Cooper ATW vs AT3 Tire

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An all-terrain tire should be able to deliver good results regardless of the surface.

It sounds like an obvious thing to ask, and yet, most tires aren’t capable of delivering on those promises.

Luckily, if you know where to look, you’ll encounter a few options that certainly meet every one of our expectations. Such is the case of the Cooper A/TW and the A/T3 tires.

In this article, we’ll talk about the features that make these tires a good choice for you.

Then, we’ll make a comparison between the Cooper ATW and AT3, and we’ll finish with a recommendation on which one to pick.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s start right now!

Cooper ATW vs AT3 Comparison

Coper ATW Coper AT3
PROS1. Remarkable traction for all conditions, be it wet or dry

2. Comfortable ride

3. Hybrid build suitable for all terrains, even harsh winter weather

4. S-Speed rating

5. Durable & Resistance

6. Innovative technology to put up tough conditions
1. Good grip over wet & dry surfaces alike

2. Decent traction for off-road terrains

3. Quiet performance on the highway

4. Self-cleaning design to keep gravel at bay
CONS1. On the highway, the tire produces noticeable extra noise1. A bit expensive — Although worth the investment

After the reviews, it’s clear that the two products share plenty of similarities.

The question is, what are their differences? In this section, we’ll mention the features that make the tires different from one another.

Performance Off-Road

In terms of off-road driving, both tires do well. The traction offered is good, and the grip over the terrains will allow you to tackle almost everything.

Due to the self-cleaning design, each tire keeps gravel as well as other small items along the road from becoming an issue.

On the Highway

While both tires do fairly well on the highway, the AT3 tire reduces the noise significantly when compared to the ATW.

It’s not a big issue per se, but some drivers like their ride as quiet as possible. If that’s what you need, then the AT3 is the one for you.

During Winter – Which One to Pick?

Similar to the ATW, the AT3 delivers pleasant results over wet surfaces, dirt, pavement, and other surfaces.

However, the differences start to show when you’re traveling over deep snow.

On that particular weather condition, the ATW does a better job. The AT3 is good, but not good enough.

Cooper ATW Tire

Due to its hybrid build, the Cooper Discoverer A/TW features plenty of features present in previous tires like the A/T3.

However, this tire comes with enhanced properties that make it withstand winter weather and perform well in those environments.

The design of the tire comes with micro-gauge corrugated siping, which increases the grip over icy roads.

Another feature that improves the tire’s efficiency is the Snowgroove 2.0 technology, delivering a high weather service rating for everyone to tackle the roads.

Low temperatures are often an issue for most tires, but the Cooper A/TW has the technology and hardware required to prevent an unpleasant scenario.

With the coupled silica tread compound included, the traction offered is beyond outstanding.

In the case of rainy weather, the lateral grooves, which are slightly larger than the standard, are capable of reducing the risks of hydroplaning.

One common concern for many drivers is how quietly the tire performs. In that matter, the Cooper tire manages to reduce the noise through the use of the Computer Optimized Pitch Sequence.

By dispersing it evenly, drivers will be able to enjoy a quiet ride.
That is, of course, until you get to the highway. On these surfaces, there’s an extra noise produced that won’t escape your attention.

Truthfully, the noise will be a small price to pay if you look at the many benefits you get in return.

Not for nothing, most customers would agree this purchase is one of the wisest decisions they’ve made in regards to improving the quality of their rides.

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Cooper AT3 Tire

Since the tire has a severe weather rating, drivers can expect to drive through most terrains while using it.

The grip over snowy surfaces is pretty good, which is partly possible because of the rugged lug build and the added siping tech.

The tire puts up a surprisingly good performance even on the highway. While most other tires can’t help but make noise, the AT3 manages to reduce it to a minimum.

Thanks to the Whisper Grooves design, the tire offers a pleasant and quiet ride that most will enjoy comfortably.

As for off-road driving, the results aren’t any different.
Not only is the tire capable of delivering the traction needed, but the resistance over tough terrains is incredible.

Whether you’re going over large or small rocks, such obstacles won’t slow you down a bit. Better yet, there’s no sign of wear, which is also another plus.

Previous customers mentioned they had issues because the tires aren’t easy to balance.

It seems to be a very specific problem because the mounting is a straightforward process that a professional can accomplish quickly. There was neither unbalance nor other complications.

Does that make the AT3 perfect, then? Not necessarily. Some flaws are very noticeable, such as the lacking performance in deep snow.

Although a bit more expensive than the traditional tires, this one is definitely worth the money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mount my own tires?

While a DIYer would be in a good position to install any of the tires reviewed here, getting assistance from a professional would be the best choice.

You’d save yourself some trouble with possible alignment or balance issues, and more.

Are these tires truly all-terrain?

Both tires deliver an incredible performance that would meet most of the expectations set.

Nonetheless, some differences are visible; while the AT3 is quieter on highways, the ATW does better on deep snow areas.

How should I inspect the tires?

Check for uneven tread wear, shallow tread, damaged areas, leaks, valve caps, troublemakers, and any other possible issues that could affect the tire’s lifespan.

If you keep those in check, either the AT3 or the ATW should last for a long time.

How often should I check the tire pressure?

Experts would recommend doing that monthly, and every time you’re planning on going out for a long ride.

Which tire has better traction off-road?

Either of the two tires reviewed in this article will give you the traction needed for off-road. In that regard, none disappointed.

Both have a solid grip on tough terrains, and they’re capable of maneuvering around to tackle large obstacles along the trails.


Due to their well-done build, both the ATW and the AT3 tires are good choices for versatile drivers that enjoy off-road driving.

While there are some noticeable differences in terms of how quiet they are, those are nothing but small nitpicks that the average driver could ignore easily.

Before thinking about purchasing a tire between the Cooper ATW vs. AT3, establish your intentions first. If you want a strong tire for deep snow environments, the ATW would be a good choice.

On the other hand, we have the AT3, which is a bit expensive but valuable and less noisy.