Flowmaster 40 vs. 50 – What’s the Difference?

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The general definition of a car muffler would state that it helps to reduce the noise coming from the pistons in a car’s engine.

Nowadays, though, mufflers are used to give users a specific level or type of noise which they prefer.

Flowmaster’s 40 and 50 series of mufflers have both been prominent options for users, each for different reasons.

However, being from the same brand and also having similar names, it is natural that they are often compared.

To go into more depth about this topic, the following article will be comparing Flowmaster 40 vs. 50, in order to show you clearly where their similarities and differences lie.

Flowmaster 40 vs 50 – Comparison

Being from the same brand, these two series of mufflers are bound to have many things in common.

However, there are some important differences that can heavily influence your decision of which one to purchase.

External Sound and Interior Resonance

As is obvious, the Flowmaster 40 features an aggressive and powerful sound both externally and internally.

For most buyers of these mufflers, the 40 series’ loudness is an appealing factor.

On the other hand, the Flowmaster 50 series is known to have moderate to quiet exhaust sounds both internally and externally.

This is why these mufflers are more popular for family cars and for folks who generally do not like an aggressive exhaust sound or loud interior resonance.


Being a newer series, the Flowmaster 50 mufflers are definitely more expensive than the Flowmaster 40, though not by too much.

In fact, both series of mufflers can be found at great discount prices most of the year, which slightly reduces their differences in price.


Flowmaster 40 is the brand’s original take on mufflers, and hence, it has a more simplistic internal design.

It has the signature Flowmaster oval shape, but only has two chambers. This makes sense, though, given that it aims to have a very loud exhaust sound.

Coming to the Flowmaster 50 series, the mufflers in this series all have three chambers, which helps them achieve the quiet exhaust sound that is perfect for SUVs and family cars.

Flowmaster 40 Series

Our Flowmaster 40 Recommendations

Known as “the muffler that started it all”, the 40 series by Flowlaster is one of their original mufflers. It comes with an aggressive sound, which is probably the loudest and deepest among the brand’s muffler lineup.

This range of mufflers is great for the street and the strip. A fun tidbit about these is that they were originally built specifically for Dodge vehicles.

Still, of course, they are quite widely used now amongst most vehicles such as trucks, passenger cars, muscle cars, and race cars.

What is most appealing about this series is definitely the sound. Not only does it have a powerful sound outside the vehicle, but its interior resonance is also impressive.

These are available in two materials, aluminum steel or the 409SS stainless steel, and it is also fully welded for optimized strength.

Our Flowmaster 40 Recommendations

Now that you are familiar with the brand’s intentions with this series let us look at a couple of the mufflers from this lineup to get a better idea.

Flowmaster 42541 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 42541 40 Series Muffler

This model from the Flowmaster 40 series delivers an aggressive sound. The end of this dual-chambered muffler, which connects to the engine, measures 2.5 inches offset, and the external end is centered and also measures 2.5 inches. The 2.5” width of the center exit allows for the optimal release of the exhaust.

It is suited for trucks, muscle cars, etc., and is great for off-roading, on the street, or on the strip.

This muffler is best known for its deep, powerful, and aggressive exhaust sound.

The muffler is made out of 16 gauge aluminum steel, which has been fully welded and is also highly durable.

Its interior resonance is also good because you can definitely tell from the driver’s or passenger’s seats how powerful the tone of the muffler is.

Weighing at roughly 9.5 pounds with an oval shape, it was originally made specifically for Dodge owners but is now popular across the board with most users.


  • Provides an aggressive but deep exhaust tone
  • Made of sturdy 16 gauge aluminum steel or 409SS stainless steel, and comes fully welded for maximum security
  • Excellent for race cars but also great for trucks and off-roading
  • The price is average and reasonable for an older yet powerful muffler


  • This may be too loud during cold starts or in residential areas and may disrupt conversations going on inside the vehicle
  • Welding on this may not be the strongest and may result in leaks during use

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Flowmaster 43043 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 43043 40 Series Muffler

Also from the Flowmaster 40 series is the 43043 model, and this is quite similar to the last one we discussed but has some notable differences.

First, this muffler has a 3 inches wide offset inlet and a 3 inches wide offset outlet. While its overall width is 9.75 inches, its height and length are 4 inches and 13 inches (19 inches with the inlet and outlet pipes), respectively. It is also oval-shaped like most of the brand’s mufflers.

It is said to have a universal fit, but you should still perform the unpleasant task of getting under your vehicle to see if this muffler would fit with the given dimensions.

This chambered muffler also has a 16 gauge aluminum steel painted body and is said to have an aggressive exhaust sound that will be noticeable when you are inside your car, thanks to the good interior resonance.

