Cooper AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler Tire

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If you’re looking for high-quality tires, two brands have earned their spot at the top: the Cooper AT3 vs. Nitto Terra Grappler.

The differences between both of them, although not easy to spot, are there once you take a closer look. That’s what we’ll do here.

By reviewing the best of both brands, we’ll draw the main differences between the two.

So, continue reading this article to find out which is the better pick for you, and why!

First, we’ll discuss the Cooper AT3 series.

Cooper AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler Tire

DESIGN AND PATTERNOn one side, Terra grappler features a distinctive tread pattern with a raised thunderbolt pattern, and on the other, a novel blade design pattern. From the outside shoulder tread blocks to the sidewall, the blade pattern is visible. The Aqua vac channels on the AT3 provide great wet traction.The aggressive pattern of the Nitto terra grappler renders it inappropriate for on-road use. The G2, on the other hand, has full-depth sipes that prevent tailgating after a given amount of wear. It’s more suited to a thrilling drive.
TRACTION OF THE TIRESIn the snow, the AT3 operates nicely. Snow groove technology on the AT3 improves traction and handling in the ice by allowing snow to become stuck between the tread for a greater cohesive force.The Terra Grappler is capable of both on- and off-road driving. The stronger coupling joints keep the tire’s shape while off-roading, giving outstanding traction and handling on uneven terrain without sacrificing rigidity.
CONTRAST OF NOISECompared to the Nitto terra grappler, AT3 has a tread pattern that makes it incredibly more civilized on the road; it has the Whispering groove, which significantly reduces cabin noise.A variable pitch tread block on the Terra Grappler ensures a quiet and comfortable ride. In these tires, noise has always been a problem.

Cooper AT3 Tire

Cooper tires are quite popular, but why is that? Let’s take a look at what they offer.


Due to the resistant design, the AT3 tires are capable of preventing shredding over rocky terrains, gravel, and more.

Such capacity to withstand tough surfaces makes the AT3 series ideal for off-road.

Grip & Traction

The biting edges on the tire’s shoulder have a rugged design, which provides additional grip, traction, and resistance to puncture and other risks along the roads.

Whisper Grooves

Although not every Cooper tire is quiet, most make good use of the Whisper Grooves, a feature located in-between the outboard tread blocks to reduce the noise.

Durable Tread Technology

You’ll see this feature come to the spotlight multiple times during our reviews, and that’s because of how effective it is.

With a mix of silica compounds and a unique tread pattern, AT3 tires are suitable for all terrains.

Recommended Cooper AT3 Tires to Buy

Now, we’ll review the top three Cooper AT3 tires worth the money.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S All-Season 265/70R17 115T Tire

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S All-Season 265/70R17 115T Tire

The ultimate all-season tire, there’s no other way to call this product. Its outstanding adaptive-traction tech is what every driver needs, as it successfully secures a grip over any terrain.

Furthermore, the tread design allows adaptation to all types of environments, whether it’s hot or cold.

Besides withstanding the temperatures, the tire does well over different terrain conditions.

The grip over rocks or smooth surfaces is pretty good, providing an optimum off-road.

Over wet terrains, the Aqua Vac Channels deliver an effective resistance to hydroplaning.

Driving on these particularly tricky roads gets only better due to the Micro-Gauge Zigzag Sipes, which is a feature responsible for providing stability and control at all times.

As for aesthetics, it’s quite clear that the manufacturer did a good job. Although it doesn’t impact the tire’s performance, the stylish black color with outlined white letters is good-looking.

With this product, expect nothing but excellence in terms of performance. Unfortunately, an issue that customers often bring up is that the tire wears quickly.


  • Adaptive-Traction technology for better performance
  • Secure grip over most terrains
  • Suitable for hot or cold temperatures, over wet or dry surfaces
  • Good-Looking design


  • Quick wear

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All-Season LT265/70R17 121/118S Tire

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All-Season LT265/70R17 121/118S Tire

While most manufacturers would market their tires as built to last, not many of them are capable of delivering those promises.

