BFG KM2 vs Nitto Trail Grappler

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Are you looking for an optimal tire for off-road driving? Then you certainly have to check out our BFG KM2 vs. Nitto Trail Grappler comparison.

These tires are among the best out there, and in this article, you’ll find out why.

Let’s start by talking about the BFG KM2 tires

BFG KM2 Tire

Many features make these tires great. Here, we’ll point out just a few of them.

A Tough Sidewall

The sidewall compound, combined with the 3-ply build, reduce the risks of cuts and bruises.

Linear Flex Zones

The tire manages to adapt to the environment, grabbing obstacles to secure proper traction.

A Comfortable Ride

Not only will you be able to drive the trails successfully, but there won’t be much noise to bother you along the way.

Recommended BFG KM2 Tires to Buy

BFG KM2 Tire review

All sounds great, but what are the top BFG KM2 Tires to buy? Let’s find out!

BFGoodrich MUD TERRAIN T/A KM2 All-Terrain Radial Tire – 285/75R16 126Q

BFGoodrich truly outdid itself as a brand with this one. The tire is one of the manufacturer’s top picks, delivering a remarkable performance with incredible traction off-road.

Whether you own a truck, SUVs, a jeep, or a 4×4, you can trust this tire to meet your expectations.

The linear flex zones and the tread blocks are two of the best feats offered, as they make the tire follow through almost everything ahead of the road.

For instance, the linear flex provides the flexibility needed to counter the tire, and thus, it accommodates properly to pass over obstacles.

As for the tread block design, one particular benefit of it is that it makes up for a smooth and quiet ride.

When it comes to self-cleaning, the tire does a good job thanks to the tread design. Additionally, the heavy-duty sidewall lugs included guaranteeing the traction required if you’re climbing over rocks, receiving the resistance to withstand bruises due to the durable compound.

Another advantage of the tire is its internal design. With two steel belts and the inclusion of 3-ply polyester tread carcass, the tire is as strong as it’s durable.

So, as you can see from our reviews, this tire does it almost all. However, over wet or icy surfaces, the traction may not be what you’d expect. If you’re driving over those types of terrains, you must be cautious.


  • Remarkable performance off-road
  • Responsive steering
  • For mud tires, the noise produced is minimal
  • Outstanding tread life


  • Not good over icy/wet surfaces

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BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 Off-Road Tire – 31/1050R15 109Q

Even though many tires can go through tough terrains, not all of them come out in one piece.

Fortunately, we have gear like this one, which has the strength and endurance necessary to get you through those terrains and live to tell the tale.

With a TriGard 3-Ply polyester carcass, the tire offers a surprisingly durable build to prevent punctures and bruises.

Drivers going off-road will be able to sort out the obstacles without messing up the tires, or their vehicles, along the way.

The rim protector included also serves its purpose efficiently, protecting your gig from road hazards you may encounter during the ride.

While driving the roads, the tread, which features a computer-optimized design, helps reduce the noise the tire may cause.

Regardless of the surface, the tire has proven to be a reliable pick. The traction delivered on deep dirt, mud, or rocks is a benefit most drivers wouldn’t want to miss.

Additionally, its capacity to climb rock is far superior to most, which is even better due to the slick surface traction.

Unfortunately, not everything is good. Since it’s a mud tire, its durability isn’t the best.

It wears quickly, which is unpleasant but understandable. Lastly, the tire doesn’t have the most optimum self-cleaning design.


  • Effective traction on surfaces like deep dirt, mud, or rocks
  • TriGard 3-Ply polyester carcass makes the tire withstand bruises and punctures
  • High-quality tread design for less road noise
  • Rim protector to prevent damage from road hazards


  • Wears quickly
  • Not an efficient self-clean build

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT255/80R17/E 121Q

Finally, we have a tire that maybe isn’t the most popular, but its performance truly makes it worth the money.

This radial tire is surprisingly good, allowing you to drive the trails with enough traction and smoothness than the classic off-road tires.

True to the brand’s style, this tire features innovative tech and a reliable build to withstand the surroundings.

It’s capable of offering traction for terrains like dirt, mud, or rocks. When it comes to rocks, the climbing power delivered allows drivers to go over them quickly and easily.

Similar to the previous picks, you’ll also find the computer-optimized tread design and the TriGard 3-Ply polyester carcass.

These features continue to provide excellent results for drivers, guaranteeing a smooth performance with enough protection to avoid bruises and punctures.

While the tire does a good job of reducing the noise, you’d still be able to listen as you drive the roads. It’s a small nitpick that, fortunately, doesn’t turn into a big issue.

Other than the 3-Ply build, there’s also an incredibly resistant sidewall compound that helps reduce the risks of bruises.

Another high-quality addition to the build of this tire is the linear flex zones.

While driving through tricky terrains, the tire accommodates as needed to grab the obstacles and continue your way flawlessly.


  • Durable sidewall compound with 3-Ply build
  • Linear flex zones for a smooth ride regardless of obstacles
  • Enough traction for different terrains
  • Computer-optimized tread design
  • Rim protection


  • Not as quiet as expected

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Nitto Trail Grappler Tire

The following are the most important benefits you could expect after purchasing a Nitto Trail Grappler tire.

Dual Sidewall Design

Grappler tires feature two sidewall designs, allowing drivers to choose how their tires look.


The 3-ply sidewall works as an additional reinforcement layer that increases the resistance to puncture.

