet.

Look no further than Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch if all you need is a premium waterproof winch built to last a lifetime.

This is a unit that will cater to all your heavy towing and shift solid materials or objects in wet or watery environments.

It is very strong and crafted to take some serious abuse.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch the best Smittybilt Winch because it is rugged and has more than sufficient strength to pull your truck or Jeep Wrangler out of the muck.

It comes with a 6.6 HP motor, as well as a planetary gear system that transforms that horsepower into raw pulling strength.

You need to note that water is a key ingredient in a mud hole. That is the main reason you need a good winch of this magnitude.

This incomparable electric winch has more than three hundred 4 stars and 5 stars reviews on Amazon, making it one of the best selling models on the platform.

Users talked wildly concerning the excellent pulling capacity of the XRC 97495, while a lot of them also comment on the easy installation of the winch.

More than a few of these users testify regarding how this cheap winch for the jeep(real money saver when putting against the purpose it serves) saved them from muddy and sticky situations.

Read on to know how to Install Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch on Your Jeep Wrangler.

Installation Process

  • Loose and remove the negative battery cable of your car from the battery with a 10mm Open End Wrench.
  • Use the box knife to cut the outer part of the winch box open and lay it flat for you to use it as a work area in the course of the winch pre-assembling. This is to make you work on a clean, dry surface.
  • Bring the winch and the accessories out of the box and lay them on the cardboard you already prepared in step 2 above. Make sure you have all the parts available by checking them against the parts list in the instructions included. This is an opportunity for you to confirm whether the finish on the winch has not been damaged in transit.
  • Fasten the control unit brackets to the base of the control unit with the long Allen bolts and Allen key added to the winch. Also, make use of the included plastic spacers in-between the control unit and the bracket. Use your hand to tighten firmly but don’t over-tighten.
  • Clip the frontage of the control unit brackets to the frontage top bar of the winch and bring the rear of the control unit down pending when the brackets sit on the back bar of the winch unit. Use two supplied Allen screws and lock washers to protect the back of the brackets, making use of the added Allen wrench.
  • Connect the wiring by following the wiring diagram included, harmonizing wire A to terminal A and vice versa. Terminal A makes use of a 13mm open end wrench, while terminal B, C, and D make use of a 14mm Wrench.
  • Use dielectric grease to fill each boot before you push the boot over each terminal from the wire. This is to stop water from corroding and infiltrating the electrical connections. Coating this dielectric grease also is recommended as there is no boot for the ground (Terminal A).
  • Lift the winch unit up and set it inside your winch bumper or winch plate with the assistance of someone. Line the holes in the mounting plate up in the pedestal of the winch inside the holes located within the base of the winch.
  • Put the 4 square nuts that come with the winch in the pedestal of the winch and install the lock washers and winch mounting bolts from the bottom of the bumper, making use of the 16mm socket, ratchet, and socket extension.
  • Run the lengthy red and lengthy black wires under the grille and up to the battery carefully. With awareness, tie the wires away from the exhaust, belt-driven engine accessories, and any moving parts in the suspension, making use of the zip ties.
  • Use the 10mm open end wrench to slacken the terminal nut located on the positive battery cable end and fix the red wire to the terminal. Use the 10mm wrench to reinstall the nut.
  • Hook up the black wire to the detached negative battery cable end with the 10mm open end wrench.
  • Use the 10mm open end wrench to re-fix the negative battery cable to the battery and tighten the cable end.
  • Set up the winch fairlead located on the frontage of the winch bumper or winch plate with the lock washers, nuts, and bolts included. Use the 18mm ratchet and socket to tighten.
  • Take away the rubber band holding the end of the winch cable on the winch.
  • Check all the connection and bolts again to ascertain that they are tight.
  • When you are using the winch, make sure you follow the instructions included.

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Top 10 Jeep Winches Reviews 2020

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC Winch

The versatile 3,000lbs/1360kg capacity winch is perfect for those who are in need of a bigger, long-lasting, reliable and functional winch. This winch is built with a low amp, lasting magnet motor guarded by a circuit breaker. It also features a handheld remote, handlebar rocker switch, mount plate, and a roller fairlead.
Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC Winch

Superwinch LT3000ATV offers dependable performance, making it a trusted brand.

Additionally, it serves as a great winch for the casual ATV snowplow application.

It has a strong complete metal 3-stage planetary gear train, and other amazing features that make it great and durable.

