Extreme Country vs Fun Country Tires

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Any off-roader will tell you that the most important feature of their adventure vehicle is trusty tires.

Good tires will effortlessly take you to distant places, while a bad one will create more problems.

Dick Cepek wanted a set of tires that are street legal and can be taken for a spin around the local desert. These tires are perfect for trucks involved in heavy-duty riding.

This article on Extreme Country vs. Fun Country tire will break down the features and specifications of each of the types of tires and will discuss the similarities and differences between them.

It’ll help you in making the correct decision on which one is better for your car.

Difference Between Fun Country and Extreme Country Tires.

Difference Between Fun Country and Extreme Country Tires.

Although very similar in many ways, these tires do have some significant differences that might sway your decision.

Let’s find out what makes them different from each other.

Sidewall Ply

The sidewall of an all-terrain tire is among the most important aspects that you need to consider.

Sidewall ply rating tells you about the tires’ capacity and strength. The Fun Country tire has a three-ply sidewall while Extreme Country has a two-ply sidewall.

This means that Fun Country is more resistant to puncture than Extreme Country.

When you’re driving on super rough surfaces with rocks and stones, Fun Country has a lesser chance of puncturing than Extreme Country.

Load Range

The load range tells you how much load your tires will be able to carry. With the Extreme Country tire, you can expect a maximum of 2535 lb load at 35 psi, and with the Fun Country tire, you get a maximum load of 3525 as it falls on the load range E.

Terrain Compatibility

Although both of these tires are all-terrain tires, Fun Country tire has shown that it fares much better in different types of terrain than Extreme Country.

Fun Country features a computer-optimized pitch sequence, which helps in the reduction of noise when being driven on the streets. This is something that’s missing from the Extreme Country tire.

Extreme Country Tire

Just as the name suggests, this tire was made for the more extreme riding sessions.

It can deliver the optimum off-road traction and much smoother handling. This is on top of the long tread life and even wear you’ll get out of this tire.

The increased tread life and traction is due to the pattern of the deeper tread level and tread compound that is so strong that it has given an increase to the resistance of chip and cut.

This tire features additional stone ejectors which help in preventing stone retention.

Its strong grip and stability come from the notched lugs, both inner and outer, and the unique chamfers on the tires.

This is what makes this tire so perfect for irregular and uneven surfaces.
Its Sidebiters protects the sidewalls and provides extra traction when driving on muddy surfaces.

You won’t be bothered too much by the noise as it makes relatively less noise than its counterparts.


  • Added tread depth increases tread life
  • Stone ejectors prevent stone retention
  • Overall excellent off-road performance
  • Available in a wide range of sizes that’ll fit almost all types of Jeeps, and trucks


  • Traction on ice and hard-pack terrain is not as good

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Fun Country Tire

If you’re looking for something that can cope both on and off-road in the same manner, then go for the Dick Cepek Fun Country tire. Its design is a mix between all-terrain tires and mud tires.

The grooves on the tread are offset and laterally wide. Along with this, the super-thin sipes and the stone ejector ribs will provide you with a performance fit for the harshest terrains.

These grooves make it easy on you and the tires when there’s a change in the terrain.

Its shoulder has notched edges, the buttress is an improved version, and its scalloped ribs are what makes this tire stand out.

The side biters are deep and aggressive in their performance. They’re also multi-dimensional, which contributes to its ability to tread through various types of surfaces if road and in different weather conditions.

When you want to take it out on the streets, you can be assured that the computer optimized pitch sequence on the tread will quieten your ride.


  • Three-ply sidewall with side biters make it puncture resistant and durable
  • Decreased noise on the street
  • Optimized for almost all types of terrain
  • Comes in sizes 15″-20″ for various trucks and SUVs


  • Doesn’t perform well on ice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the two brands:

What is an all-terrain tire?

All-terrain tires are types of tires for vehicles that have deep treads. This is to provide the tire with more traction on surfaces such as mud, loose dirt, gravel, or sand. They’re designed for both on and off-road driving in wet and dry conditions.

Which tire has better durability?

The higher the ply rating of the sidewall of a tire, the higher the durability.

Fun Country has a 3-ply sidewall compared to a 2-ply sidewall of Extreme Country. So Fun Country tire will most probably last longer.

Which one is better for the streets?

Although both are all-terrain tires and will give you good traction on smooth roads, the noise reduction technology is better in Fun Country, making it a more desirable tire for the streets?

What is the main difference between Fun Country and Extreme Country?

The main difference is the sidewall ply rating of the tires. Fun Country has a three-ply sidewall while Extreme Country has a two-ply sidewall. A three-ply sidewall ensures better puncture resistance.

What size tire do I need for my truck?

It’ll depend on the brand, model, and version of the vehicle that you own.

Check your manufacturer’s website or check your current tire to find the width, rim, and aspect, which will tell you the size you’ll need.


There’s no clear winner in the Extreme Country vs. Fun Country competition as they both have their merits. Which one you’ll pick will depend on how and where you use your vehicle.

But if in doubt, trust us, you’ll enjoy and benefit from either of these amazing Dick Cepek tires.