Flowmaster 40 Series vs. Super 40

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While driving, you want noise levels to be finely regulated and tuned to your preferences.

In fact, noise levels are now internationally regulated to prevent disturbances and damage.

Mufflers are an essential tool that helps regulate noise levels from your vehicle’s exhaust.

And these have developed over the years to incorporate new technology that helps in acoustic regulation.

With so many brands out there, two names stand out: the Flowmaster 40 series and the Super 40.

Unfortunately, your vehicle can only have one, so in this Flowmaster 40 series vs. Super 40 encounter, we compare up these two mufflers and see which one is the best for your needs.

Whether you are a car aficionado or someone who just heard the word muffler for the first time, this guide will give you all the key information you need, in a clear, yet brief manner.

So without further ado, let us begin!

Difference between Flowmaster 40 Series and Super 40

Flowmaster 40 Series Flowmaster Super 40
PROS1. Made of durable 16 gauge steel, designed to last longer

2. Contains an aluminized coating to ensure minimal corrosion

3. Fully welded to increase toughness

4. Engineered to produce deep sounds, suitable for trucks

5. Fits any vehicle

6. Eye-catching appearance.
1. Highly recommended for heavy-duty, high horsepower vehicles

2. Comes with the specially engineered delta flow technology

3. Deep exhaust overtones

4. Low internal noise generation

5. Works with all vehicles
CONS1. To regulate sound, even more, a separate pipe must be installed inside the muffler1. Noise may exceed acceptable levels, so special adjustments should be made

Right, with the review out of the way, it is now time for the head-to-head comparison.

We have listed some key points for you to focus on, and make the right pick.


This is not a major concern but is still relevant. If a muffler is too heavy, it will just add excess weight to your vehicle, and this is something you want to avoid.In this case, both products have little difference in net weight.

The Flowmaster 40 series weighs at 10.25 pounds while the Super 40 weighs in at 14.5 pounds, as it is more suited for heavy-duty vehicles.

So, the Flowmaster 40 series is a better option if you want lightweight, and your vehicle is smaller.

Exhaust Note

This is a key factor and a useful one at that. The Flowmaster 40 series has an aggressive exterior note and thus does not produce a large range of sounds.

On the other hand, the Super 40 has a larger sound range. It can produce sounds starting from the moderate spectrum to sounds on the deep end of the spectrum.

Versatility and Application

The Flowmaster 40 series is suited to all vehicles and can be adjusted to produce the desired sound pitch.

However, the Super 40 is more suited to vehicles that possess a very high horsepower, such as SUV’s.

Flowmaster 40 Series

When wanting a noise-free ride or noise regulated ride, you will want to invest in the best product possible to get your money’s worth and get the job done at the same time.

The Flowmaster 40 series brings you their best muffler, engineered specifically for your convenience.

To start off, the product is made of the highest quality aluminized steel. And to be more specific, it is made of 16 gauge steel.

This material is durable and tough, so you can be sure it will last longer than other mufflers on the local market.

The aluminized coating on the steel is especially beneficial, as this makes the steel corrosion-proof.

Without the coating, the steel would always be in contact with exhaust gases, which would eventually eat the muffler from the inside-out.

Moreover, the product comes fully welded; hence that adds to its toughness and strength.

It can easily withstand the pressure from the exhaust gasses and will not crack or fracture.

Furthermore, the sound you will hear at the outlet will be deep and throaty as well.

This means it can be coupled perfectly with trucks or semi-trucks, to give your truck a rugged and aggressive look.

Furthermore, you can couple it with just about any vehicle, so the versatility is definitely there!

The interior of the muffler has special engineered ridges to deflect and re-direct sound in a certain way.

You will notice a certain amount of reverberations and resonance inside the muffler itself. This resonance adds to the deep sound that exits the muffler.

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Flowmaster Super 40

Ever felt confused about which muffler to get for your heavy-duty vehicle? Vehicles with greater horsepower often require special mufflers, so getting them can be tough.

However, Flowmasters Super 40 series brings you the perfect product for your beast of a vehicle.

Starting off, this muffler has been incorporated with the latest delta flow technology.

That means there are two separate chambers in the muffler that deflect the sound.

When this deflection occurs, it allows for greater removal of exhaust gases and simultaneously reduces the internal sound of the muffler.

To compensate, the sound at the outlet is amplified, so be sure to a deep exhaust overtone.

Because it produces a deep exhaust overtone, this muffler is perfect for vehicles with significantly higher horsepower.

This is because high horsepower (or torque) vehicles produce exhaust gasses at a greater rate and thus will provide more exhaust flow.

The muffler can work better with a greater flow rate of exhaust gases.
As said before, the sound inside the muffler is kept to a very low levels, so you will not be hearing much sound from the inside.

The mufflers will also vibrate less when attached to the vehicle, so that adds to stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt, you will have some questions on your mind after going through this guide.

To clear your confusion, we have compiled a short list of common questions, along with their answers. We hope this clears things out a bit.

What material is the best for mufflers?

Mufflers are usually made of stainless steel or hardened steel. These materials are the best in terms of strength and durability.

How can I prevent the mufflers from corroding, during use?

To prevent corrosion, many mufflers come with a coated layer of aluminum, which prevents water from reacting with the material underneath.

To prevent corrosion, you can have your muffler coated with such a layer. But remember that the layer itself may wear out over time, so you must maintain it periodically.

How can I regulate the noise levels coming from the muffler?

The exhaust noise levels are already pre-adjusted; however, if you want greater regulation, you can opt for extra pipes to be installed. A mechanic can help you with this.

Will the muffler vibrate during operation?

High quality, trusted mufflers do not vibrate during operation. If your muffler vibrates, it needs to be secured more firmly.

Is there a universal size for mufflers?

Some mufflers are universal in size, while others are not. A universal sized muffler may still be too large for your vehicle.

Check the size requirements before buying the muffler.


Choosing a muffler is an important task. Misadjusted sound levels can cause sound pollution and hearing impediments, which can be lifelong. In this guide of Flowmaster 40 series vs. Super 40, we have presented two top-notch mufflers, along with their pros and cons.

We hope this succinct guide will arm you with enough knowledge to pick whichever muffler is best suited to your needs, and your vehicle.