Another great thing about this winch is that it comes at a reasonable price that offers the adaptability and toughness that is of inevitability for all serious ATV and other sports car owners.

Superwinch LT3000 ATV winch consists of an abundance of helpful safety feature standard.

Some of the features are; dynamic and mechanical braking as well as the 100% automatic load holding to reduce the likelihood of wire rope slippage in whenever there is power failure or surge, and also to give fast stopping of the drum.

  • Functional and reliable
  • Durable
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Extensively powerful and can endure all weather conditions
  • Difficult to install in some cases

Super Winch 1135220 Reviews

This particular winch comes with powerful and sturdy oil packed bearings, coalesced with a planetary gear ring. This is the feature that makes Superwinch 1135220 second to none. It is a high-efficiency winch that gives 1.6 HP pulling power and it is of 3,500 lbs capacity.
Super Winch 1135220 Reviews

This is what makes it perfect for vehicle recovery, load hauling, or field dressing game.

It has regular 50 feet 13/64’ steel wire rope that can handle all your winching needs around the farm, on the trail, or when you are on a hunt.

The Superwinch 1135220 winch model is the best of all with a low-amp draw, making running it off your UTV or ATV electrical supply a spur-of-the-moment.

If you are one of the ATV/UTV owners looking for a premium multi-purpose winch that can take care of any job, this is the ideal model for you.

  • Well-built Wiring and Terminals for ease of use
  • It comes with a 1.6 HP Motor for incomparable leverage with heavier loads
  • Its Dynamic Braking protects the ATV and activates easily
  • Comes with Steel Wire Rope that can Manage Larger Loads
  • Easy to use Free-Spooling Clutch. Protects Steel Rope From Damage
  • Generates10.2 Feet Per Minute (3,500) to guarantee efficient pulling
  • Added mounting plate makes it easy to set up
  • Comes with a circuit breaker protection to offer reliable and consistent power in all weather conditions
  • Its low amp permanent magnet motor delivers unbelievable performance
  • Cheap winch for jeep, making it an affordable choice to go with
  • Shorter than expected battery cables
  • If not wound gently, wire can begin to kink
  • Makes noise when working on bigger load
  • A number of customers complained that the wires get tangled

Smittybilt 98510 X 2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

This 10000 lbs load capacity winch has been crafted for better performance and hassle-free operation in almost every area. Each X2O winch comes with a completely sealed Series Wound 6.6 HP motor and a 3-Stage Planetary Gear System.
Smittybilt 98510 X 2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

Moreover, it features an entirely waterproof 500 AMP solenoid pack you can mount in 2 different positions, based on your application needs.

They also boast a new controller that you can wire to the winch or use unplugged for easy wireless operation. Winch X2O also boasts optimized gear ratios that convey lightning-fast line speeds.

The Smittybilt 98510 X 2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch is a proper powerhouse as far as the world of Jeep winches is concerned!

With mighty 6.6 HP motor of this best winch for jeep under 500 is bulky enough to pull out a bus full of obese passengers out of a canal!

It features a wireless remote control, making it possible for you to stand at a great distance and operate it quite easily.

It is wholly waterproof for further protection. As a result, you don’t have to worry about protecting it from rain and other moist elements.

Check out Smittybilt 98510 X 20 Com Series if you are looking for something more versatile.

Offering unparalleled performance and peace of mind, winch X 20 is covered by Smittybilt Lifeline Warranty.

  • It comes with a black textured finish that makes it look elegant
  • It is physically powerful with a weight of 99 lbs
  • Has an incorporated wireless remote
  • Extra-large tie rods offer maximum support
  • Waterproof and rated IP68, meaning that it can remain submerged for 30 minutes in water
  • Numerous choices to choosefor mounting depending on your convenience
  • The larger clutch is more than when you are working with gloves
  • You must buy the lead mount for it to work effectively
  • After using it for a while, some bolts can become loose
  • At times, the wireless controller acts up

Super Winch LT2000 12V Utility Winch

Despite the fact that this 2000 lbs capacity load utility winch is small in size, it is enormous in power. SuperWinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch makes use of 49 feet 5/32-inch wire rope for towing objects with a stainless thimble and it comes with a 1 HP motor which generates 2000 lbs pulling capacity or energy.
Super Winch LT2000 12V Utility Winch

In addition, it has different terrestrial gearbox and free spooling clutch which offers resourceful pull and turns.

