Can You Autocross with an Automatic?

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Autocross is a safe form of racing that does not require one to be a pro driver with daredevil skills. This type of racing can even be enjoyed on a passenger or regular car. The only additional modification needed to enjoy Autocross safely is special tires that provide good traction. 

But some might have the question that “Can you autocross with an automatic car?” This is because often, many drivers might feel that an automatic car might put them at a disadvantage while racing compared to a manual one. But does this conception hold any water? Let’s find out in this article!

Difference Between Driving on Manual and Automatic Car

When the debate comes to manual vs. Automatic, you will find strong proponents of both the transmission gears, each giving out a logical explanation behind their standing. So let’s try to evaluate the advantages of both types in order to find out which one is more suitable for Autocross:

Advantages of Manual Gear

Those who love the good old feeling of being in control argue in favor of manual transmission due to the flexibility of being in charge while driving the car. Since they can change the gears themselves, they think they can feel the vehicle better than an automatic driver.

Acceleration is also more effortless in manual cars since when the gear shift correctly aligns with the torque, the car’s speed increases quickly. 

Advantages of Automatic Gear

The proponents of Automatic cars argue that if the automatic kit of the vehicle has been constructed following proper standards, it acts as a great source of converting the torque to give the correct acceleration. 

Under these circumstances, the car is able to perform better than a manual one in open tracks suitable for racing.

Autocross in an Automatic Car

After reading the previous section of this article, you might have an idea about the answer you are looking for. Nevertheless, to make it clearer, let us elaborate more. The answer is yes, Autocross can be performed on an automatic car.

Although in the beginning, you might feel like you are lagging behind your manual competitors, once you gain some experience and enhance your driving skills, you can easily beat them at the race. In fact, it will also ensure better safety once you get the feel of the track.


By now, you should have a clear answer to the question, “can you autocross with an automatic?” In short, we can conclude that although manual cars give the drivers better control, automatic cars too are perfectly suitable for autocross racing. 

In fact, it also puts the driver in a better position in comparison to the competitors once he enhances his driving skills. Lastly, to further increase your chances of winning, check out some of our favorite autocross tires that will complement your automatic car!

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