5 Best Window Louvers Review in 2024 – New Edition

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Is your project car missing on the tinge of excitement that you crave? A small, but noticeable amount of excitement can be found by purchasing window louvers.

These pieces of architectural beauty can give you the definition you want, and the muscular feel your car deserves.

However, to make sure you’re purchasing the right type of louvers, we’ve built up an article consisting of the best window louvers currently in the market.

These stylish pieces not only take your car’s looks to the next level, but also are functionally quite relevant.

Best Window Louvers Review

Selecting the right louvers might be a difficult process with the abundant variety of models available.

These varieties may make the decision process quite tiresome and overwhelming, which is why we’ve decided to select the 5 best louvers in the market for you.

E-Cowlboy Rear Window Louver for Dodge Charger 2011-2020

E-Cowlboy Rear Window Louver for Dodge Charger 2011-2020

For the Dodge Charger users among you, here’s a product you won’t be able to say no to!

These rear window louvers for the Charger makes it look stunning, while also defining its muscle heritage better.

But they aren’t only built for looks, they also have a fair number of functional advantages.

The shape and design of the louvers’ wings are at an optimal angle, providing the car with the right amount of sunlight intake.

This minimal intake of sunlight means the interior of your car remains cooler, giving you a more comfortable ride without needing to turn the air conditioning on.

That’s not all! The angled window louvers have been set up perfectly to lower glares faced during night time driving, and also to make sure the viewing angle is right.

These louvers from E-Cowlboy have been built using ABS plastic, and shaped meticulously using a 3D scanner to ensure perfect fit.

The ABS plastic gives these louvers a robust surface that can easily take a bump and withstand the harshest weather.

Another great feature of these louvers is that they’re super easy to install. They come with high strength 3M tapes already attached. All you need to do is align the product right and get it fitted.


  • Super easy to install
  • Provides the optimal viewing angle
  • Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and durable
  • Lightweight ABS plastic build
  • Fits all Dodge models from 2011-2020


  • Built specifically for the Dodge Charger
  • Will hamper visibility to some extent

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CUMART Rear+Side Window Louvers for Chevrolet Chevy Camaro 2010-2015

CUMART Rear+Side Window Louvers for Chevrolet Chevy Camaro 2010-2015

Up next is a special treat that’s going to add a smile to the Camaro users’ faces.

The Cumart window louvers are a beautiful rear and side set that come at a relatively affordable price.

Additionally, these louvers cover any model from 2010-15, so your car will probably support these louvers.

For their build, the louvers use some of the highest quality ABS available in the market.

This means the louvers featured here are incredibly lightweight, while also being extremely durable.

Since it’s a plastic build, the louvers feature anti-wear and anti-corrosion abilities; which should allow them to last a lifetime.

What’s great about these louvers is that you won’t be needing to make any drills or welds to get them fitted.

Getting the Cumarts louvers installed is a job you can do by yourself. They come with an already installed 3M tape fitted on the back.

All you need to do is place the louvers in the right position and stick them on.

Each wing design on the louvers ensures an optimal viewing angle is kept. They also allow just enough light to enter into the car, keeping your car well-lit while also keeping the temperatures down.

This cooler car interior will cut down the cost of having to run the air-conditioner all the time, accumulating gas cost.


  • Easy DIY installation process
  • A good amount of light allowed in
  • Durable and high-grade ABS build
  • Covers all Cameros from 2010-15
  • Both rear and side louvers included


  • Visibility lowered to some extent
  • Will not cover newer models

E-Cowlboy Rear and Side Window Louver

E-Cowlboy Rear and Side Window Louver

Yet another product from the E-cowlboy, these louvers are much more versatile than the last ones we reviewed from this brand.

The window louvers can be used on a massive variety of cars, within a broad range of years from 2014 to 2019. Thus, you’ll probably be able to get a good fit out of this product.

What’s even more unique about these louvers is that they come in a 3D retro design, featuring only 3 wings.

This triple wing design on the rear louver gives the car a much sportier feel, something that will surely catch a few eyes. The designs are made with optimal angling system to keep visibility high.

Made out of a premium grade ABS material, the louvers weigh almost nothing, making them a great product for speed junkies.

The plastic’s heavy durability comes from its anti-wear and anti-corrosion abilities, and it is able to withstand most external forces.

Installing the product is very simple. With the box, you’ll be getting a roll of 3M tape for free.

Your job here is to apply the tape on the right places and get the louver fitted on your car’s rear and side windows as accurately as possible.

You won’t be needing any welds or drilling, keeping the frame of your car intact.


  • Package includes both rear and side louvers
  • Made using premium grade ABS plastic
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Anti-wear and anti-corrosion


  • High Price
  • Visibility is hampered to a certain extent

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One look on the Ikon motors sports window louver, and you’ll know the difference this product has over all the others in the market.

A louver with such a unique design is something that will stand out in the crowd for sure. With this addition, your car gets a sleeker outlook for a muscular feel.

The muscular feel is further benefited from the improved functionality of the louver in case of visibility.

Larger openings on both corners of the rear louver allow for better vision, making parking a much easier task.

Other than that, the windows on the louvers also allow for extra visibility, ensuring eased driving.