You may not need this winch if you are winching heavy loads, but it is a good and effective performer when the load is lighter. Nevertheless, you can upgrade this winch in the future by just connecting an ATV handlebar.

With the handled rubber remote, however, you can operate this winch with safety from a distance.

But there can be momentum in the machine because the pooling segment is not in the middle.

  • Its powerful o.8 kW motor makes it powerful and efficient
  • Comes with a differential planetary gearbox
  • Its rubber-coated remote switch guarantees safe handling
  • You must pull or release because it cannot hold a single position
  • The remote control switch is not waterproof

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

XRC 97495 is confirmed to be the savior for all the road junkies being wholly waterproof and having a corded remote facility. Further, Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch has the capability of pulling a beastly weight of 9500 lbs.
Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

Giving you helping hand or assistance when you are in a serious need is major importance ofSmittybilt 97495.

So far, this best winch for jeep under 500 has succeeded in performing up to this expectation. With this winch, you can rest assured of getting the value for your money.

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  • Well-built and nice looking
  • Powerful and has strong wires that can withstand any situation
  • Built with the consideration of the next generation technology
  • It is capable of pulling 9500 lbs even though it weighs 78 lbs only
  • Clear and precise instructions
  • Fast recovery system for any rescue mission
  • Can easily be mounted on all ATVs and SUVs
  • Connecting the electrical cable may be difficult
  • The remote control couldmess sometimes

Superwinch 1140230 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch

This 4000 lbs load capacity winch is the combination of many features such as a dominant 1.4 HP permanent magnet motor, strong fabricated steel drum, metal 3-stage planetary gear train, and a 4,000-LB pull rating, among others. LT4000ATVwas developed by Superwinch to meet the needs of intermittent winchers.
Superwinch 1140230 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch
It comes with a relocated in-motor brake in order for the synthetic brake heat not to damage the synthetic rope, reinforced steel drums, and a powerful enduring magnet motor.

You may require a winch mount plate kit to mount this winch on your UTV, ATV or Side-by-Side.

  • In spite of the load, it has heavyweight performance with incredible line speed
  • Its flexible switch mounting locations allows for easier use in different circumstances
  • Despite its 4000 lbs load capacity, it has compact unit. This means that it is perfect for smaller ATVs
  • It comes with 50′ of 3/16″ Dyneema Synthetic Rope which is as sturdy as steel rope
  • Has a perfect 1.4 HP permanent magnet motor and this helps harmonize the 4,000 lbs loading capacity
  • Its 22 lbs weight guarantee that it doesn’t hold the ATV back
  • It comes with a handheld remote that offers additional flexibility in the course ofmanaging tighter conditions.
  • The response of remote is quick, efficient and accurate for the ATV user as soon as it is put in motion to haul load
  • Softer than expected power connectors, causing possible decay in the long run
  • For taller ATVs, the battery cables might be short
  • Doesn’t come with junction box where wires and connectors can be stored
  • Doesn’t include the wiring diagram that could offer much detail in the course of installation

X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

This, one of the best 12000 lb winch, was manufactured to be a reliable and highest performance winch. It has the ability to recover your vehicle when stuck in a range of situations you might confront during an off-road adventure.
X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch
X-BULL winch is actually more than competent in tackling medium to heavy vehicles including the truck, jeep, and other bigwigs, with its pulling power of 12,000 lbs.

The 2 wireless remote controllers of X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch is what makes it unique and stand out.

More importantly, the winch comes with a sealed motor for weather protection.

  • It is Lightweight and solid
  • Comes with a decent pulling load
  • Features 2 remote controls for easy operation from a far distance
  • Free spooling lever action clutch plus fairlead
  • 3-stage planetary gear with sealed motor
  • It doesn’t look quality
  • Installation may require the help of an expert

Smittybilt 98495 XRC Synthetic Rope Winch

Smittybilt 98495 XRC 9500 lbs load capacity winch is completed in a rocky anti-UV dull black coating together with stainless steel hardware and extra-large aluminum crossbars to offer you an astonishing and fine system that will last a generation.
Smittybilt 98495 XRC Synthetic Rope Winch

This winch comes with a 6.6 HP wound motor that has the highest torque as far as the winch industry is concerned.

For simplicity of use with gloves, 9,000 lbs XRC Gen 2 Winch features a larger clutch lever and a hardwearing magnetic wired remote control.

On the other hand, it has synthetic rope cable with shielding sleeve and hammer-forged steel hook, in addition to a rivalry billet aluminum fairlead to shield the rope from unnecessary wear.

