Black Oak LED vs. Rigid Oak LED

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Even the most experienced car owners know the importance of a functional lighting system.

Besides illuminating the road ahead of you, these accessories are multi-purpose tools that you can use for a variety of applications.

While looking for the ideal product, you’ll encounter two brands that most people would recommend: Black Oak Led and Rigid Industries.

Whether it’s a light pod or a lightbar, the equipment produced from both manufacturers is incredible.The question is, which one should you choose?

In this article, we’ll review Black Oak LED vs. Rigid to clear our doubts. By the end of the read, we’ll have a better idea of which one is better.

Black Oak LED

Recommended Black Oak LED to Buy

The Black Oak light units are popular for two reasons: first, due to their innovative, modern design; secondly, because they work perfectly.

As simple as that. Here’s what you should expect from these accessories.

Tough Build

With high-quality materials and a ceramic coating, the resistance of the Black Oak accessories is enough to put up with constant abuse.

Even if there’s a sudden impact, the housing is capable of absorbing the energy to reduce the damage.

Bright Lights

The beam produced by these accessories spreads evenly along the road, creating a pattern ahead for more visibility.

Additionally, the light width guarantees that there are no blind spots, which is useful for those rides during the night.


Depending on what you need, chances are there’s a Black Oak light accessory for you.

As you’ll see during our reviews, the design of the equipment produced by the brand varies, providing you the options to pick either pods or lightbars.

Recommended Black Oak LED to Buy

Now, we’ll take a look at the top-notch Black Oak accessories.

Black Oak New LED Pro Series 2.0 Dual Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak New LED Pro Series 2.0 Dual Row LED Light Bar

This accessory isn’t like classic lights. Instead, it features a horizontal design to create what we know as a lightbar.

It looks fancy as none other, and the 360° ceramic protection delivers protection against UV, salt water, and even corrosion to maintain the integrity of the system.

Due to the ceramic coating, the lightbar is surprisingly durable. It’ll withstand the toughest applications, reducing the damage received from impacts to a minimum.

The technology used is also remarkable, as it produces powerful LED lights that illuminate everything ahead.

While active, the reflectors produce an efficient throw along the road. Both the light’s reach and width guarantee a clear and visible path for you to move safely.

Besides the lightbar, the purchase includes a wiring harness with fuse, relay, switch, and brackets for mounting.

You get all the tools needed for the installation, but the process may be a little trickier than expected.

If necessary, consider getting professional assistance to mount the lightbar.


  • Long-lasting ceramic protection
  • Extremely durable build withstands strong impacts
  • Available in 10 and 20 inches sizes
  • Powerful light produced
  • Dual row LED lights


  • Could be tricky to install

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Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 2 Inch 40W CREE XM-L2 POD Light

Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 2 Inch 40W CREE XM-L2 POD Light

Installing this LED pod is a simple and easy process because every tool needed comes in the purchase.

You get the wiring harness, the relay, and switch, which is the complete package for a quick mounting.

Car owners with plenty of less experience should be able to get the job done.

After installing and activating it, the first impression is that the light produced is surprisingly bright. Even in daylight, the power and lighting capacity is incredible.

The build of the housing is pretty straightforward too. It features thick and durable aluminum, which puts up the resistance needed to withstand the abuse.

Another highlighted feature is the polycarbonate Lexan lens, which resists well against water and protects from moisture.

While active, the light spreads evenly along the road. It provides a pleasant field of vision to get you where you need to be.

A small disadvantage is that the pods don’t have the 360° mount rotation design, which could be disappointing for many car owners.


  • Fairly easy to install
  • Produces bright light that spreads evenly
  • Durable & resistant build to withstand the abuse
  • Waterproof & moisture-free
  • Compact


  • No 360° mount rotation

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Rigid Light Universal

Recommended Rigid Light Universal to Buy

Rigid Industries is the brand to go for state of the art light accessories and more.

