Do All Terrain Tires Make Noise? – Expert Answer

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When drivers want reliable and sturdy tires, they turn to all-terrain ones that last them long. These tires are known to be one of the most durable tire types and have assisted countless motorists to tread through hard-to-cross terrains. Are All-terrain Tires Worth It?

But, do all-terrain tires make noise?

Any tire can put up a fight against damage, but only a few types can give a quiet, peaceful ride without humming and buzzing sounds. 

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing whether all-terrain tires can provide a tranquil driving experience and what noiseless tires should be like.  Here also you can check

Why Are Some All-Terrain Tires Noisy?

All-terrain tires excel in a number of categories that impress the majority of drivers that have tried them. Whether it be durability, long-term use, heavy-duty work, or hauling, these tires can do it all. But just like most tires, there’s always an aspect that falls behind. In this case, it’s noise. 

Although every all-terrain tire is noise-causing, a certain few have caused quite the ruckus. Here are some reasons why all-terrain tires can be noisy –

Bulky Tread Patterns

Bulky Tread Patterns

All-terrain tires are unique from other tire types due to their aggressive tread patterns with deep sipes and chunky tread blocks. Although this is great for durability purposes, most of the time, it affects noise levels while driving. 

The tread pattern of all-terrain tires generally results in a louder sound, according to U Tires. Its bulky design, which is uncommon compared to typical, almost flat tires, causes this issue. When driving on gravel, rock, uneven pavement, or other hard surfaces, the sound increases. 

Air Passing Through Sipes

This depends on what kind of all-terrain tire, as all aren’t suitable for off-road use. However, the ones that endure rough riding have chunky tread blocks and deep grooves, as we’ve mentioned before. And this can be the problem. 

Because of how much air flows through the aggressive tread patterns, they’re good for off-road use. But they’re extremely loud on the highway. Drivers tend to hear whistling, humming, and sometimes even howling noises that they mistake for a faulty tire, but is just an excessive amount of air passing through the sipes.

Bigger Than Usual Tires

All-terrain tires must be bigger since they must cut through a variety of terrain.

They’re often significantly bigger than other tire kinds.

A larger tire is louder than a smaller tire, as you might have already guessed.

On elevated cars with exposed tires, the sound is very noticeable. 

Bigger Than Usual Tires

Are All-Terrain Tires Actually Loud?

To simply put it, no. Most all-terrain tires do not cause a noticeable level of sound because they are less bulkier than other off-road tires. Since A/T tires are for light off-road use, they make a little noise but not nearly enough to cause any significant discomfort while driving. 

The greatest all-terrain tires for tranquil rides are the ones with less aggressive tread patterns. They resemble regular tires but are more durable and, surprisingly, don’t make much noise at all. 


Do all terrain tires make noise? We’ve already walked you through our info, now all that’s left is to see for yourself. We hope we’ve provided you enough info to clear your questions. 

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