Do All Terrain Tires Shake?

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A common question amongst thrill-seekers who love to embark on adventurous rides is “do all terrain tires shake?” This query crosses their minds often since tires are the only vehicle component that comes in contact with the road. And if the vehicle is shaking, people naturally assume that the tires must be the culprit.

It can be the case if the tires are improperly installed or have worn off due to frequent use. But what about good-rated all-terrain tires that have been fitted appropriately? In this article, we will try to find out the answer to this and provide explanations of other causes that might cause cars to vibrate.

So stay with us until the end to find out!

Do All Terrain Tires Really Vibrate?

There is a deep correlation between noise and the sense of perceived vibration. This apparent vibration isn’t really because the vehicle itself is shaking. It mostly appears to the brain since the loud sound itself has a bass of its own which gives a sense of vibration.

And why do all-terrain tires produce so much noise on the highway? This is because, to be suitable for off-road tracks, the tires are made so that they come with huge spaces in between the tread blocks. This enables the tires to produce more traction while on off roads.

Due to the rough construction of these top-rated all-terrain tires, when they are driven on smooth highways, they tend to produce a loud noise. This is one of the main reasons people feel their vehicles are shaking while driving on all-terrain tires.

But discounting the vibration caused by the noise, do you still feel that your vehicle is shaking too much? Then there could be other explanations behind it. Such as:

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Ill Fit Tires

Ensure that the tire has been appropriately fit if the vehicle is shaking too much while at high speed. The pressure might also be unevenly distributed across the front and the back, which might be one of the reasons behind the shaking.

Worn Out Tires

If your tires are old, or its manufacturing is flawed, its rubber layer can wear down after frequent usage. In such cases, the tires become uneven and cause vibration. Moreover, since off-road tires often have to endure rough conditions, they need proper maintenance and replacement. Without it, they lose their efficacy and tend to vibrate.


To answer “do all terrain tires shake?” in brief, we can say that they might if they are being driven on high roads. And another reason behind their shaking could be ill maintenance. So make sure to check if your tires are in proper condition to minimize any discomfort caused by shaking.

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