Luckily, drivers have brands like Cooper tire, as it’s a company that creates a state of the art parts like the tire reviewed here.

Drive on dirt and gravel, or wet and dry surfaces, it won’t matter. The Discoverer AT3 LT delivers a remarkable performance in any of those environments.

Its durable build prevents cutting and chipping, especially over rocky and gravel surfaces.The high resistance has a lot to do with the durable tread technology used.

Thanks to the resistant shred silica compound combined with a durable tread pattern, the tire creates optimum cut and chip properties to tackle most terrains with no downsides.

If you don’t mind the audible noise on the road, this tire is everything you may need.

It’s ideal for both light and heavy tasks, as it’s also compatible with large trucks that carry heavy loads.


  • All-Season & All-Terrain
  • Built to last due to long-lasting tread tech featured
  • Prevents cutting and chipping
  • Good for heavy trucks


  • Noise on the road

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All-Season LT285/75R18 129/126S Tire

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All-Season LT285/75R18 129/126S Tire

The following tire offers good looks and impressive performance over any surface. With those feats, what else is there to ask?

Surely, one of the most surprising features is the aggressive sidewall design. Not many tires have a similar build, which makes the AT3 XLT Tire somewhat innovative.

The deep and jagged sidewalls make it possible to climb over rocks easily, as well as tackle complicated mud terrains.

However, you may encounter some issues in snow. While it won’t put a halt to your driving, the tire doesn’t do as good on these conditions as other tires.

It’s a tire you’d want to have for driving large pickups on aggressive off-roading rides.

Similar to other products from the same brand, this one comes with the long-lasting tread technology to tackle tricky surfaces causing less wear.

Not only does the tire look good, perform well, and tackle terrains easily, but also it allows riders to have a comfortable noise-free ride.


  • Rugged durability
  • Durable tread technology
  • Whisper grooves
  • Aggressive sidewall design


  • Although it does well on snow, other tires are far better on those terrains

Nitto Terra Grappler Tire

What makes Nitto Terra Grappler tires the preferred choice for many drivers? We’ll talk about their benefits briefly in this section.

Unique Sidewall Build

The tires feature an efficient and effective sidewall design, including variable pitch tread that helps reduce the noise produced.


Are you looking for an all-season tire? Look no further! These will get you through most roads without breaking a sweat! Whether it is on wet or dry surfaces, you and your vehicle will pull through.


The sidewall build isn’t only good for a quiet ride, but the ply pattern guarantees a durable tire that won’t let you down.


With incredible lateral voids and deep sipes, you’ll count with high resistance to hydroplaning.

Additionally, the staggered shoulder lugs create proper traction for other terrains, such as deep sand or loose dirt.

Recommended Nitto Terra Grappler Tires to Buy

After learning a bit about the tires, now we’ll take a look at them! Here are the top three picks.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire – 285/70R17 116T

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire - 285/70R17 116T

The first tire is a suitable choice for SUVs and plenty of light trucks. It’s a highly capable tire that delivers excellent results regardless of the surface, be it wet or dry, meaning that it turns into reliable all-season equipment to get you through the roads safely throughout the seasons.

By featuring variable pitch tread, the noise produced on the road is minimal, almost non-existent. On the highway, where most tires fail to be quiet, this one excels at delivering a quiet ride.

The grip over these surfaces is good, all of which is possible due to the staggered lugs included.

Once you get it, the tire is quite easy to install. After getting that done, you’ll be ready to enjoy the many benefits.

For instance, drivers will enjoy the full depth siping and the coupling joints, which maintain the tire’s good looks and the block edge rigidity, respectively.

Despite all of its benefits, the tire is a bit lacking for tough off-road driving.


  • All-Season tire, compatible with SUVs and light trucks
  • Variable pitch tread build guarantees reduced noise on the road
  • Staggered shoulder plugs for improved performance
  • Dual-Sidewall design


  • Not the ideal choice for intense off-road driving

Nitto Terra Grappler All-Terrain Tire – 265/70R16 112S

Nitto Terra Grappler All-Terrain Tire - 265/70R16 112S

Do you own a Jeep, a light pickup, or an SUV? Then this tire may be the one for you.