It is a full recovery system with the power and trustworthiness to bail you out of any situation.

You need this particular winch in a situation where mud and water are a regular part of your off-road escapades.

Special mention required for the Smittybilt 3-year electrical warranty that makes all the difference.

  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with easy to understand instructions and wiring that helps even an idiot to get started with it
  • The 3-stage gear makes itquicker and flexible
  • The remote control makes it easy to operate
  • Steadfast and dependable
  • The control box is mounted on top for easy operation
  • Cheap and affordable
  • It doesn’t have a neoprene cover
  • You need to look for a place near the battery unit of your vehicleto install it

Superwinch 1331200 UT3000, 12 VDC Winch

This 3,000 lbs or 1360 kg capacity load winch with mount plate is the versatile utility winch you need. You can use this lightweight utility Superwinch UT3000 as a portable tool or mount it permanently by making use of the incorporated two-bolt prototype mounting plate.
Superwinch 1331200 UT3000, 12 VDC Winch

To guarantee high efficiency winching, UT3000 winch powers inside and outside.

It is an easy to handle crane winch that has a full metal disparity terrestrial gear train.

In addition, it comprises a pull and turns free spooling clutch and high-effectiveness, low-amp lasting magnet motor.

Other features that make this great are the mounting plate, detachable clevis pinned latched hook with rope thimble, 4-way roller fairlead, and circuit breaker protector.

  • Comes with exceptional rubber handles remote control having a 12-inch lead cable
  • Capable of powering loads coming in and out
  • Weather sealed solenoid with a circuit breaker protection>
  • The spool has a late response to the switch
  • When under load, at times the braking system unwinds

OFFROAD BOAR Stainless Steel Waterproof Winch

This is a strong and affordable 13000 lbs load capacity winch that features two completely wireless and waterproof hand controllers plus the large and elegant winch-mounted switch, making it possible for you to operate it from wherever you want.
OFFROAD BOAR Stainless Steel Waterproof Winch

OFFROAD BOAR Stainless Steel Waterproof Winch comes with amazing features including very big 4.6 KW power, Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor, Automatic Load-Holding, Free Spooling Clutch for quick rope pull out, and Heavy Duty 4-way roller fairlead among others.

  • Equipped with all of the important tools and options needed for easy installation
  • Well-built and affordable
  • Good for people living in the cold climate locations because it is durable enough with the functionality to endure the cold winter period
  • Detachable control box
  • Waterproof motor
  • The control box is not water-resistance
  • At times, it needs a lengthier cable to get certain job completed

Winch options

It is important for you to decide on and compare the winch options available for you. The winch can be electric or hydraulic.

Electric winches are electrically powered by the battery of your Jeep with limited duty cycle.

On the other hand, hydraulic winches are powered by the power steering pump of your Jeep.

This indicates its extension capability and its endless duty cycle for persistent pulling power flow and longer pulls.

Hydraulic winches are merely planetary winches having the hydraulic motor powered by the vehicle power steering pump.

Duty cycle is a major difference. With a hydraulic, you can winch every day, or all day, once the engine is running.

However, with a dead engine, an electric winch can offer you five minutes of complete power pulling but scarcely do electric winch-equipped Jeeps comprise the electrical system essential for nonstop use.

Consider buying hydraulic winch if you do a lot of winching like commercial, ranch or farm use. However, most jeepers subject a winch to an electric for intermittent use more than necessary.

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Good Winch

As a matter of fact, when it comes to shopping for the best winch, there are many factors to be considered.

Read on to know some of the things you must put into consideration before deciding on a Good winch for the jeep.

Line Pull Rating or Winch Capacity

This is the first important consideration when you are looking for best truck winch worth the money.

It is the mixture of the tensile strength of the line and the mechanical capacity of the winch on the drum.

The general rule is that you should take your Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), not curb weight, and multiply it by 1.5 to determine your preferred Winch capacity.

The Line Length

The longer the drum line, the farther you get to. The first layer establishes the utmost rated pull of the winch.

It implies to obtain the best possible pull; you need to reel a lot of cables.

In addition, it implies that the more lines available in a drum the simpler it will be to growl up, kinked and get jammed.

Winch Rope

Winch rope can be synthetic or wire rope. The wire rope aka traditional cord has strands of steel wire and carbon.

As a rule of thumb, the cable has 19 strands in seven bundles. Another one has 37 strands in six packages.