The quality of the equipment is undeniable, as we’ll quickly find out while reviewing the best options out of the D-Series PRO.

What can you expect from the following accessories? Let’s talk about that briefly.

Outstanding Tech and Hardware

The D-Series PRO offers compact lighting systems that are also powerful.

With a long-lasting build featuring materials such as the polycarbonate lens, the lights put up a good performance while avoiding damage and withstanding the temperatures.

No Warm-Up!

If you don’t want to deal with lights that take forever to turn on or off, then these products are for you.

They activate and deactivate quickly, without requiring warm up.

Power for All!

Due to its universal design, the lights are capable of doing a good job in a variety of applications.

Not only that, but the beam produced is powerful, guaranteeing proper illumination ahead.

Recommended Rigid Light Universal to Buy

All sounds great, but when do we get to the good stuff? Let’s not wait any longer. The following are the Rigid light systems worth the money.

Rigid Industries 202313 LED Light

Rigid Industries 202313 LED Light

This light system belongs to the D-Series, which many people consider as one of the most versatile and compact packages available.

It’s a professional-grade accessory that delivers more light output than most, all possible due to the high-quality LED tech included.

The system is available in several mounting options, some of them being for surface, flush, or even heavy-duty.

Truthfully, the lights are suitable for almost every application possible. With a 3” x 3” size, its compact design doesn’t lack any power.

Both the design and build of the accessory make it a valuable pick for drivers. The finishes available are two, in black or white.

The updated system features blocked-out circuit boards that create a refined look overall.

The quality of the build is quite similar to the rest of the RIGID’s accessories. It’s a reliable and effective system that guarantees proper lighting on-demand.

While the beam produced works well as a floodlight, it isn’t an optimum choice if you’re looking for fog lights.


  • The powerful large cone of light produced is bright
  • Compact design
  • Rigid build
  • Incredible floodlight system


  • Not suitable as fog lights

Rigid Industries 202313 LED Light

Rigid Industries 202313 LED Light

In the blink of an eye, even the safest road could turn into a headache if the vehicle doesn’t have a proper light system to illuminate it.

That’s when this next accessory comes into play, offering an effective and efficient device to help you see farther down the road.

The build materials are one of the very first features you notice. For instance, by featuring a polycarbonate lens, the risks of getting any damage are pretty low.

It’s a material that improves the accessory’s durability, allowing you to enjoy it for as much as possible.

Much like other Rigid devices, these lights are also compact and fairly easy to assemble. However, depending on the vehicle, you may need some extra accessories.

A customer pointed out that they needed to install a couple of washers to keep the bolt from scrapping the hood.

Customers may also experience issues with the color of the wires, which aren’t the traditional red and black.


  • Compact build with universal fit
  • Instant on/off requires no warming up
  • Durable lens made of polycarbonate
  • Powerful beam distance reached


  • Installation may require extra tools
  • The color of the wires is confusing

Black Oak Led or Rigid LED Light

Answering this question is easier than expected. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice that both brands are fairly similar to each other, delivering efficient equipment capable of providing the light needed for road or more purposes.

Rigid Industries – Effective, but Expensive

There’s no doubt that Rigid lights have earned their place through outstanding performance, but people can’t help to notice how expensive these products are. They’re incredibly good, but expensive nonetheless.

Black Oak LEDs – Equally Efficient at a More Affordable Price

Black Oak LEDs, on the other hand, comes as the more affordable option out of the two.

Lights produced by this brand vary in shape, size, and form, allowing you to select the equipment that adapts the most to your vehicle.

So, if you don’t have any attachment to Rigid accessories, and you’re looking to save a few bucks, then Black Oak LEDs products are the way to go.


Once you get your hands on accessories from both brands, you’ll see that both deliver efficient tools with unique features.

While none is superior to the other, the ultimate difference between the two is in their price.

That’s it for our Black Oak Led vs. Rigid Industries light accessories! Find the equipment that better adjusts to your vehicle, and head out there to start enjoying your rides!