It’s an all-terrain product for the previous vehicles, and more, that makes the best out of your vehicle and the roads.

The circumferential grooves featured secure straight-line traction even in wet conditions!

Also, the coupling joints, a popular feature in Nitto Terra Grappler tires, reduce the tread flex, which leads to more stability at higher speeds.

Combined with the staggered shoulder lugs, you’ll have the versatility needed to drive through most terrains.

Another feature that improves your ride over wet surfaces is the high-density siping.

While many other tires would create risky situations due to hydroplaning, this tire manages to reduce those hazards. Traveling the roads is both comfortable and safe.

The one disadvantage you’ll notice is the tread life, which could be better.


  • Good choice for jeeps, SUVs, and light pickups
  • Improved traction on wet terrains due to the circumferential grooves
  • Resistant to hydroplaning
  • Stable on high-speeds
  • Staggered shoulder lugs


  • Lacking performance for high-intensity off-road driving

NITTO Terra Grappler G2 All-Season Radial Tire-LT285/55R20 E 122/119S 119S

NITTO Terra Grappler G2 All-Season Radial Tire-LT285/55R20 E 122/119S 119S

If you want your products to succeed, you must learn from past mistakes. That seemed to be Nitto’s main goal with this tire, as the brand uses updated technology to create equipment that satisfies many types of drivers. Does the manufacturer succeed at it? Well, partially.

This G2 All-Season tire is versatile above anything else. Its performance is outstanding whether you use it for commuting, carrying heavy loads, or driving on rural areas.

The newly added tread compound sure manages to increase the toughness most drivers seek in a tire like this one.

The tread pattern, albeit nothing innovative, still puts up an effective performance on the road.

With full depth sipes, the traction received is quite pleasant on wet, snow, or ice surfaces.

Also, the staggered shoulder lugs deliver the resistance needed for dirt, mud, and sand terrains.

Overall, the tire offers the balance drivers need for different types of terrains and driving styles.

The noise is low due to the brand’s pith tread block design, and the sidewall build offers a level of customization that looks and works well.

Still, this tire won’t do well on tough off-road driving.


  • Quick steering response
  • Shoulder blocks provide a solid grip
  • Increased traction on wet surfaces
  • Long-Lasting


  • Not suitable for tough off-road driving

Cooper AT3 or Nitto Terra Grappler Tire?

Cooper AT3 or Nitto Terra Grappler Tire

As seen during the reviews, the differences are subtle, but they’re there alright. Here are the most noticeable feats that separate both of the brands discussed in the article.


The Nitto Grappler tires are remarkable, but they lack the capacity when it comes to off-road driving.

While they will do well during casual rides, putting enough pressure surely shows their flaws.

Then, we have the Cooper AT3. These tires are the best for off-road driving. The durable tread technology featured, the adaptive-traction build, and many more features, make the tires easy to adapt and overcome obstacles found out there.


For a quiet, noise-free performance, the Nitto Grappler tires are the ideal choice.

The sidewall build is more than fancy, as it helps reduce the unpleasant vibrating sounds you’d encounter with other tires.

Although Cooper AT3 tires are relatively quiet, they’re not as good.


When it comes to durability, both series of tires prove to be long-lasting. Naturally, it all depends on the miles put on them, but you won’t have to worry about that for the time being.


How do we sum up our Cooper AT3 and Nitto Terra Grappler? It may seem tricky, but there’s a good and quick way to settle what we discussed here.

During the reviews, we learned why the Cooper AT3 tires are better for tough off-road driving. They do have flaws, but if you get past them, the tires are great overall.

For casual driving, the Nitto Terra Grapplers are the way to go. They’re quiet and comfortable, and even though they’re not as capable as the Cooper AT3, the tires will still put up a good performance.