Dasaita Navigator vs Atoto Navigator

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Technology has truly taken over our world today, and we can see it in every step we take these days.

Long gone are those days when we would stop pedestrians from asking for directions.

We have all the important information available within our fingertips. Car navigation systems have made this possible for us.

Many of you might know about the Dasaita vs. Atoto situation; they are two brands that manufacture and sell car navigation systems.

Well, you can’t really buy both of those for your car, so to make the choice between the two easier for you, we are going to compare them and give you all the information.

Stay tuned if you want to make the best choice!

Difference between Dasaita and Atoto?

By now we know a lot about the two products, so we are going to compare the two of them side by side to see which is the better option for our car.


As a buyer the price of a product will have a very big impact on your final decision, the same goes for these car stereos.

I would say both of them have a smilier price point but Atoto is a cheaper option than Dasaita.

Having said that, Dasaita has a few more functions and features which might be missing in Atoto, which justifies the price.

System Software

Atoto was the first one to bring Android 7 to car stereos. Still, two Dasaita products we mentioned above are both Android 9.0, which means that the system software in the Dasaita ones is more up to date and, therefore, much more advanced in comparison to the ones from Atoto.

Wifi Connectivity

The head units made by both companies can be connected to the internet, which makes them a very desirable option to choose from.

However, the connectivity of these is not the same. With the Atoto you will have a much easier time connecting to the wifi as well as Bluetooth, whereas with the ones from Dasaita you will face a few problems with the connection.

There are the major differences I was able to scope out from these two-car units, otherwise, I would say they are very similar.

Dasaita Navigator

Recommended Dasaita Navigator to Buy

If you are looking for a car navigation system, then the name Dasaita might have been brought up a few times.

And just like most logical customers, you would want to know more about the brand and the type of items they happen to see to their customers.

Let us look into what you might get if you opt for buying one of their products.

First and foremost, people who have used a car navigation system from Dasaita before know that it is a perfect fit for your car no matter what.

You will automatically see that all your car rides have become significantly more enjoyable and entertaining because of the addition of one simple device.

You will be able to download just about any android app into the system, and that is something that might come in handy as you will be able to access different accounts through the head unit.

If you want to use any of your social media accounts while in the car, then this device will help you do it without a problem.

The GPS of the Dasaita car navigators is also said to be very good; you do not have to worry about going in the wrong direction or missing turns, which would make your journey a lot longer.

Recommended Dasaita Navigators to Buy

There are a number of Dasaita android navigators you would get when you are looking for a navigator for your car.

Here I am going to name two of them and go over all the details so you know all the features you would be getting if you do end up getting the recommended product.

Dasaita 10.2 Inch Rotatable Large Screen Double Din Android 9.0 Car Stereo

The first android car stereo I’m going to be talking about is probably one of the most popular ones you’ll find.

Many people rave about it because of the kind of facilities and options you are going to get when you do use this in your car on a daily basis. Let’s get into all the features.

Rotatable Screen

One of the most astounding features of the Dasaita 10.2 inch car stereo is the rotatable feature.

This comes in handy in many situations and for many people. Whether you are on the driving seat or the passenger seat, you should be able to have a great view of the screen.

This also comes in handy if the sun directly hits the stereo, which in many cases would make it hard to see, but since with this, you will get the option to adjust, the view should be fine.

Internal Factors

The software and the internal makings of the navigator is also something you really have to look into when you are buying something like this for your car.

If you do plan to get the 10.2-inch Dasaita car stereo, then it will have the Android 9.0 operating system. So, you will have access to the newer system in your car.

Safety Features

Technology has now reached a state we didn’t expect, and one of the things it has brought on is the handsfree driving option.

This is actually a very safe option you can use when you are in some sort of emergency.

You have to download central apps on your phone to be able to use this feature of the stereo.

However, this is not an option available for all cars; your car has to allow your phone to take charge of the steering wheel rather than your hands. The newer models should allow this without a hitch.

After Sales Service

Your relationship with the seller or the manufacturer does not end after the item has been purchased, rather this will continue far off into the future, as long as you use the item.

Dasaita will provide you with the best customer service long after the stereo has been bought.


  • A perfect fit for most cars
  • Impeccable design
  • Very fast
  • Provides the option to control the steering wheel


  • Issues connecting with wifi
  • Difficult to install on your own

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Dasaita 10.2” Android 9.0 Car Stereo Adjustable Screen

Another one of Dasaita’s best product is the 10-inch adjustable screen car stereo.

There are many features available in this for which people can’t seem to get enough of it.

We are going to briefly go over each of these so you can know all there is to know about it!


Nowadays, one of the things we pay very close attention to is the visual aesthetics; we want things that look the best.

Which is something you will be getting when you get this stereo. It has a modern finishing meaning this will look good inside most of the cars we have these days.

The design also includes the adjustable screen, which is a very important feature for many people.

Some might be very tall while others might be on the shorter end, so you can adjust the screen for optimal viewing no matter what height you might be.

