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Are Mud-Terrain Tires Good in Rain?

Every car owner is always faced with this question –whether or not he is using the right tire on his vehicle. This is obvious because not everywhere you will find the same kind of road, and your tire type will very much depend on the type of road you’ll drive on. Some parts of the earth […]

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How Much Do Mud Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

The gas mileage or fuel economy is a matter of concern for every vehicle owner. You definitely do have a budget for the fuel, and you need to make sure it doesn’t cost too much. It’s true that different factors of your vehicle play their parts in determining the fuel efficiency, and the tire type is […]

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When to Replace Mud Terrain Tires?

Mud terrain tires are a driver’s best friend when driving through uneven terrain. They have heavy blocked tread patterns that help you power through rough roads and are essential for off-road traveling. Though like all tires, they are prone to and eventually experience wear, especially considering some of the harsh obstacles they might need to overcome. […]

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Which Android Head Unit Would You Stick in Your Car?

Getting upgrades or accessories for your car is always a hassle, especially since you need to be picky with these kinds of things and make sure you find comfort in using them. Also, you need to keep up-to-date with knowledge on these car accessories. Some cars come with built-in Android head units, but those only have […]

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