It is a muffler that suits off-roading, muscle cars, trucks, and passenger vehicles equally well.

However, it really boils down to what level of sound you are looking for in a muffler, because this one will provide an impressively powerful sound.

Of course, that level of sound is not always a good thing for everyone, so definitely base your decision on whether to buy this one or not on personal factors relating to that.


  • Strong aluminum steel or stainless steel body for durability
  • Has a very powerful and deep exhaust sound
  • Claims to fit vehicles universally
  • Great for all types of vehicles, be it trucks, muscle cars, or passenger cars


  • High level of exhaust sound may not be for everyone and maybe a nuisance during conversations happening inside the car

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Flowmaster 50 Series

Our Flowmaster 50 Recommendations

This Flowmaster 50 series branches out into the Delta Flow and the Super 50 lineups of mufflers. And this series includes some of the brand’s quietest mufflers.

The Delta Flow mufflers are moderate in exterior sound and so do not have a lot of interior resonance either.

These mufflers also have a modern and compact body. It has a unique three-chamber design and has an internal technology that is the signature Delta Flow.

Next is the Super 50 lineup, which features the same quiet mufflers as the Delta Flow, but in a slightly larger casing.

Because it has a large tuning chamber, the Super 50 muffler optimizes the flow of exhaust, increases mileage, and minimizes exterior and interior exhaust sound.

If you travel with family or just want a quieter exhaust sound, then this whole series of mufflers will serve that purpose well. These mufflers will suit SUVs, trucks, and even streetcars.

Our Flowmaster 50 Recommendations

Let us now dive into details about a couple of mufflers from this Flowmaster 50 series, specifically from the Delta Flow and Super 50 lineups.

Flowmaster 50 Delta Flow 942551 Muffler

Flowmaster 50 Delta Flow 942551 Muffler

First up, we have the Delta Flow 942551 model muffler from the Flowmaster 50 series.

This has a 16 gauge aluminum steel body and gives off a moderate to mild exhaust sound externally, and has mild interior resonance.

Its inlet is 2.5” in diameter and is offset, while its outlet is also 2.5” in diameter but is centered.

Internally, this muffler has three chambers, which help reduce the exhaust sound.

Though it has a universal fit, it is especially a great option for trucks and street rods. This muffler is also said to improve a vehicle’s engine efficiency, torque, and horsepower.

The muffler’s Delta Flow technology is patented and has been proven on the track.

Overall, this muffler measures 4 inches in height, 17 inches in length (23” including the inlet and outlet pipes), and is 9.75 inches wide.

Despite claiming to be a universal fit, it is a heavier and larger muffler and may need to be welded in or customized to fit your vehicle. This issue often veers people away from the Delta Flow 942551 muffler.

Because of its mild internal and moderate external sounds, though, it is very popular with family cars and people who just generally prefer a quieter exhaust sound.


  • Gives off a moderate exhaust sound which is great for passenger vehicles
  • Has a universal fit and will be perfect for trucks and SUVs alike
  • Improves torque, horsepower, and engine efficiency
  • Optimizes mileage and the flow of exhaust


  • Has larger and heavier build which may not suit every vehicle and may need to be welded in, despite the universal fit claim

Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler

Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler

The Super 50 lineup especially serves well in muscle cars and large displacement vehicles.

This is one of the moderate to mild sounding mufflers from Flowmaster, which is often its biggest appeal.

Other than that, this muffler, like the one discussed before, also helps vehicles improve their horsepower, engine efficiency, and torque.

It also features the same patented and race track proven signature Delta Flow technology.

This particular muffler has a centered inlet of 2.5 inches diameter and an offset outlet of 2.5 inches diameter as well. It measures 5 inches in body height, 17 inches in length (23” if the outlet and inlet pipes are included), and has a width of 10 inches.The muffler is also said to have a universal fit.

Even if it does not fit your vehicle perfectly, you can still get it welded in at a nearby mechanical shop because if you are looking for a quieter exhaust sound, then this muffler is pretty unbeatable.

Its exterior exhaust sound is described as being moderate while the interior resonance is mild.


  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Perfect fit for most types of cars, from muscle cars to family cars
  • Optimizes engine efficiency and exhaust flow
  • Minimizes both interior resonance and exterior sound to provide a comfortable journey


  • Gives a quiet sound but a lot of basses, which may not be something you are looking for in a quiet muffler
  • May be out of budget for most people when shopping for a muffler


As we can see, the Flowmaster 40 vs. 50 series have some notable differences in terms of how they sound and when they were first brought into the market.

If you were in a dilemma as to which series muffler to get, we hope the above article has highlighted their similarities and differences enough to help you decide on a specific one.