CST All Terrain Tires vs. Kenda

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If you love to go on adventures during the weekends and drive through off-road terrains, one big concern for you must be getting the right tires for your vehicle. Two of the most affordable and well-known such tire brands are the CST All Terrain Tires and the Kenda Cortez one.

Both tires are good in their ways but also come with a share of cons. Depending on the rider’s preference, one tire brand might be suited for him while another brand might not. To help you decide, we have conducted a CST All Terrain Tires Vs. Kenda comparison in this article.

By reading until the end of this piece, you will be able to decide which one to buy. So stay tuned!

Features of CST All Terrain Tires

The CST All Terrain Tires undoubtedly should be the first choice for people who want value for money. Its Caballero model comes with a casing and trading width of 2.1 and 2.2 inches, respectively, which gives it a good grip on rough terrains. 

The tires also have a good height that helps you control the vehicle while you are driving through mountainous roads. However, these tires are a bit heavy.

Features of Kenda Tires

Out of all the Kenda Tires, Kenda Cortez is the most popular one. Although it is priced a bit more than CST tires, you will get a good value compared to the extra price. 

The tires weigh lighter than the CST Tire and come with a similar casing width. Its tread width is better than the other tire, which helps the tire trail through rocks and pebbles smoothly. 

Comparison Between CST All Terrain Tires and Kenda Tires

If we have to make some of the good quality all terrain tires, both the CST and Kenda ones would definitely make it to the list. However, both types have their upsides and downsides. Let’s take a look at those:

Pros of CST All Terrain Tires

  • Affordable cost 
  • Despite the lower cost, provides the best value
  • Tires fare well in sandy terrains

Cons of CST All Terrain Tires

  • Smaller in size 
  • provides a rough ride on rocky terrains

Pros of Kenda Tires

  • Better volume and larger in size
  • Drives over rocky roads smoothly
  • Lighter in terms of weight

Cons of Kenda Tires

  • Two times more expensive than the CST All Terrain Tires
  • Tends to lose its grip in rainy weather


There definitely isn’t a clear winner in the battle of CST All Terrain Tires vs. Kenda since each one is suitable for different customer segments based on their preferences. 

In short, the CST Tires are for those who want budget tires that offer value for money, while Kenda ones are for those who can pay a little higher to afford better maneuverability over rocky roads.

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