Gabriel vs. Monroe Shocks – Which One Is Better?

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Are your stock shocks not working optimally? Are you looking for a replacement that will not only absorb and dampen the shocks of the road but also will enhance the overall stability of the car?

Want something that comes preassembled? Then what you are looking for is a decent set of shock absorbers.

And among all the manufacturers, Monroe and Gabriel are the ones that are known to offer decent shock absorbers to the market.

Now, you might wonder that if you put Gabriel vs. Monroe shocks, which one would come at the top.

As you have found us, you will not have to waste your time wondering anymore.

We will introduce you to their top-of-the-line products and break down the differences between them.

Gabriel 49231 Hijackers Air Shocks

Among all of the shock absorbers that Gabriel is offering, the one that flies out of the shelves the fastest is the Gabriel 49231 Hijackers Air Shocks.

This is one of the air-adjustable shock absorbers that provide an excellent value proposition.

Just like the label of the product suggests, the shock absorbers rely on air to offer dampening functionalities.

This design has many advantages over the regular hydraulic ones. With this, you will be able to refill the air at any amount that you prefer.

Filling the units up with air is also an easy task, they inflate just like the tires. You can simply take out the air if you want to lower the height or fill them up when you are going to tow cars or go through bumpy terrain.

These do not even require any sort of special types of equipment to inflate and deflate.

After being fully inflated, it will be able to handle all the load of the vehicle easily.

Alongside that, it will also reduce the risk of bottoming out while towing significantly.

You will not have to worry about anything while your car is going through the heavy load with these installed.

The leveling capability of the shock absorbers is quite efficient too. Per pair of the shocks will be able to take up to 1100 pounds of load at a time. Your vehicle will be well leveled with the ground after you install these.

Alongside that, the installation process is quite straightforward as well. As the shocks come preassembled, you will not have to worry about dealing with any intricate parts, and you will not have to waste time trying to figure out what goes where. You will be able to install these in your vehicle in no time at all.


  • Comes with all the parts preassembled
  • The installation process is quite straightforward
  • Efficiently levels the vehicle
  • Can take up to 1100 pounds of load
  • Easy to adjust


  • No special coating is applied to the exterior
  • Tends to corrode relatively fast

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Monroe 58620 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Just like Gabriel, Monroe also has an extensive lineup of shock absorbers and struts.

But not all of them will be able to offer the amount of performance for the money like Monroe 58620 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber does.

The one thing that separates this from the rest of the shock absorbers that are in the market is the nitrogen charging.

It comes charged with nitrogen gas that will help in enhancing the overall handling of the vehicle. With this installed, your vehicle will feel more responsive.

Alongside that, it comes with self-lubricating fluid sealings that will keep the overall flow of the gas within the unit optimized.

This sealing will also aid in reducing the overall friction, which will lead to enhancing the quality of the ride even further.

You will not have to worry about the durability of these shocks too. These come with heavy-duty rods that are nitrocarburized. This design will extend the overall lifespan of the shocks and offer you a long service life.

It comes with fully displace valving that does not only provide consistent performance throughout every terrain but also helps the shocks to level the ride optimally.

These valves will improve the overall handling and will keep the height of the vehicle leveled with the road.

And the shocks come packed with a unique type of fluid that works in all kinds of weather conditions.

This fluid also reduces the overall friction and allows the pistons to actuate optimally. You will have a consistent riding experience throughout every weather.

Lastly, the coil springs come with heavy gauge calibration that will let them withstand heavier loads without degrading the overall ride quality.

Even with a heavy load, you will have a smooth and comfortable ride in most of the terrains.


  • Comes with nitrocarburized rods
  • Features a self-lubricating fluid sealing
  • Comes with a unique fluid that reduces the overall friction
  • Can withstand heavy loads at ease
  • The coil springs are adequately calibrated


  • Tends to produce squeaky noise under extreme pressure
  • The rubber brushings might not be compatible with some vehicles

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Difference between Gabriel and Monroe Shocks

Difference between Gabriel and Monroe Shocks

Even though both the manufacture offers specialized shock absorbers that provide excellent performance in dampening and absorbing the road vibrations and shocks, in some scenarios, one is better than the other one.

We will go through each of the criteria and break down the differences that lie in between them. They are:


Keeping the Gabriel shock absorber into mind, we can see that it utilizes air to dampen the shocks and mitigate the road vibrations. Because of that, it can offer the adjustability option to the drivers. You will be able to tune it to the way you prefer.

For heavier load, you can inflate it entirely, or if you want to lower the height, you can deflate it quickly.

This swift adjusting mechanism is not found in the case of Monroe shocks.


When both the shock absorber that we mentioned above are compared, it can be seen that Monroe shock absorbers come with a self-lubricating fluid that can ensure a proper seal.

On the other hand, the sealing mechanism of the Gabriel shock feels a bit flimsy, and it can lose air while riding through bumpy terrains.

Durability and Lifespan

Unlike the shock absorbers that Gabriel offers, Monroe shocks come with heavy-duty rods that are nitrocarburized.

That means they will be able to provide an extended service life and will be able to withstand critical road scenarios at ease.

Leveling Capability

When two of the shocks mentioned above are compared, it can be seen that the shock that is from Gabriel performs better in the case of leveling the overall ride. They have a leveling capacity of 1100 pounds per pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the two brands:

What does a shock absorber do?

Shock absorbers are one of the integral components of a four-wheeler’s suspension system.

They are designed to dampen and absorb the compression and rebound the suspension and the springs.

While doing all those, they will control the motion of the vehicle and offer a smooth and stable ride.

Can I drive with bad shocks?

Yes, it is possible to drive with a bad or worn-out pair of shock absorbers.

But with that, your handling will deteriorate substantially, and it will be hard for you to control your vehicle.

How long do shock absorbers last?

The overall lifespan of the shock absorbers will depend on your driving style.

But in general, shock absorbers should function optimally for at least 50,000 miles. After that, you might have to get them replaced.

How will I know when my shock absorbers will need replacing?

When the shock absorbers are not able to dampen the road shocks and vibrations properly, you should have them checked.

Other than that, you will know if they start making unusual squeaking noises or when your vehicle is leaning excessively.

Do I need to align my vehicle after installing new shock absorbers?

With most of the shock absorbers, you will not have to go through the hassle of aligning your vehicle after installing shock absorbers.

But if you feel that one side of your car is leaning more and is not stable, then you should have them aligned.


With that, we would like to conclude our take on Gabriel vs. Monroe shocks here.

We hope that we were able to provide enough information and that it is now easier for you to choose a shock absorber for your vehicle.

Wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost safety on the road.