Video and Audio Function

When you get a stereo, you would want it to have good video and audio function so you can enjoy songs and videos while you are driving.

The sound quality is most defiantly going to have an effect on your whole experience with the car stereo.

The 10.2-inch display is just what you need to get a great view of what’s going on on the screen.

Also, the stereo is equipped with a TDA7850L Amplifier chip. Both of these combined, you are going to have a great time in your car cruising through town listening to music.

Compatibility Function

The head unit can connect different parts of the car together, and you are going to have a very easy time driving your car if you do end up installing it.

You will be able to download apps using the Google Play Store. You will also have access to Bluetooth through the device.

You will be able to get a clear view of the image from the dashcam if you do have it installed in your car.

And lastly, you will be able to control it using a panel installed on your steering wheel.

The head unit is packed with many functions which is sure you make the whole experience very comfortable and enjoyable.

Things That Come with the Unit

By buying the 10.2” Dasaita car stereo you will also be able to get a few additional things which would make the whole experience even better.

First of all, you will be getting an 8G memory card with this, so you know that the device will have some storage.

You will also have access to the preloaded GPS maps. This is a very useful feature as the unit is going to help you navigate your location as well as the destination.


  • After-sales service is up to the mark
  • The unit comes with all the things needed for installation
  • Well-rounded experience
  • Fits in well into most cars


  • Hard to install on your own
  • The display should be brighter for a better view during daytime

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Atoto Navigation

Recommended Atoto Navigation Stereo to Buy

Just as the name Dasaita is very common when it comes to car stereo systems, one other name people can’t help but take is Atoto’s.

They have gained their popularity because of the quality of their product and the number of things people are able to do with it in their car.

The company was founded in 2008 and since have been making accessories for cars.

They are the first ones who brought the Android 7.0 in cars in Avery limited space.

These days we are all about getting more, and that is exactly what you should expect when you buy the android navigators from Atoto, the number of things you would be getting when you invest your money on one of their products is amazing.

This will allow you to make use of each and every one of the functionalities.

Along with that, you will also get ahold of the latest technology. Staying up to date with the technologically advanced devices helps us in many ways, it allows us to experience many things, and it does not start lagging after some time.

So, it is always better to spend a little more to buy something new.

Recommended Atoto Navigators to Buy

There are a number of Atoto car stereos you might be interested in, but here I am going to name two of their very best products.

All the details of the products are going to be mentioned and explained, so you know what you’ll get if you decide to buy it.

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

If you are thinking of getting a car stereo from Atoto, then you should look no further because what we have here is one of their very best android auto head unit., and you are very unlikely to complain after getting it.
So let’s get to the features!


One of the very first things you would like about the A6 from Atoto is how customizable it is.

You will be able to make the interface look; however, you might want to make it look.

Along with that, the unit is also going to adapt to your car and perform according to your needs as well.

Control Panel on Steering Wheel

You will not only be able to control the head unit using the touch screen panel in the center of the car, but you will also be able to control it using a panel made for your steering wheel.

So while driving, you will not have to reach over and change the station or adjust the volume.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It is always safer to set your phone aside while driving, but we might get some important calls when we are on the go, so if you have the phone connected to the car stereo, then you will have an easier time concentrating on the road. The A6 allows you to connect your phone with it through the Bluetooth.

So not only will you be able to make and receive calls using the unit, but you will also be able to play music from your phone on the stereo.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Great sound quality
  • GSP is very accurate


  • The wifi connectivity is not good
  • Not a lot of apps can be installed into it

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB 2Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

The car stereo we are now going to be talking about is much like the previous one, but the features here are much more enhanced as this is the pro version of the other one.

Without further ado let us dive into all the features you will get from this.

The Number of Functions

You will be able to get access to the back and front dash camera, GPS, radio (both FM and AM), Bluetooth and connect your phone to it using an AUX cable.

All of these things combined, you will be able yo make the most of each and every one of your drives.


The display of the A6 pro is one of the best, not only is the resolution up to the mark but the size of the screen is also perfect, you will be able to see everything very clearly on the screen, but it is not so big that it would distract you during the drive. So, this is not only entertaining but safe as well.

Also, the touch panel is something most people tend to see out in these devices, which you will get in the A6 pro.

Hand Gesture Recognition

This car stereo comes with an additional feature that you might find very interesting.

There is a built-in sensor that is able to read your hand gestures, so if you want you will be able to make command just using the gestures, so you don’t have to press buttons. You can skip tracks and adjust the volume with the feature.


  • Packed with features and functionalities
  • Great sound quality
  • Perfect Bluetooth connection
  • Very good after-sales service of Atoto


  • GPS acts up sometimes
  • Processor is a little slow


A lot has been said, and in the end, I would say that in the battle of Dasaita vs. Atoto one cannot be named a clear winner as they both have very valuable attributes.

You will have to decide what feature you value more and make the final decision.