Powerful and Quiet

The aggressive but quiet performance of these off-road tires provides a comfortable ride from beginning to end.

Mud Cleaning

Due to the balanced void ratio, mud and dirt get taken off the thread, securing constant off-road traction.

Recommended Nitto Trail Grappler Tires to Buy

Recommended Nitto Trail Grappler Tires to Buy

The tires seem pretty neat, huh? Here’s a selection of the top picks you should consider purchasing.

NITTO Trail Grappler M/T – 40×13.50R17LT C 121P

This tire 40×13.50 tire is ideal for wheel sizes measuring 17 and 20 inches, making it a large mud-terrain radial tire to tackle terrains easily.

With a load-range rating of C, the amount of weight put up is 3,195 pounds, far more than necessary, especially for people with vehicles like Wrangler TJs.

Breaking the tires on the street may take a while, sometimes up 1,000 miles, or more.

During the first impression, the whole experience was great, as the tire provided a smooth ride throughout.

Even better, you won’t have to endure the annoying hum often heard with most tires.

The large voids, combined with the sheer footprint, make this 40-inch tire a good choice for most terrains.

Despite using vehicles that aren’t the best for off-road, the tire manages to make it worth, sorting out obstacles. Both the smoothness and the traction over the ground is quite pleasant.

Considering tires of this size aren’t the most affordable, you truly have to commit to it.

On the bright side, the price is the only thing that would make you consider it twice before purchasing.


  • Smooth & comfortable ride
  • Ideal for rock climbing and handling tough terrains
  • Good traction
  • Long-lasting


  • Relatively high price

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Tire – 295/70R17 121P

More often than not, getting used to a tire takes time. However, Nitto Trail Grappler All-Terrain tires make that process much easier.

This one is suitable for jeeps, SUVs, and light pickups, as well as many other vehicles with similar builds and styles.

The reason why this tire is so gratifying is due to its balanced void ratio. Whether you’re driving on-road or off-road, the traction and comfort provided to the drivers are pretty good.

At all times, you feel in complete control, not only over your ride but over the road too.

As for its resistance, the tire does a good job of featuring high-quality components for long-lasting performance.

For instance, the Z-Grooves included deliver lateral stability, as well as mud traction for those tough terrains.

The addition of a reinforced shoulder groove helps improve off-road performance. Also, due to the stone ejector included, the tread protection is remarkable.

As a minor disadvantage, the way the tire handles the noise isn’t the best. You’ll be able to hear it as you drive, which is a little disappointing.


  • Good for jeeps, SUVs & more
  • Z-Grooves provide lateral stability & outstanding mud traction
  • Balanced void ratio build guarantees off-road traction
  • Stone ejector to protect the tread


  • Not as quiet

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Radial Tire – 285/70R17 121Q

The last pick from the Nitto Trail Grappler series features 3D tapered groove tread, which increases the efficiency of the biting edges during off-road driving.

By featuring the brand’s classic reinforced shoulder groove, the tire has enough resistance to avoid compromising the block stiffness.

Besides muddy and dirt terrains, drivers will be able to go through wet surfaces as well.

The deep center sipe provides the traction necessary over moisture, all of which is possible because the tire prevents hydroplaning. Not only is it good for the tire, but also the driver’s safety.

Other particular benefits we’ve seen before are the stone ejector and the balanced void ratio.

Off-road, the tire manages to remove mud and dirt efficiently. A clean tread means constant off-road traction, which leads to a better experience overall.

Lastly, the noise produced during your rides is minimal. On the downside, the tire does wear quickly, as most mud-terrain tires do. Nonetheless, it’s still a disadvantage.


  • 3D tapered groove tread
  • Increased traction due to the deep center sipe
  • Stone ejector for a cleaner ride
  • Balanced void ratio


  • Wears quickly

BFG KM2 vs Nitto Trail Grappler Comparison 2023

After reading the reviews, it’s only natural if you’re asking how those products compare to each other. Let’s take a look.

BFG KM2 – Outstanding Grip

While driving on a KM2 tire, it won’t take much time for drivers to realize the incredible grip provided over rocks.

In this regard, Nitto tires often don’t compare to such a level of traction. Also, on the highway, BFG KM2 tires do pretty well, guaranteeing a rather quiet ride for the most part.

The downside is that these tires aren’t as long-lasting. A KM2 tire often wears or receives damage far quicker than the Nitto tires.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect grip and remarkable traction, the KM2 tires are probably a good pick.

After knowing its main disadvantage, you’ll be in a position to act quickly when the damage starts to show.

Nitto Trail Grappler – A Reliable Choice for Everyone

These tires are easily the heaviest choice out of the two options, which, of course, comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Another difference between these and the KM2s is that Nitto’s tires have a much more aggressive shoulder lug pattern.

Because of that, the grip over tough terrains such as rocky ledges will be outstanding.

At last, we have the flex issue. While running a KM2 tire at 15 PSI gets you incredible sidewall flex, a Nitto trail may require 11 PSI on bead locks to reach the same feat.


As seen during this article, tires from both of these manufacturers have advantages and disadvantages.

While many people would agree the Nitto Trail Grappler is the better pick due to its resistance and durability, some others may prefer the BFG KM2 because of the incredible grip.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Now, you’re familiar with both, which should allow you to make your call on which one to buy between BFG KM2 and Nitto Trail Grappler tire.