The most recent is synthetic winch rope. It is lightweight, weighing about 5 lbs and it is 120 feet tall.

It is stronger than a wire rope and contains 12 easy to splice strands. On the other hand, it is prone to chafing than wire rope.

The Winch Motors and Rated Line Pull or Winch Capacity

The winch power comes from mixing mechanical capability with tensile strength. The cable of a winch comprises three or four layers.

The first layer is one nearest to the drum and it establishes the rated size. It has the maximum pull but consists of the least gear ratio.

Get the Gross Weight of your jeep and multiply the GVW by 1.5 to establish or know whether the pull is adequate.

Winch Motors are available in two types – Permanent Magnet (PM) and Series Wound (SW).

The PM motors are cheaper and have low amps than that of the wound motors.

On the other hand, wound motors have an enormous duty series. But, wound motors don’t survive excessive temperatures.

Planetary Gear

The best features of planetary gear to consider are low cost, low weight, and compact size. Nearly all winches on the market today are planetary types.

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Synthetic Rope vs. Steel Cable – Which is Better?

  • The Strength: In terms of Strength, the breaking strength of a synthetic rope is higher than that of a steel cable. Due to this higher breaking strength, the synthetic rope can carry or accommodate more heavy loads than its steel cable counterpart.
  • The Ease of Use: Synthetic ropes are quite flexible, ensuring easier winching process and ease of use. Steel cable kinks and this makes spooling up on the drum correctly difficult.
  • Maintenance: Synthetic rope needs regular maintenance because dirt and grains of sand can accumulate in its core. This doesn’t happen to the steel cable. Thus, the steel cable is easier to maintain.
  • The Price: Synthetic cables are by far costlier than the steel cable. As a matter of fact, the price difference between them is wider than you can imagine.
  • Safety: Unlike the steel cable, synthetic rope does not stock energy. As a result, it is not projectile, such as the steel cable if it breaks. But if steel cable breaks, it can harm severely.
  • The Weight: Due to its lighter weight, the synthetic rope can float in mud water, but steel cable cannot. In fact, synthetic rope is four times lighter than the steel cable. With the lightweight of the synthetic rope, you can haul and free-spool your anchor point easily.
  • Toughness: As far as durability is concerned, steel cables are studier than synthetic ropes. Careless handling of a synthetic rope can reduce its lifespan significantly.
  • Weather Resistance: The strongest enemies of a synthetic rope are sunlight and heat. The UV light can cause the fibers to break down and weaken the rope, making it brittle. However, the strongest opponent of a steel cable is rust.

Now, which is better?

Synthetic Rope vs. Steel Cable, which is better, is a frequently asked question from customers. When it comes to choosing between the two for their winch, several off-road aficionados are divided.

But the fact is that when it comes to which is better between a synthetic rope and steel cable, it now depends on you. Irrespective of your choice, any of the two will do the job, once they are in good condition.

Consider the merits and demerits of both options and how you will use any of them before you make your final decision. Are you a wheeler type dedicated to preserving and caring for your rope?

This requires giving it thorough washing after your off-road trips and making sure you protect it and get it covered from direct sun.

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Electric vs. Hydraulic Winch Which is Better?

  • The Power Source: The motor of an electric winch is powered by electricity, which is stored in batteries to generate motion. It uses electricity to wind up and off the cable. The motor of hydraulic system uses hydraulic liquid normally stored under pressure to enable the motors to revolve.
  • The Strength, Usage, and Installation: The hydraulic winch has more strength than an electric winch. But electric winch is easier to install than a hydraulic winch. In terms of usage, the hydraulic winch is used for big and heavy-duty jobs while the electric winch is used mostly by vehicle owners owing to its small design and lightweight.
  • Maintenance: Electric winches require minimal maintenance while hydraulic winches necessitate more maintenance to keep them working at full capacity.
  • Cost: Hydraulic winches are more expensive than electric winches because they come with additional gadgets such as the pipe, hydraulic motor, fittings, and some other components that will guarantee their utmost performance and effective functioning. Hydraulic winch costs about 5 to 10 times more than electric winch.
  • Durability: The hydraulic winches are more durable and have more strength than an electric-powered winch. However, you need to install certain extra equipment such as hydraulic pipes, motor, and fittings. As a result, it needs more maintenance than electric winches.
  • The Performance: Hydraulic winches don’t need powerful batteries to function as the electric winches. Moreover, the hydraulic winch can pull harder for a very long period without overheating, unlike an electric winch of the same size.
  • Weather Resistance: The hydraulic winches are far superior to electrical winches when used in cold climates.

