Federal Xplora MT Review in 2024 – New Edition

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If you are a driver, then you should be aware of how tricky it can be to pick the right tires for your vehicle.

Add to that the different sorts of trails that you need to ride on, and you truly have a pain in the neck!

You will know what we are talking about if you like to ride on those muddy and bumpy off-road trails. If this is the case, then boy, do we have good news!

We bring you the Federal Xplora MT review, for this is a great tire that all drivers who like to ride off-road should be aware of.

Federal Xplora MT Review in 2023

Federal Xplora MT Review

The Federal Tire company has been producing many different types of tires for decades now, and their Xplora line is a great reflection of their innovative designs.

The very first thing you are likely to notice about these tires is how good-looking they are!

MT tires have always been more desirable when they are aggressive-looking, and this tire will not disappoint on that front.

Another crucial feature in MT tires happens to be the tread. The Federal Xplora tires contain a great tread design, which results in increased force generation during driving.

This makes it easier to ride through trails with obstacles like rocks on them. Also, the traction on these tires is pretty good, making it easy to drive through mud and snow alike.

As driving off-road generally means you will run into a lot of rough and sometimes unpredictable terrains, having decent traction is a must.

Other than that, a lot of drifting is done on MT tires generally, not to mention plowing through trails filled with debris and other small obstacles.

This puts a lot of pressure on the tires, and if the material is not durable, MT tires cannot hold up for long.

Moreover, the good news with the Xplora MT tires is that they are strong enough to withstand these forces very well.

A general drawback of MT tires happens to be the amount of noise they produce on the pavement, even if they are quiet off-road.

And the Xplora MT tires are very low noise off-road as well, yet they are not really noisy on highways when you are going at a lower speed.

All in all, these tires are very decent ones, especially since they come at a reasonable price range.

Key Features

Below are the most important features of the Xplora MT:


The tread design of these tires is wild and hook-shaped.
This enables a great amount of force to be generated during driving, making it easy to drive through boggy as well as sandy areas.

Other than that, it also elevates the grip off-road by getting rid of tire-block deformation.


The Federal Xplora MT tires contain shoulder blocks that are staggered.
This means that they contain increased traction even on snowy and slippery trails, a great feature for MT tires to have.


These tires are very good-looking in terms of MT tires.
They contain an aggressive look that matches their function of plowing through rough terrains.

Black lettering is also present in the sidewall, which adds to the overall aesthetic.


As mentioned above, these tires are quite low noise off-road.
This is due to the presence of multi-pitch tread designs, tie bar, and tread block sizes and shapes which are randomized.

However, they do make noise when driven at high speeds on highways, as is expected from MT tires.

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MT tires generally need to be able to take a lot of impact from obstacles such as rocks, mud, sticks, and whatnot.

Add to that the high temperatures and pressures they are subjected to, and you truly get worried about the durability of these tires!

But have no fear, for these Xplora tires have been made using compounds that are next-gen and highly tensile.

This means that they are very resistant to damage and deterioration from the rough trails, hence making them very durable.


The Xplora MT tires are compatible with 4×4 trucks, as well as SUVs.
As this covers most of the vehicles likely to be used off-road, compatibility should not be a problem.


These tires are pretty much self-cleaning as they have been provided with shoulder blocks that are staggered.

So getting rid of small particles such as dirt and rocks should not be an issue whilst driving.


  • Great tread
  • Decent traction
  • Low noise off-road
  • Very durable
  • Aggressive appearance
  • Self-cleaning
  • Affordable price


  • ● Can be noisy on the roads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Xplora MT:

What is the load range on these tires?

It is 10-ply or grade E.

Are wheels included with these tires?

No, they are not.

What is the speed rating for these tires?

The speed rating is Q.

What sizes do these tires come in?

They range from 16 to 24 inches.

Are these LT tires?

Yes, they are.

Can these be used in deep snow?

Yes, they can.

Final Words

Do good MT tires come at affordable prices?
Well, if you have taken the time to read through our Federal Xplora MT review, then you will know that the answer is in the affirmative!

So be sure to keep these tires in mind if you are looking to purchase some decent MT tires.