Can You Sand Your Tires?

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Has your car gotten dusty? This mostly happens because of the dirt and debris that make their way into the tire you are using. Most of the rubber tires are not naturally suited for activities that require speed and smoothness. 

In scenarios like this, ideas like sanding the tires may arise. But can you sand your tires?  The answer is yes! 

You can also go for other options like changing the tire type or getting brand new best tires. Nevertheless, sanding tires is without a doubt an economical and practical option for matters like this. So, let’s find out how you can do it.

How Can You Sand Tires?

Although there are a few drawbacks, sanding the tires for various occasions or an overall speed uplift might come in handy at times. Good quality sand tires are available in the store, but sanding the tires yourself will be economical.

To sand tires, the safest choice is to rely on sandblasters. They’re available in the tool shops and also on the internet. There are few steps to follow to sand your tires:

Remove the Tires from Your Car and Wash Them 

It would be best if you never tried sanding the tires with a sandblaster when the tires are mounted to the car. 

That might lead to other issues, such as unwanted marks in the body of the car. Using soap for complete cleaning will even make the job easier for you.

Insert the Right Materials Inside the Device 

For thick rubbery and metal pieces, mineral sands will work the best as it consists staurolite. The material should get rid of the dust and the stiffness of the car quickly. 

Be careful with the amount of mineral sand you are inserting. For sensitive areas of the wheel, going for soda abrasive is the best choice. 

Blast on the Surface 

Now that you are ready with the material, you may grab the suction gun and step on the pedal of the sandblaster. It’s essential to put on protective gloves before you blast on the surface to prevent unwanted bruises and accidents. 

At first, for the demo, you can check by sandblasting old tires to ensure if it’s working or not. Sandblast the tire, and it should work. Start with the rims, then the outer portion.

This will eliminate the dust, unwanted paints, and residue from oxidation. Now that you have washed and sanded your car’s tires successfully, you will experience a much smoother ride than before. 

Final Words

Sometimes when the tires get stiff, the dust makes driving impossible. Although you can find good quality sand tires in the stores, you can sand the tires you already own for smoothness. 

So, let’s settle this to sand your tires. Using a sandblaster is a safe and efficient choice to go for, which will not lead your car to unwanted wreckage. 

Now that you know the art of sanding tires, I hope you’re ready for a smooth drive.

Drive Safe! 

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