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Hydraulic Vs Electric Winch: Which one to Use?

Both electric and hydraulic winches have their particular strengths and weaknesses. In fact, when it comes to functioning and effectiveness, both of them are useful. Before you make your choice between the two of them, know their function, limitations, and differences. This will go a long way in helping your decision on the most suitable one for your needs.

If all you are looking for is a light use and affordable winch, electric-powered type of winch is your best choice. On the other hand, the hydraulic winch will be a better alternative, if you want in a winch is sturdiness and durability.
In addition, the electric winch will be a better option for you than the hydraulic type if you are an off-roader because it is not certain that your jeep will be operating all the time, even as you drove down in the mud!

What pound winch should I get for jeep?

Deciding on the pound you should get for your jeep begins with figuring out how you plan to use it. On the other hand, you have to determine the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), which is inscribed on the riveted metal tag on your driver side of your car door.
Add almost 30% to your GVW once you have decided on how much winch you will need. But note that when it comes to winches, the bigger the winch the better.
Here are the winch pounds for different vehicles.

  1. For a 1983 Toyota pickup truck with 4,800 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound is 8,000.
  2. For a 2009 Toyota 4Runner having 5,330 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound is 8,000.
  3. For a 2017 Jeep Four Door Wrangler Rubicon with 5,000 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound is 8,000.
  4. For a 2017 Jeep Four Door Wrangler Rubicon with 5,600 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound is 9,500.
  5. For a 2008 Ford F250 Supercab 4×4 model with 10,000 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound is 15,000.
  6. For a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser with 5,570 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound you will need is 15,000.
  7. For a 2017 Tacoma with 5,600 pounds GVW, the suitable winch pound required is 9, 500 lbs.
  8. For a 2009 Toyota Tacoma with 5,350 pound GVW, the suitable winch pound is 8,000.

What is a Winch Used For?

If you are going off the road frequently, then winches should be an indispensable tool in your truck arsenal.

As a matter of fact, winches will do more than you can even imagine. For example, a winch can make it easier to load your UTV and ATV onto a trainer.

Moreover, it will help to pull out extremely stubborn tree stumps.

In addition, a winch can aid in getting your truck out of a troublesome ditch if it gets stuck.

Without a winch to help bail you out when your truck gets stuck, these issues become hard to tackle.

As a result, having a winch in your vehicle becomes very important, as it can easily save your life if you run into any problem.

On the other hand, it helps in pulling out a Jeep in when it gets stuck in a mud puddle or a hole.

It is a good and useful tool for moving away barriers you may have on your way.

It also used to pull other troubled vehicles and connects other vehicles to go home at any time the Jeep comes across troubles.

What Size of Winch Do I Need for My Jeep?

Apart from deciding all the features on a winch, knowing what size of winch you need for your Jeep or truck can be a bit difficult.

This is because winch ratings don’t really reveal everything regarding how much a winch can pull.

However, a weight rating is usually the highest capacity the winch will pull under optimal situations.

What’s optimal?

This is regarded as a straight or direct pull, with one single cable, one wrap on the drum, and the right electrical system.

A winch is being rated with one wrap on the drum when it has only one synthetic rope or wrap of steel cable on the drum.

The meaning of this is that your winch is particularly weaker – at times much weaker if your winch anchor is close and you have many winch lines on the drum.

Your winch is capable of pulling with its maximum strength at the initial wrap of the winch cable.

But you lose almost 10% of the pulling capacity with each extra wrap. (The loss differs based on a few factors).

Some Ideal size-range Recommendations:

  • For a Toyota Pickup Truck with GVWR of 4800 lbs, the minimum winch size should be 8000 lbs.
  • For a Toyota 4Runner Jeep with GVWR of 5330 lbs, the minimum winch size should be 8000 lbs.
  • For a Toyota Tacoma with GVWR of 5600 lbs, the minimum winch size is 9500 lbs.
  • For a 4Door Wrangler Jeep with GVWR of 5600 lbs, the minimum winch size should be 9500 lbs

In this review, each of the 10 winches that we have covered has been designed with their own distinctive features, benefits and have their own drawbacks. Therefore, you can make your decision on what is the best winch for the money based on your preferences, and what you actually want to use the winch for.

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