Hi-Lift Jack Tips and Tricks – Expert Guide

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You might know how to replace a tire with a hi-lift. However, that’s simply not enough. There are a few small details many overlook that could make a huge difference.

What are these details, you ask? Well, that’s what we’re going to cover on this thorough guide on the many hi-lift jack tips and tricks for the ultimate tire changing experience.

Some of these tips make your job easier, while others make it a lot safer. Make sure you read up on each one and apply them the next time your tire needs changing. So, let’s burn some rubber and ride through the guide. Check out the farm jack guide to buy now.

What Are the Tips and Tricks?

You can’t just drop your jack and get to changing tires. There’s an art to it. Some useful suggestions can go a long way to making the process smoother, safer, and faster.

Lubricate Your Jack Before You Use It

Lubricate Your Jack Before You Use It

We can’t stress just how important this is. You won’t be using your high lift jack every day.

The few times you do, you’ll find that it’s rusty because of the lack of use and exposure to the elements. You should not change the tires while it’s like this.

Before you get started, take a lubrication spray and apply it to the jack. Next up, pull it up and down to spread the lube around and to get the whole tool ready for lifting.

Next, lock it in place and click a few times. It’ll lubricate the pins and ensure smooth adjustments and locking. Once you’re done, it should be nice, smooth, and prepared!

Use the High Lift Jack Slots

Most cars that need these kinds of jacks will have a slot on the rear and front that is specifically designed for high lifts.

They allow you to insert these tools so that it does not damage your car while staying in the perfect position to lift your vehicle up and get the job done.

So, check up on your car and find the appropriate slots. Refrain from using it anywhere else as it can be risky.

Keep the Jack on a Stable and Even Platform

Never lift your car while the jack is unstable. That is a one-way ticket to danger.

The jack could quickly lose balance and fall down, throwing your vehicle off too.

As such, you must try to use something as a means to keep the tool both stable and level.

The best way to do so is to keep a small wooden block at hand. It needs to be the right size so that you can put the jack on top of it. Simply use it as a platform to place your jack, and you should be fine.

Some Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are some rapid-fire tips.

  1. Always keep your face away from the jack; it could easily hit you, leading to serious injury.
  2. Avoid going under your car while the jack is in place. They’re stable and reliable, but there’s way too much risk.
  3. If you’re missing a wrench, you can use the jack as a substitute instead.
  4. You can use them to move your car sideways in tight spaces.
  5. Always check your wheels for safety and stability. If you don’t have a dedicated wheel chock, you can always use large rocks instead.


Knowledge of a handful of these tips is what separates an amateur from a professional.

Now that you’re aware of the hi-lift jack tips and tricks, you’re now a master yourself.

So, whenever duty calls to crank out your hi-lift, you’re more than prepared!