Installing these louvers is also a reasonably simple task. Each louver comes with two packs of adhesive, double-sided tape, and rubber seals.

These are very easy to apply, and you can have it attached to your car in just a few minutes.

Apart from being easy to install, they also provide a rigid seal to make sure water and dirt do not pool up inside the louvers’ cracks.

Built using a solid ABS plastic plate, the louver has high strength, taking on small bumps easily.

The main benefit of using plastic, in this case, is the lightweight and anti-corrosion properties.

Thus, it allows your Dodge Charger to keep this louver on for the its lifetime.


  • Fits all Dodge Chargers from 2011-2020
  • Comes with all necessary installation tools
  • Built from solid ABS plastic
  • Unique and high visibility design
  • Matte black color which doesn’t fade


  • Installation is a bit more technical than other louvers
  • Only fits Dodge Chargers

Rear Window ABS Vent Louver

Rear Window ABS Vent Louver

If you want something a bit simpler for your dodge charger, then these louvers from Auto Dynasty should be a great fit.

The simplistic design of the louver provides your Dodge with just enough style to stand out in the crowd, while keeping that classy muscular Dodge look intact.

It has excellent functionality when it comes to acting as a sun shield. The angle of the louver has been placed in such a way that it can minimize the amount of UV radiation entering the car.

Thus, it keeps the car’s internal temperature cooler, cutting down the extra cost you bear if you use air conditioner.

For installation, this louver requires to be attached using a line of brackets and bolts.

Therefore, installing this louver might not be something you can do by yourself. You may have to take the help of a professional instead.

However, since the louver is replaceable, just unscrewing some bolts will let you take it off.

This louver also provides minimal protection to your car’s side windshield, safeguarding it from small bumps and scratches.

Built using a strong synthetic ABS material, the louver is durable enough to serve you for a long time.

Other than longevity, the louver is also lightweight. Thus, it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your car.


  • Tough ABS synthetic build
  • Great temperature control abilities
  • Minimalistic design
  • Provides the rear windshield with some protection
  • Helps to cut down air conditioner usage


  • Installation is not simple
  • Not the best design

What to Look for Before Buying

As simple as they may look, anything you put on your car can have dire long-term effects.

So when you do it, you have to do it right. To understand how to get it right, we’ve constructed this buying guide. It’ll help you with choosing the right product easily.


Window Louvers fiting

If you’re looking to buy an aftermarket window louver for your car, the first and foremost step is to measure it out. Aftermarket louvers are specific to specified car models from specific years.

Thus, you can never expect to find a louver available for all types of cars. However, it is still something you can get a custom build of.

Whenever you’re buying a window louver, consider double-checking the product fit.

If you’re purchasing it online, go through the description box, customer forms, and reviews.

For offline purchases, you always have the option to trial the product on your car.


Another factor that matters a lot is the type of material used in a louver. Louvers can be built using multiple kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, fiber, carbon fiber etc.

However, our recommendation would be to go for plastic-based materials, such as ABS.

Plastic builds have a relatively lower cost than other materials like carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum. They seem to get the job done well, too.

Furthermore, plastic is an extremely lightweight & highly durable product. With features such as anti-wear and anti-corrosion, plastic is one of the best choices for a window louver.


Another factor that makes a dent in our books in terms of importance is to check how easy it is to install the louver.

Installing a louver is not a complicated process. It is something that can be completed relatively painlessly; that is if the process is designed that way.

That being said, installing can still be quite tricky sometimes, requiring drills on the outer surface of the car to fit brackets in.

These brackets then hold onto the louver, making it stay fixed in position. However, this is a process best handled by a professional. It’s something that will alter the look of your car indefinitely.

We recommend that you go for simpler installation processes. The most straightforward process for installation would be attaching the louver to the windshield directly using strong adhesive tapes.

You’ll find that quite a few manufacturers ship their products with 3M tapes already attached.

To install this type of louvers, all you have to do is peel off the cover and align the louver perfectly.

This form of installation is a job almost anyone can perform. So, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional to get it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my visibility be hampered by a rear window louver?

No, your visibility will not be hampered entirely. A good louver is designed with gaps placed at appropriate viewing angles that’ll allow rear visibility.

However, the visibility will be poorer than a window that doesn’t have a louver on.

Will my visibility be hampered by a rear window louver

Are window louvers illegal?

No, louvers are not illegal. However, there is a limit to the percentage of your car you can apply louvers on.

There are also regulations for the amount of visibility they provide.

Will a louver cool down my car?

Yes, a louver has a fairly large impact on the amount of sunlight entering your car.

The lower the amount of sunlight that enters, the cooler your car is going to get.

What are the purposes of a louver?

The main purpose of a window louver is to provide additional style to your car.

Apart from styling, a louver will keep your car cooler, limit glare, and lower the amount of UV ray entry.

Can a louver be removed?

Yes, a louver can be removed. However, the effects that it can have on a car’s appearance after removal will depend on the method of installation.

Final Words

Some might say window louvers are a waste of money, but they tend to not look at the advantages a louver can provide.

Window louvers are much more than just style to your car, they provide functional advantages too.

To achieve these advantages, make sure you purchase the best window louver on the market.